This post is dedicated to those of you still desperately clinging on to any scrap of Summer you can hold onto.

Art of city lights ✨ #Chicago

Cotton candy kisses.

Catching all of the action of this #Cubs vs. #Giants game from 1044 Waveland tonight!

Life is beautiful.

I was terrified walking into my first improv class tonight. While I harbor no illusions that SNL will be inviting me to audition in the future, I think some improvisational skills might be worth honing. I could do with a little less control, a whole lot more listening, and a bit more “yes, and” in my life. Have you ever taken an improv class?

I was encouraged to share a picture from my first year in photography by @mb.perspectives . I quickly accepted the challenge then I hesitated because I didn’t see any I was “proud” of plus I deleted a lot of my earlier shots because I deemed them horrible. My journey started in 2014 and was actually inspired by one of my best friends @gotshotbyjr . He was actually visiting Chicago the day this picture was taken and I remember how disappointed I was that the view was a complete white out from the fog as you can see in the picture. At the time I didn’t appreciate things like fog and clouds and rain but I’m glad I snapped this shot that day. I am my own worst critic then and even now. This is part of why you don’t see my post every day and I don’t shoot “bangers” on the regular like so many do. I take pictures then I go through them and usually feel like I didn’t get any good shots lol. It takes a good minute for me to like my pictures enough to post them. It’s a struggle I’m working on always but photography has really saved me during some really bad times emotionally and it will always be there for me. Magic thanks for starting this challenge it was good therapy to see how far I’ve come. When I look back now I CAN see progress 😂. Kudos to everyone who actually read all of this and I would now like to encourage the following to also share from their 1st year and please use the hashtag #1styearofphotographs

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