Wishing you a wonderful and blessed week! Shavua Tov! ❤️🎶🙏

Excited for Shabbat! 🤗 Such a wonderful way to take time out of the week and re-evaluate what’s truly important in life. ❤️ Have a beautiful and blessed weekend! Shabbat Shalom! ✡️🕊️

May we all find a way to be so busy being happy that nothing can bring us down. 💪😁 Have a blessed day! ✡️❤️ #ThursdayThoughts

Love yourself, love your neighbor, love what you do. ❤️❤️❤️ To live is to love, and to love is to live. ✡️🤗 #WednesdayWisdom

Find your passion, and give it all you got. ❤️💪😎 Everyday is a gift 🎁 Make it count! ✡️😁

How to change the world? 🌎🤔 By changing yourself. When you are looking forward to be a better person every day, you can't wait to get up and start doing your stuff. 💪😎 Have a great day! ✡😁 #MondayMotivation

K’ish Echad by Shlomie Dachs. 🎶✡️
The words to this song are taken from Rashi’s explanation of the passage in Exodus 19:2 that says the nation of Israel camped in the desert by the mountain. The Hebrew word for camped is written in the singular, as opposed to the plural, like it had previously been used. Rashi explains that the nation came together as one person, sharing one heart. ⛰❤️
It is so important for us to come together and be civil with our brothers and sisters even when we disagree with them. We must always treat each other with respect and decency. We must find the good in everyone and everything. 🕊☮️
May we merit to always act with dignity and always take the high road in every circumstance. Have a wonderful and blessed week. Shavua Tov! 😊🙏

Let music elevate your spirit and nourish your soul. 🎶❤ Have a beautiful and blessed weekend. 😇🙏 Shabbat Shalom!

Get busy with happiness. ⏳😁 You will never grow tired of it. Have a blessed day! ✡️❤️ #ThursdayThoughts

Yes, we make Jewish music. ✡️🎵 But no, it's not only for Jewish people. Our hearts are filled with joy every time we receive love from our brothers and sisters of different faiths from all around the world. ❤️🌎 Thank you for your support, our music is for you too! 😁

Being for what is good is much more powerful than being against what is not. ❤ Love for the win! ✡😁 #TuesdayThoughts

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. 💪😎 Keep hope alive! ✡❤ #MondayMotivation

Hineh Lo Yanum by Ari Goldwag. 🎶✡️
The words to this song are taken from the Tachanun prayer, which is derived from the passage in Psalms 121:4. It says, “Behold, He that protects Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps.” 😇
We all experience good times as well as bad times, but it’s important to keep in mind that everything happens for a reason, and ultimately for the best. Have a great and blessed week. Shavua Tov! 🙏😊

Shabbat gives us the time to reflect on the previous week which has come to a close, with an eye to the upcoming week ahead. 😇 Have a peaceful and blessed weekend! Shabbat Shalom! ✡🕊

When there’s no conflict inside, we have inner peace, and nothing can take it away from us. 🕊️ May you find harmony every day in your life. 🤗 Have a blessed day! ✡️❤️ #thursdaythoughts

Love is the greatest wisdom! ✡❤ #WednesdayWisdom

A joyous culmination to celebrate the spiritual aspects of the holidays! 🙏 Chag Sameach! ✡️❤️

Didoh Bei by Avraham Fried. 🎶✡️ Featuring another special guest vocal appearance by Kenny Chanan Dvorin! 🎤🎵
This song talks about the importance of acquiring knowledge, and how it’s a virtue in Israel and Western culture. 🇮🇱🌍
This is especially relevant in today’s world where there is so much information available to us at our fingertips at all times. 📚 It’s good to have access to the information, but the knowledge of what to do with the information is ultimate wisdom. 😇
May we merit to continually grow and learn new things, skills, and ideas. And let us use our knowledge to be a blessing to those around us. Have a blessed upcoming week, and Shavua Tov! 🙏👍

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