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10 weeks of opportunities, professional growth and self discovery have come to an end! Thank you Comcast Spotlight for the best experience as the Sales Intern! // link in bio

Beautiful pic! @heatherahrens
The patterns in this city are beautiful. #chicago #igerschicago #chicagobloggernetwork #chicagogram

Y'all! Biggest 👊 for riding along as I carefully curate a community based on who or what speaks to me in some way.
Man of yew know me as the founder of this here organization but before this I founded the Chicago office of an arts and entertainment org dedicated to showcasing emerging talent in film, fashion, art and music on Chicago. Still, most days one or two people wax poetic with me over what is now an empty space where Gen Art used to be.
I am taking everything I have learned and that which I am constantly learning with me to create something special for us. If you follow along and weigh in whenever u can I promise not to let yew down.
Please please follow us on Facebook under #chicagobloggernetwork and Twitter #chicagoblognet so that I can tag each account correctly manually. Yes. I am asking for it but trust me and play along....I am onto something. 🍾💫

Enjoying the last few hours of summer and couple days with my love, @cary_cole96 before he heads out to basic training

Can't believe my super thin hair has some volume in it?! Loving the @mydevacurl #buildupbuster 😍 thank you @influenster for sending it over! My hair is forever obliged haha 😘 #influenster #mydevacurl #contest

Double tap if you deserve the best! 💭💗🍪#thecookiesandflowers P.S. Link in bio for your lucky day!

Ended the day celebrating @nandosusa one year anniversary in #Chicago with these delicious South African-Portuguese #healthy entrees. For complete details, click link in BIO or visit www.socialinchicity.com. #SocialinCHICity


10 weeks of opportunities, professional growth and self discovery have come to an end! Thank you Comcast Spotlight for the best experience as the Sales Intern! // link in bio

Accessorize with comb in lieu of purse? Hit the link in bio and read about Vane's @vanekarolle fashion editorial
Styling and Creative Direction |@vanekarolle
Photography | Manny Jefferson
Beauty Direction | Awoyemi Oluwakemi
Model | Ifeoma Nwobu
Fashion | Grey Projects, Doo by Iyanu, Retrospective Shop, FRUGIRLS
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Hey baby whatcha say we go pickin' wildflowers....

Takashi Murakami: The Octopus Eats its Own Leg // Across the world and in different cultures, artists share their messages, their stories, through the universal language of art. Every culture is so mystifying, with heavy meaning behind the pieces, and I cannot wait to study the History of Catalonia through the Arts in Spain in just three weeks!

First Day in San Antonio. Got to see a little of the Riverwalk and enjoyed the pool for a little while... Business awaits in the morning. #thissinglesole #blogger #lifestyleblogger #networking #unconference2017 #windycityblogger #chicagoblogger #chicagobloggernetwork #windycitybloggernetwork #sanantonio #travel #stanthonyhotelsa

Last week I got to spend some much needed time with my dear friend @soulcreationsphotography. We *literally* laughed, cried and ate this whole pizza. It was a good time & was exactly what I needed. Our talk got me thinking about how sometimes we just need a life update. Sort of like how our phones update every so often. So I wrote about it on the blog and included this easy @mightyvine tomato pizza recipe. Link in bio!! #soulcreationsphotography #thefaithfeast

Don't mind me, just getting ready to enter WestWorld🤠

Last weeks post was all about my homemade spaghetti sauce with my @mightyvine tomatoes and my @justaddtomatoes sauce! I also shared my back to school essentials and WHY they made my list. Head over to the blog and check it out! Link in bio! #thefaithfeast #mightyvine

Aladdin definitely did not disappoint! Dinner and a show is a perfect plan for a beautiful Friday night in the city.

Went to brunch and found four #bridesmaids👰👭👭

This week was a roller coaster of different emotions. I cried, laughed, shouted, screamed, cried some more and so forth but I got through it. And that's what matters. I got through it. The prayers & support from my family, friends & you (yes that's right you!) has helped tremendously. Even in such dark times I know I have those in my life that I can go to & that just makes me smile from ear to ear. So enjoy your Friday night with your loved ones (yes even that bottle of wine counts) & relax. Monday isn't coming for another couple days 😉Meanwhile I'm prepping for a full wedding day tomorrow & I can't wait! | 📷@joelleelizabethphotography

Is lavender everywhere or is that just us? Our gal @gabivalladares whipped up this Lavender Honey Lemon, perfect for those warm summer nights - head to our blog to make your very own!

Had such a necessary R&R weekend in Michigan, link in bio✨

The second I got my @mightyvine tomatoes I knew spaghetti sauce HAD to happen. Check the recipe page on the blog for deets & check out this weeks post! HAPPY FEAST DAY!!! #mightyvine #thefaithfeast

I have been loving my newest accessory, my Frankie watch from @jordwatches and today I've teamed up with them to give away $100 towards any watch of their choice! It's super easy to enter. Check out the link in my bio to find out how 🙌🏻#jordwatch #giveaway #watches #summerstyle #woodwatch

My anxiety is silent. You wouldn't even notice a change on the outside but honestly I'm so stressed that I can't even manage simple tasks. People call me lazy when in reality I'm just overwhelmed.- unknown .
I broke down again today. I have so much going on that I finally gave in & cried. I feel heart break, anger, guilt & I'm overwhelmed. I'm not perfect. My life is not perfect. I have days when I can't stop smiling & days when it takes every ounce of willpower to not crawl back into bed. There are days when I can tell you what's causing my anxiety & days when it just floats above my head. I live through it every single day. I wanted to share this part of me with you because I know that I'm not alone even though anxiety makes you feel/think you are. We can overcome this daily struggle one step at a time. ❤️| 📷 @joelleelizabethphotography

@happycamperchicago brings out the child in us✌

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