I have a feeling this isn’t going to be ready for the @aotbartists #summerartsfestival but I am still plugging away

Sketch from three hour portrait session at the Barcelona Atelier. Had a great time!

“The Tugboat”
Another piece that made its way to the home of a wonderful longtime follower. :) #johnborreroart #mixedmediaart #outsiderart #selftaught #chicagoartist #art #artbrut

antoniodsantos.com (link in bio)

All my life Iv had to go out of my way in search of information about LGBTQ people in history. Iv devoted most of my adult life to studying the stories and experiences of LGBTQ people. These histories were never mentioned in CPS textbooks, as if we haven't always existed, and always fought to exist. Those who hold information hold power, and now we hold power. @gplxc



Jungle Queer

Como un Virgen.

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