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So for all my newbies, here's my story and another oldie but goodie I found. I'm calling #TTT which means transformation throwback Thursday. This picture on the left was taken outside one of my old favorite food places in Chicago, Johnnies Beef in 2011. From 215 lbs to 155 lbs. From beef sandwiches, pizza & burgers to fruits, veggies & green juices. From chronic migraines, gut issues and adrenal fatigue to health, energy and vitality. From medication to meditation. I was sick & tired of being sick & tired. All it took was a spark from the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead to plant the seed within about the healing powers of food, particularly juice form. Overtime I was hungry for more info & feeling better by just incorporating 32 ounces of juice in my life daily, so I started educating myself more. The China Study was what helped make the decision to completely eliminate meat going vegetarian. Three months later, watching Earthlings helped make the decision overnight to go completely vegan for health and ethical reasons which also eventually influenced my decision to adopt a dog(Noah). Being an extreme & passionate person I then lived on youtube watching many of those who I'm sure helped most of your journey as well. Through searching green juices, I stumbled upon & resonated immediately w/ @theliferegenerator. That's where I got introduced to raw living food. For me being Italian, a fast food & junk food eater, it was easier going raw than it was eliminating dairy. This wasn't a perfect journey, theres been bumps in the road, I didn't go from A to Z overnight. BUT I WILL SAY, this lifestyle that did take much sacrifice not just from a food aspect, but socially as well has changed my life for the BETTER in every aspect, obviously physically, but mentally, emotionally & spiritually as well. I tatted the V over my heart because it represents more than a diet, but a complete lifestyle. A lifestyle full of health, vitality, compassion, love & LIFE! I like to remind all, I didn't always have a 6 pack, I didn't always have daily euphoric energy, I wasn't always well and I didn't always aspire to inspire until I expire. IT ALL STARTED ONE DAY, WITH ONE JUICE!✌❤

"Why do you act like that on snap". "You know that's not how you are, why you actin like a wild party girl." "You should have more self respect." <-- men, lemme ask y'all. When did y'all go from age 28 to 78? High waisted khakis and crispy white reeboks lookin ass. Twenty five cent coffee at McDonald's lookin ass. "Lemme clean my dentures" lookin ass. Listen to the baseball game on the radio thru headphones while you AT the actual ballgame lookin ass <-- all real OG old ass men do this shit 😂. Lemme splain y'all something since now all of a sudden u concerned about how girls carry theyself on social media: snap ain't suppose to be her real cot damn life. She wake up early. Walk the dog. Take a shower. Do her hair. Go to a job she hate. Take the stinky ass train home where unsightly men try to sneakily graze her with they erected PP. Drink a lot of wine to forget the job she hate. U feel me? She ain't gon snap all that. She gon snap herself singing to Kendrick lyrics and acting a donkey at a bar. Poolside with her homegirls. Eating tacos because that's what sexy girls do they link up and eat tacos and then snap that shit. She tryina escape the monotony of daily existence thru this shit, not document it. Ain't that a motherfucker, ladies? Like my lil home girl always says - the same shit he loved about u that drew him in ... now he wanna u criticize u for it. Men...let a young ting be a young ting. All that judging make u look insecure and bitter AF. Let her live her life. If u can't fuck with that, give her space. Ya get me! Bless up 😍😂😂😂

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A city of culture – With an array of art institutions, museums and galleries, the streets of Chicago are lined with inspiration.
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Безумно нравится это фото❤❤ #chicago #chiradelli #chocolate #bro

Back in #Chicago enjoying some #delicious #PuertoRican and #Cuban food at "the back of the yards" neighborhood 😋 #GreatTimes with this #Chicagoan #beauty 😘 #NewFriends

I'm stuck in flight delay purgatory trying to get to NYC tonight but at least I have excellent reading material (thanks to @waitwaitnpr for that sweet vanity fair off the magazine shelf for the perfect trifecta) 🐦📚✈️ #vsco #chicago #bookstagram

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