She is too cute 💕❤️👑💂🏻‍♀️💯#cherylofficial #chezza#c5 #soldier #cheryltweedy

Cheryl via her Instagram story 🙏🏼💖✨

Love that she’s using Instagram stories 😍🙏🏼

Cheryl is in the studio tonight with @lilcola (if you listen to Nicolas Instagram story you can hear Cheryl in the background) 🤩 #C5iscoming

Liam telling the story of the day when Bear started walking 😫🐻 this makes my heart melt!! They must be the proudest parents ever 👶🏻💙 @cherylofficial @liampayne

This story melts my heart 😭❤️
“I had like six missed FaceTimed calls (from Cheryl)...but she got it all on camera. Then I was like in the car, home” 🐻

Cheryl via instagram 🐝💛✨

She’s the sweetest 💛 always in our hearts 🐝✨

Other than Cheryl, who’s your favourite out of Girls Aloud? 👀🎶✨

Ready for the gala. #girls #chezza #frizz #wbr 👯‍♀️

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