Apparemment le bar est trop grand pour moi..... #chezjojo #chatelet #paris #vscography #instasize #beer #ootd #littlegirl #pub #parisbynight

Happy Mother’s Day to the beautiful soul that created me and gave me life. This whole process of being pregnant and literally watching a little bean sprout into a human being is mind blowing and just incredible. It really makes me appreciate my mom to a whole new level (and I haven’t even given birth yet)! Thank you @lalondejohanne for being there for me through all of my ups and downs and for loving me unconditionally! A lot of people have told me: “once you have your kid you will know what love really is”, but I already know what it is through the way my mom loves all of her kids (and basically everyone who steps into her life)! Love you mama! Today is your day ❤️ #MothersDay #ChezJojo

La vie de chat . . . 🐾 #chezjojo #vieuxlille

Dinner Chez JoJo #chezjojo #redcurry

Summer bbq time - obviously the most important thing for me is the stuff that goes with the meat! So when I invite you over for a bbq, what that actually means is come for some nice salads but you’ll have to cook your own meat 😆

Shakshuka Saturday + toasted Acme #chefxu #chezjojo

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