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74 impala Sport Coupe 🔵 Magaña Boys #glasshouselife #sportcoupe #chevroletalltheway #fuckyohonda #lagentesd

Haha that's what happens when you drive a ford and work at a Chevy dealership. #chevroletalltheway

He had a 4 in. lift on 35s to bad I don't have that gem top any more #chevroletalltheway #bowtietillidie #chevy

#Thatsararesighttosee Like if you agree. What isn't rare is the "FACT" that The 2017 Chevrolet Camaro beat that rare sight. #fuckyeah #chevroletalltheway @Chevrolet @ChevroletPerformance @ChevroletCamaro @TomPeters

Got The Radio installed in the good Ol '94 Sex10 #ProjectTruck #ProjectRhino #ChevroletAllTheWay #Chevy #S10

Bad Ass Elcamino at the gas station #elco #chevy #chevroletalltheway

That will be my boy lol #chevroletalltheway #sometimesacummins


Would you look at that, thing looks like it was made to be there.

Engine and trans are together as one and ready to be set in the tuck!

Said goodbye to my baby & said hello to my beast...time to make more good trips & memories
#chevroletalltheway #chevytrucks

Why did i choose a twin turbo setup? Because it's different, and i can get this amount of horsepower and torque on 13 psi of boost. I love it!

I am beyond ecstatic with the numbers this motor has produced! Over 680HP and an outstanding 730+ FT LBS of torque!!!! And this is right now horsepower, no correction factors like you see in the magazines.

That bridge in the background was blocked off! Would've been a cool spot!

All back together and on the dyno for round two! Here's hoping she holds together.

All brand new internals and a snazzy looking aluminum intake! Frankenstein is going back together.

New head gaskets were in and help up, but the back cylinder didn't want to cooperate. Looks like different intake for better air flow is in the near future!

Apparently the stock head gaskets couldn't handle the horsepower we're trying to get. Time to tear down and go back at it.

Well.. it look hoaky as all get out. But at least it works. Now to do some dyno runs and see what happens!

All wired up on the engine dyno, not to figure it how to mount the intercooler and piping.

Wastegate piping painted and on. Man this thing looks more monstrous everyday! Soon to be wired up and running.

Headers and exhaust wrapped, plugs in and wires tied out of the way. Now to work on the wastegate piping!

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