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Back when NASCAR was the shit #gordon #earnhardt #legends #chevroletalltheway

#Thatsararesighttosee Like if you agree. What isn't rare is the "FACT" that The 2017 Chevrolet Camaro beat that rare sight. #fuckyeah #chevroletalltheway @Chevrolet @ChevroletPerformance @ChevroletCamaro @TomPeters

Got The Radio installed in the good Ol '94 Sex10 #ProjectTruck #ProjectRhino #ChevroletAllTheWay #Chevy #S10

Haha that's what happens when you drive a ford and work at a Chevy dealership. #chevroletalltheway

Bad Ass Elcamino at the gas station #elco #chevy #chevroletalltheway

That will be my boy lol #chevroletalltheway #sometimesacummins


Last but certainly not least, my cousin hooked me up with an amazing sounds system. Also laid down dynomat and carpet for me, hot damn it's the perfect finishing touch 👌

This piece is pretty vital right here, boss made this rear housing to convert from 4wd to 2wd with a spot for a speed sensor. Guys a genius.

May not looking like much, but this is a huge custom part made to keep oil flowing to the turbos.

When in need, make your own custom extension. This little guy is between the hydro boost unit and master cylinder.

Back when NASCAR was the shit #gordon #earnhardt #legends #chevroletalltheway

Working on exhaust, half of it is done. Now just have to figure out tailpipes and exit location.

Someone made it home!!!

Soon she'll be home so I can finish her up!

So smooth, it's never been this straight!

Passenger side!

Driver side, so smooth looking!

Today marks 1.5 years with ole blue. A little #seniorpicture . Many great journeys, scary moments, acceleration, & just the enjoyment of owning a SPORTS CAR! It’s been great!

Sorry it's been a few days! I'm so happy with the way the paint turned out!

No edit at all! All I do is lower the light exposure by double tapping & swiping down before I take it.
😍 #iphone7plus is amazing. Can’t wait to use the #iphone8plus on pics

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