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A little Tulsi harvest for the week ahead, and what summer looks on the coast ☁️☁️

The specialty bottle order is in and it's raining styrofoam over here 👻💕 now all we need is the medicine!!! Back to studying for me! 🌿💚🍄🌙🍂 #chestnutmedicinemakingcourse #herbnerd

Lemon bitters infusing. Simple to prepare: the peel of two lemons in a pint jar, top with Vodka or grain alcohol and let infuse for five days. Strain and bottle. You can take a few drops on your tongue before eating to improve digestion – bitters increase saliva, gallbladder activity, and gastric and pancreatic juices -- they basically stoke the digestive fire. Or try adding a squirt to your favorite cocktail or bubbly water for a bright lemony flavor boost. #Chestnutmedicinemakingcourse

Hi dear ones! Just a wee note to let you know that today is the last day you can enter the giveaway to win for a free spot in our upcoming online Herbal Medicine Making course with @chestnutschoolherbs! I am so excited to share all the rich herbal concoctions of this course with you! 🌿🌸🍶🌾 Check out the details for how to enter on the Chestnut school's eye candy of a feed #MedicineCourseGiveaway #chestnutmedicinemakingcourse // 📷 by Juliet Blankespoor

Magical milky oolong kombucha keeping me company while babies sleep and I study Module 2 of the #ChestnutMedicineMakingCourse. ♡ #potionsclass

Elderberry babies only six inches tall and already flowering! #elderberry #forestfarm #biodynamic #chestnutmedicinemakingcourse

This blend is one of my favorite herbal iced teas ~ so nourishing and tart, and helps to keep me hydrated and grounded in the midst of summers flurry of activities. Hibiscus, tulsi, schisandra, rose hips, lemon balm, lemon verbena and calendula. #Chestnutmedicinemakingcourse


****update***** it’s NOT carrot. It’s Artemisia annua aka wormwood and part of the mugwort family. I was so focused on those seeds that didn’t germinate I failed to look at all of the characteristics of the plant 😔. Lesson learned. Always make sure you look at all aspects and confirm confirm confirm with others. .
I’m just as happy about what it actually is as I would have been carrots .
More to come on me and my journey with the mugwort family .
#notacarrot #Artemisiaannua #wormwood #mugwort #plantmedicine #herbalmedicine #learning #dreams #chestnutherbalimmerson #volunteer #eattheweeds #love #plants #alhamdulillah
#chestnutherbalimmersion #chestnutmedicinemakingcourse

Beautiful first year Mullein plants harvested from my Pea bed in the veggie garden. I plan to tincture the roots and some leaves and dry the rest of the leaves. The Doctrine of Signature runs true with Mullein. The resemblance between these leaves and our lungs is apparent. Mullein is a great healer of the lungs among its many wonderful traits. #mullein #verbascumthapsus #verbascum #plantmedicine #herbalmedicine #herbalism #doctrineofsignature #chestnutmedicinemakingcourse #myherbalstudies

Nutritive. Restores Balance. Sense of Calm.

Matricaria chamomilla. Asteraceae. Calm. Lightens Hair. Soothing.

#elderberry harvest part 2. These berries are known have the power to protect our cells from viral invasion. A great herb to have on hand for the cold and flu season. #herbalmedicine #myherbalstudies #myherbalstudies #chestnutmedicinemakingcourse #plantmedicine

#Elderberry tincture making today. I will fill the jar with my next harvest and maybe make elderberry infused honey. Does this interest you? I will be teaching an Elderberry syrup making workshop with @edibleisland this fall. Date TBA #herbalism #herbalmedicine #myherbalstudies #chestnutmedicinemakingcourse #plantmedicine @splitrockdistilling

#yarrow #achillea millefolium. My go to first aid and anti-infection remedy. Warrior medicine #chestnutmedicinemakingcourse #myherbalstudies #herbalism #herbalmedicine #plantsheal

#Garlic !!!! One of the great herbal remedies. So rewarding to grow and consume. #myherbalstudies #chestnutmedicinemakingcourse #herbalmedicine #plantmedicine

Elder flower harvest for tinctures and tea. This is a great friend in the cold and flu season, clearing congestion and reducing fevers. It is wonderful for children and adults. Soothing and healing for us all. Received with gratitude for the power of plants. #herbalmedicine #chestnutmedicinemakingcourse #myherbalstudies #plantmedicine #Sambucus

With common names of Heal All and Self Heal, Prunella vulgaris is certainly a plant to know. It loves to grow right under our feet in our grassy lawns. Truly a people's plant!! And such a beauty, too. #herbalmedicine #herbalism #chestnutmedicinemakingcourse #myherbalstudies #prunella #prunellavulgaris

Talking about study and learning.
Friday was the first time since childhood I touched a Hawthorn tree. :) When we were young we knew her for the deep scratches she could give and sweet scent and when we played hide and seek you had to curl up to her, make yourself smaller and huddle close to her carefully as to not to walk away with sharp painful red or bloody marks. When I went looking for fresh Hawthorn medicine this Friday I expected blossom sweet and lots, lots of thorns and the soft blossoms were there on all trees and bushes but I really had to look hard for those sharp bits, her defence.. or is it called protection.. anyway.. Being so close to her I thought, 'How amazingly gorgeous can you get with being fragile in your soft petal flowers, old with the lines in your bark and deeply defending at the same time?' And also, with how many plants, trees..green beings can you fall in love? 😄🌿💚 I got a bit lost in the feeling and only cut a little bag from different plants and should return as I use her ofte dried in tea. Wonder now how that 'll go 😂
#fallinginloveagain #inacountrylane #ancient #plantlove #heartmedicine #protection #hawthorn #meidoorn #herbal #herbalmedicine #plantspirits #herbalmedicinemaking #ChestnutHerbalImmersion HerbalImmersion #chestnutmedicinemakingcourse

You weren't studying or anything, right? Now is a good time for pets? #dogsofinstgram #chestnutmedicinemakingcourse

Started some fire cider this week... I need my Amazon order to get here so I can create more awesome stuff! #chestnutschoolofherbalmedicine #chestnutmedicinemakingcourse #firecider

Started some #burdockroot pickles! Very interested to see how they will taste. #chestnutschoolofherbalmedicine #chestnutmedicinemakingcourse

I made Classic Adaptogenic Goo Balls from the #ChestnutMedicineMakingCourse. They're full of raisins, sunflower seeds, toasted coconut and herbal goodness and yeah, they kind of look like meatballs. 😂

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