Tricep and chest day. Needs some work but things are steadily improving. #triceps #chest #bodybuild #bodybuilding #fitness #exercise #gettinginshape #work #trying #improvements #disabledandcute #disabledmodel

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Flashback Day

Flashback Day

My top 3 favourite back building exercises @ironericmichael
Building a strong back should be a priority regardless of your training goals.

The muscles of the back are major stabilizers of the spine and not only will a strong back keep you safe but it also will help you maintain solid posture and keep those shoulders healthy 😁

So here are my top 3 favourites:

1️⃣ Single arm Dumbell rows -
Supported off a bench these are a great way to get a full range of motion through the shoulder girdle, developing a strong sweeping Lat, as well as a great core workout done controlled.

2️⃣ Wide grip pull ups - Want some wings? Look no further. These bad boys work wonders for the upper back and done properly under full range work great for building up the small muscles of the back that help keep those shoulders healthy.

3️⃣ Deficit trap bar deadlifts- All dead lifts do wonders for building a strong back, but I like these ones in particular for being able to externally rotate the shoulders slightly engaging more postural muscle of the back while still being able to handle substantial weight.

What are your favourite exercises for the back? Let me know in the comments 🐍

Helpful tip: To build thickness in the back and really give you that 3-D look and definition, rowing in any variation is necessary. Focus on bringing your shoulder blades together and driving your elbows back rather than pulling with your arms. This will allow more activation of the back muscles, giving you more back GAINZ 💪

Still on that Muscles and mind connection, very rep count. Contract and squeeze the muscles to the end, think about the muscles each and every reps.
Stay focused put your mind into it, don't forget to work through the pain. Yeah it's burns but believe me it's works, and it's a good feelings.
So let it burn and pump.
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💪🏼!!Chest day!!💪🏼

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