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Chapter 2
Tessa's pov:
10 in the morning
I went to the bathroom,in the shower then I wash my face and teeth. Put some make up on.  Nothing too much ,and brush my hair. Put some cloths on (pic 2) and walked downstairs.
Erika,MT,Nick: Gm Tessa.
T:Morning guys
E:You look bomb gurl
T:Hhaha thanks E
Tony:Where are u going?
T:We forgot to tell you Erika and I are going to photoshoot for some clothes.
Chance ' s pov:
I just got to the T10 house. Last night I was getting food y know what I mean.
I open the door to se everyone from T10 beside Tristan,Jake and Alex. When I saw Tessa damn she was hot in that outfit. Chance calm down. Don't stare at her everyone is going to see that you have a crush on her.
A:Yo bro hay you here!!
Where were you all this time?
C:Getting breakfast
A:haha you spend the night at some girls house. We know that
Tessa's pov: i really didn't want to listen about Chance and how he is smashing girl every night.
T:E it's time lets go
C:where are u two going
E:To photoshoot
T:Bay guys
. [I know it's boring but it will get bettet.]
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Tessa pov *
Hi I'm Tessa I'm 23(ik she's not) I have a 4 year old daughter I was with a abusive guy and he he raped me and I became pregnant he left me when he found out
Bethany's pov *
Hi I'm Beth I'm 4 years old I don't have a daddy but my mummy's name is Tessa we don't have a lot of money but never mind I wish I had a daddy
T) come on Beth let's get a bath and go get some food
B)ok mommy
Tessas pov *I gave Beth a bath we get changed and went to the local coffee shop (In the coffee shop)
Tessas pov *
We were in the cue and there was a really cute boy infont but to good for me and what did I do trip ughhh I'm so stupid
T) I'm so sorry let me get you a new one ?) No it's fine it was my fault
B) my mummy's clumbsy I'm Beth who are you
C) I'm chance
T)hi I'm Tessa I'm so sorry
C) here have my phone number maybe we can talk
T) ok (They exchanged phone numbers)
J) come one chance
C)coming bye Tess bye bye Beth
T) bye
B) buby
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It’s 2027 and everyone has been talking about the greatest couple of the last decade. And it all started when a girl named Claire Smith decided to write a story about a couple and team that will never be forgotten. •
Claire’s POV
I just arrived where Chance Sutton and Tessa Brooks are to start taking notes for a book. I’ve been a fan since I was 12 years old. •
Narrator: Chance, Tessa and Claire just regularly talked until they finally started

Claire: so Can we start from the day you guys met or something I wanna write your Point of View or something get it
Chance: yes we do and Tessa start pls
Tessa: k babe
Tessa’s POV
So is started talking
Tessa: so it was the day Jake showed me pictures of Chance and Anthony and I just looked at Chance and fell in love. Then the day where He came to LA came he walked in the house. We made eye contact and it was love at first sight
Chance: It was just the Beginning •
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Chapter 1
Hi. My name is Tessa Brooks,I'm 19.  I live in a big house with Team 10. Team 10 is like my second family. Jake,Martinez Twins,Tristan,Chad,Alex (Lange),Erika and Nick. They all are a part of Team 10. Jake is the leader. Anyway 2 months ago 2 more members joined T10. Jakes best friends from Ohio ,Chance & Anthony.
They are very funny and cute. And I have like a little crush on Chance.
Hi. I'm Chance. I'm 21. Me and Tony (20 y) came here because our friend Jake invieted us to join T10.
Tessa's pov:
5 min ago. Chantony and Jake pranked me.. ◇

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There was this love story in 2017 that everyone knew of.
10 years have passed and someone decided to make a whole story about their love story......
The Characters @tessabrooks @imchancesutton
The Story note taker
@imanthonytruj @jakepaul
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The player: intro
Tpov: hi I'm Tessa Brooks I'm 17 years old and I live in LA California with my dad. He's kind of abusive. I deal with it though. I go to LA high. I have a friend named Erika she's introducing me to her other friends today. I'm going with them to Erika's parents beach house on first to Sunday. There this guy named Chance Sutton hes a player he sleeps with every girl in school he tried getting me but I rejected him now he Bullies me sometimes. That's it about me.
Cpov: hi I'm Chance Sutton and I'm 17 years old I have a group of friends. Jake Anthony Sunny and Erika. Erika has a friend she's introducing us too. I'm kind of a player I've been with every girl in school. There's this girl Tessa Brooks I've been trying to get her but she rejected me and it hurt so I bully her sometimes. There's something different about her I don't know what it is like I want to protect her and hold her...do I like her...no I can't im a player. Anyway that's all about me
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