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Enjoy!! Posting 1 more . And Tessa outfit is the last slide!! @tessabrooks @imchancesutton #chessafanfiction #tessabrooks #chessawillrisebitches #chessafanfic #chancesutton btw instead of red it’s suppose to be eyes and instead of dye its suppose to be do

CHAPTER 11!!!!!! Back by popular demand. Hope you guys enjoy
Sorry for not posting one of these for ages. I don't ship Chessa anymore but I'd feel bad if just leaving this. So I'm going to finish this story🎉

@tessabrooks @imchancesutton #chessafanfiction #chessafanfic

Sorry for the short chapter. U r not ready for what’s coming :) #chessafanfiction #fanfiction

I’m being honest I just woke up because i didn’t go to sleep until like 4 in the morning whoops. I’m posting another. Enjoy:) #chessafanfiction #chessawillrisebitches #chessafanfic #tessabrooks #chancesutton

Tessa was nominated for a shorty award, go and support our queen with some votes!the link of it is in my bio😊

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Sorry I had taken a break but I'm back I do have writers block but that couldn't stop me. Love you guys I will be giving a shoutout on my story to the first like and first comment.
Chapter 25
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
then she realizes it isn't right
T: I can't do this
A: why not
T: I'm in love with Chance A: well I can fix that he leans in again
Tessa puts her hand in front of his face to stop him
T: you're not Chance and you will never be you're amazing in your own way your just not right for me
A: so I am amazing
T: yes just not for me
A: ok be you will see that I am right for you
Tessa walks downstairs to the office and sneaks up behind nick and scared him
N:Tessa you just can't do that
T: sorry nick
N: it's ok
T: bye
Tessa walks into Erika's room
T: Hey E
E: Hey T
T: I need to talk to you
E: about?

#chessafanfiction #chessa #chessafanfic

This world is fucked up @tessabrooks #chessafanfiction

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