[ Cheryl Cole - 3 Words ]
Europe / 2009

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Fãs da #Cherylcole por aqui? Tem novidades. ..música nova. Cheryl acabou de se separar do #OneDirection Liam Payne. Eles tem um filho

"It's the broken plans you have made that are the hardest to get over" - #cherylcole #cheryl #brokenheartquotes

the fact that liam is louis’ guest judge, is really telling . isn’t it a little strange that the only two who haven’t released an album, both, have kids, have the literal w o r s t pr teams, and are the only ones who a l w a y s end up working with simon ? i’m not saying that liam was 100% forced into this, because this is obviously going to help get him album sales . i can literally see the headlines right now; “Liam Payne, Cheryl’s Ex-Baby Daddy Boy Toy, STEALS Her Spot On The X-Factor As Louis Tomlinson’s Guest Judge!” that headline a l o n e would get liam 40k album sales . liam and louis are smart . they know what they’re doing . (video credit: @ larryshaft)

he’s so used to pretending, it’s fucking sad .

RAINHA DO UK: Com lançamento marcado para o mês que vem, single comeback de Cheryl se chamará "Love Made Me Do It", a música será uma faixa pop-dance.

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