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Did you know 1/8 couples struggle with infertility? 18 months later I still have so many moments I look at this kid in awe that he's real, that's his mine, and that I have the chance to be a mother after so many years in the trenches of that 15% of struggling couples. ⠀

We hoped and prayed for years we'd get a baby, and it was a long road with so much time, money, doctor appointments, blood draws, and treatments, and it's something I strive to not take for granted on even the toughest of toddler meltdown days! ⠀

I've shared some of our story, but if you want all the details, the miracle of pregnancy, hope for anyone currently struggling with infertility, and me getting emotional trying to describe the sweetest moment of meeting your child after aching for them for years, you should check out my guest interview on @thebirthhour podcast. The direct link is up in their profile. ⠀

One of my favorite candid photos ever by my dear friend @chrissyblake_

#fridaywereinlovemiraclebaby #infertilityawareness

Parker's teacher snapped this picture of me obviously being one of the kids at Kindergarten Field Day last week! 😂 Duty of the Room Mom is to sample all kid activities to make sure they're actually fun, right? 😜 #nevergrowup

Dreaming he was hers ❤️ Thea just adores being at the yard and felt very important today when we had to call in to look after Nanna's Monty 🐴 (This is Monty's stable mate who she's taken a bit of a shine to!) ✨

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Slice the life you imagined 🙏🏽🎓 #cherisheverymoment #seniorphotos #classof2017

Today was spent traipsing around town with this little nugget trying on wedding shoes. 👠👠 I'm so lucky with Pearl - she loves going around the shops and has every assistant eating out of the palm of her hands. In Brown Thomas today the assistant asked if Pearl was allowed play with some Louboutins as she was staring at them... (Like what now?! I could be staring at them all day and they'd never offer a shoe to try on without asking!!).
I'm so happy Pea is a part of all our wedding prep - 😢 Maybe she'll wear my shoes on her wedding day
(can't cope 😭😭😭😭)


We are happy to announce today begins our big SALE! 20% OFF EVERYTHING at www.BellezaMiaJewelry.com ⠀

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Find something personal and thoughtful for all those wonderful moms, sisters, grandmas, friends (and maybe even yourself, because you're amazing). ⠀

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I love you with all my heart!!❤ #mybabygirl #blessed #cherisheverymoment

My mother is the most 💯person i know. #LoveMama #onlygotone #cherisheverymoment

Life's not perfect, today was far from it! My nervous were shot by noon, but this little guy always makes me smile and I am always happy to do the same for him. 😁#instacallieq #thatsmile #sweetbaby

Shoutout to my upline coach @vanessahallfit for not only kicking booty in this business, but being a support for me, my biggest cheerleader, and most importantly, a dear friend! ❤ We have so many future adventures to experience together and I could not be more excited🤗 being a coach is rewarding in more ways than I can say, but making lifelong friends is definitely at the top of the list ❤

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