I think he might think she’s an ice cream cone.🍦 #abbottandbaloo

Welcome. 🌵

To some people it’s a picture of the ground. To me it’s the most beautiful piece of nature collage by the always beautiful mama earth.

Решительно намерена закончить с зависанием в интернетах по поводу и без. Ничего, кроме горбатой спины, в мою жизнь это не привносит. 😩
Решено, я ухожу. Пора познать «Почти забытое искусство праздности». Вернусь ли - не знаю, смотря как дело пойдёт. 😋
I’m totally sick of being on-line all the day. So I’m going to learn “old art of nothing-to-do”. And if I succeed in this, I’ll probably never come back 😋

Greetings earthlings.🌸 My name is Caitlin and I’m the chicken wrastlin’, pig wranglin’, floral designin’, herb drinkin’ curly haired lady behind @featherpetalfarm. I’m 30 years old and live with my wonderful man Sam and our 16 animals on our little urban farm in CO. I want the world to know peace although I am all for embracing the struggle. If I can make a few more toothy grins happen in this world, my job is done. If it takes a billion pictures of my pig playing in the mud or sharing my hippietastic knowledge to accomplish that, I’ll do it! Consider yourself warned 🤗 Peace love and light. 🌱💫💙

Building planter boxes with the honeys today. Managed to bust out four boxes with my sweet carpenter of a guy. Little garden fence goes in tomorrow. Time for much needed rest. Man are we tired after a day of farming and building...woof! Or should I say....oink!

My ancestors are of the prairie. To feel deeply rooted during this blustery weather is a blessing. 🍃

Snooooood for days 😁

Okay so, after years of doing it half heartedly, I’ve finally got my blog sorted. I’m thinking of using this blog as an archive of all the creative stuff I get up to - clothing designs, sewing and crafting, attempting to decorate my new build, writing, video and photography. Let me know what interests you most!

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Spring is sprungin....or something like that. 🐿🐳🐖🐚

Coming up on 3 years since our chicken journey began with these two little fuzz buckets. Now we have 9 featherheads and I have to admit this spring will be a rough one with out baby chicks around. Hmmm...does that mean we need ducklings? 😉🦆

Love is love is love is love. 💗💙

Grab a cuppa and come to Bath with me ☕️✨ my latest blog post is live, why I fell in love with Bath, where we ate, the coffee shops we found and my must visits. So happy I explored this wonderful gem, the perfect wellness escape with the most beautiful buildings. All with my partner in crime @lottiemurphy_ thanks @visitbath for such a wonderful trip....link in my bio 👆❤️ #bath #beautifulbuildings #nakdfashion #coffeemoments #myfeelgoodbath

My dad always told me the crusts on the bread gave me my curls. Now that I’m grown, the end pieces are my favorite. 🍞💫. Starting to add some foods back after being completely vegan. Focused more on intuitive wholesome ancestral eating rather than fitting under a title. Always good to allow ourselves wiggle room. 👩🏻‍🌾 Man do my girls make some soul satisfying eggs.🌱🥚 🍳

Mirror mirror....🌚


Snow pig. ❄️ #Abbott

Few of my favourite things 🌿☕️

Evening herbies. 🌱🌿🍃🌙

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