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👀👀👀 I mean, it is a step up from our current situation...☕🐸 A porn star and a rapper say they have what it takes to win the White House in 2020.

#CherieDeVille, who’s starred in such videos as “Ass Planet” and “Hot Tub Hottie,” says she was inspired to run for office out of her “personal frustration for the current political climate.” When #DonaldTrump won the election last year, DeVille — who’s running alongside #rapper #Coolio— says she sobbed. “I didn’t cry because I hated [#Trump] specifically, I cried because of what I felt that meant for the direction our country was going in.” “We’re voting for people as if we’re on a reality television show, and my concern is if we continue to purely vote for celebrities, or political figures, or the most entertaining, they’re not always going to be quality politicians,” DeVille told ITK on Tuesday.

So the 39-year-old adult film performer decided to toss her hat in the political ring, saying she’s planning on running as a #Democrat. “If our criteria now for becoming a political official is minor celebrity, I have that,” says DeVille, who boasts 190,000 Twitter followers. “I feel like I can be potentially what I’m feeling the American people — for better or for worse — want, which is interesting news, scandalous news, you know, not ‘boring’ political news.” “But at the same time [I can] do what the American people really need,” she continues, which is “having a person with integrity, and having someone listen to the people, and actually care about America in public office.” A former physical therapist, DeVille — whose campaign slogan is “Make America F------ Awesome Again” — says a lot of people “giggle” when they learn that “Gangsta’s Paradise” rapper Coolio is running as her VP. “He’s lived and exemplifies what I consider the #American #Dream,” DeVille says. While a rep for DeVille told ITK the Grammy winner wasn’t available for comment on the 2020 campaign, Coolio told #LosAngeles’s KESQ-TV in a recent interview, “We need normal, regular, everyday people in office.” When pressed on whether #DeVille was making a legitimate #WhiteHouse run versus a PR stunt, she responded, “I am going to actually run for

Coolio is reportedly running in a presidential campaign as Vice President alongside adult film star Cherie DeVille, who seeks to become the next U.S. President.

DeVille previously announced that she would be running for President back in August of this year, and she’s chosen the veteran rapper as her VP. While speaking with the outlet, Coolio reveals why he’s choosing to run in the election and get into politics despite his history in music.

Being that the current President Donald Trump, comes from reality television, it doesn’t seem too far-fetched that Coolio and an adult film star could be put into the mix of the 2020 election.

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Picture from Cherie Deville, how many expect the video of Cherie in 'Brazzers'
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Have you heard the news? Today's neon request is the sexy Superstar who is running for president in 2020!! She has our vote for sure!! @cheriedevillexo 🔥🇺🇸🔥 #Deville2020 #cheriedeville #neonrequest

Camsoda.com/cheriedeville is #live in 15 mins👸! #cheriedeville #selfie #gorgeousblonde @cheriedevillexo

Camsoda.com/cheriedeville is #live in 15 mins👸! #cheriedeville #selfie #gorgeousblonde @cheriedevillexo

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