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Who here cooks with oils?!? I'm amazed how many ways oils are infused into living a life of wellness. What are your favorite ways to infuse oils into your daily routine?! Comment below👇🏻👇🏻 Photo credit📸 @blissfuloilsco Go check them out. Their feed is full of infusing of healthy living! .
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These new favorites got lake tested this weekend and passed with flying colors! Hours on the boat and no sunburns and my skin was left feeling soft and smells great! I am a mosquito magnet normally and a little bit of this repellant and I had zero itches! So thrilled to have these to use that are effective, and good for my skin with zero yucky ingredients!! .
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This evening I've been making homemade lip balms with just 4 ingredients: beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter and essential oils #homemade #coconutoil #allnatural #chemicalfreeliving #organicbeauty

Do you diffuse????? Y'all diffusing is an incredible way to get the benefits of essential oils. Young Livings diffusers are AMAZING. ❤️
Fave diffuser blend has me dreaming of fall... 🍂🍂
Nutmeg+Clove+Cinnamon Bark

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If you know our family being healthy and active means that we are always trying to simplify our lives. 🌱 We're partnering with @eclothusa to share all about chemical free cleaning today on the site. {link in profile} #chemicalfree #chemicalfreeliving #ecofriendly #healthyfamilies #ourordinarylife

DIY Wednesday
Strawberry & Coconut Lip Gloss + Cheek Stain

2 tablespoons coconut oil
1-2 teaspoons shea butter
1 tablespoon freeze-dried strawberry powder (bulk barn)
1/2 teaspoons beetroot powder

In a small saucepan, melt the coconut oil. Add the strawberry and beetroot powders. Let stand for 30-60 minutes, or longer to infuse the oil. Let cool until still fairly warm, but not too hot. Strain the warm oil through a several layers of cheesecloth placed over a fine mesh sieve. Press gently on the solids to extract as much of the oil as possible. Stir in the shea butter (it should melt easily if the oil is warm enough.) Let cool.
As the mixture cools, it may start to separate a little bit. Stir to keep the color particle suspended in the coconut oil. When it's solidified, gently beat it with a spoon until light and creamy. Transfer to a small jar with a tight-fitting lid.
Keep somewhere cool. Will keep for several months.

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I'm so thankful for Young Living and their Vegan toxic free products. It's hard to avoid all the foods that cause my headaches, it's nice to have a quick meal on the go that actually makes me feel better #chemicalfreeliving #vegan

Today we talked with a financial advisor and picked out paint colors for our house. 🏡 Adulting is hard... and expensive. 😳


So hands up who loves their home to smell fresh? I know do! Step up #theoilhiveuk, providing the perfectly sized bottles with triggers to fill with your favourite #youngliving essential oils and distilled water to give you that fresh smelling feeling without all the Nasty chemicals!

Don't start the school season without some Thieves on your kiddos! Fact: my kids rub Thieves on themselves at least two times every. single. day. I'm not joking when I say probably every single day for 10 months. 😳 It is part of their morning and bedtime routines, right after brushing their teeth. It is habitual.

Wanting to us oils, but not sure where to start?!? I'm thinking of hosting a make and take class. I would pick roller and spray recipes and have all of the supplies. You would come to my house and make the recipes and then take them home with you! Their would be a price to cover the cost of the products.wold anyone be interested in this?

Miss Mandy Lyn couldn't rave enough about her Monat experience: "One month, Volume system baby!!! I only wash my hair every 4 days, so I use the masque between my shampoo and conditioner! I also follow with IRT spray because I have balding, rejuvabeads for my split ends(I have a fear of cutting my hair) and rejuvenic oil on my
Ends for a little bit more seal. This has completely changed my life and I will NEVER use another product unless it comes from Monat! This hair is 100% Monat!!"

Bathing and soaking in bath salts is one of the best ways to relax the body, soothe tired muscles and help the body to eliminate toxins, while exfoliating and softening your skin! Our bath salts are packed full of natural ingredients that will help soak away the stress of your day!
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We had such a fun evening last night hosting our DIY Bath Bomb & Essential Oils Workshop. Thanks to all our guests and @davis.mira for taking these photos. Already planning the next one!! If you're in the South Vancouver Island direct message us for details and come join in on the fun!


I always get the question: How do you use oils on a daily basis? I think, if you're not an "oily person", the thought of adding something more to your daily routine seems a bit overwhelming. Well, I'm here to tell you that it's definitely not hard, or even an extra step! These products have replaced the products I used to use. 🌿 ...
After the shower...these are the products I love: ...
🌱Cel-lite massage oil on my stomach and legs ...
🌱Coconut Lime Body Butter on the rest of my body ...
🌱 2-3 drops of my facial serum on my face and neck (contains Rose, Sacred Frank, and Manuka in an Argan oil base) ...
🌱 1 drop Cedarwood on my scalp before I blow dry ...
🌱 Endoflex rolled over my thyroid gland and adrenals ...
🌱1 drop each of Valor and Joy on my wrists and neck, as my perfume!

This evening I've been making homemade lip balms with just 4 ingredients: beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter and essential oils #homemade #coconutoil #allnatural #chemicalfreeliving #organicbeauty

Just another reason I love Young Living ❤️,... FREE Helichrysum Essential Oil this month if you're on the Essential Rewards Program 🙌💃🕺🏻😃. .
Helichrysum Essential Oil has been a game changer for our sons eczema. I know I've mentioned this many times. It's an approved Natural Health Product by Canada Health:
Derived from the flowering tops in EasternEurope, helichrysum was traditionally used to support healthy looking skin. The helichrysum flowers are commonly called "everlasting" or "immortal."
In Aromatherapy can be used topically:
-to help reduce the symptoms of acne or boils
-to relieve minor skin irritation, cuts, bruises & burns
-to help relieve joint or muscle pain associated with sprains, strains & rheumatoid arthritis
-or inhaled can act as a nervine and calmative which enhances relaxation
-or inhaled to reduce the symptoms of cold & cough
-when experiencing digestive discomfort can act as a carminative and antispasmodic
-to experience relief from eczema and dermatitis
The Essential Rewards Program earns you up to 25% back in points on every order. These points are redeemable for free product of your choice 🙌. With every order, you qualify for many free monthly products (Helichrysum being one this month 😱) and you receive free bonus essential oils as gifts 🎁 ❤️🤗. In Canada 🇨🇦 you can even receive a free Home Diffuser after being on the Essential Rewards Program for 3 months 💃🕺🏻💃🕺🏻. .
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Getting ready for our FIRST camping trip with little Winston. Needed this trio to help pick my energy up and get stuff done around the house before we leave. Cleaning, dishes, packing and double checking we've got everything we need. Super excited to take a break from the city and get out there 🏕⛰☀️
(I used 2 drops of each)
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Have I ever talked about how much I love Deep Relief? Because I REALLY love this little bottle of goodness.
Deep Relief was the first thing I purchased after my starter kit. I was desperate for an alternative for the neck pain and tension head I get from the trigger points in my neck and back. My headaches were (and sometimes still can be) debilitating. I could feel it coming on in my neck and throughout the day would slowly make its way to my head, eventually forcing me to bed lay down in silence in the dark. Once I found this gem, I would roll this on my neck at the first sign of a headache. Some days I would have to use it A LOT, like crazy a lot. But as times gone by, it's been such an amazing tool to add into my wellness plan. I still use it regularly but no where near the amount I did in the beginning + the second I feel a headache coming in Deep Relief really helps back the tension off. Don't know what I would do without it. I use it before/after workouts, long days sitting on the computer, or even when I need a little mental boost thanks to the peppermint in it. So basically if you don't have this bottle of amazingness you need it 😉
Deep Relief combines 🌱Wintergreen
🌱Helichrysum 🌱Clove
🌱Copaiba 🌱Lemon
🌱Canadian Balsam Fir
🌱Dorado Azul 🌱Coconut Oil
Best part is that it comes in this pretty little roller bottle for the easies of applications.
So basically I ❤️ Deep Relief .
#deeprelief #tension #triggerpoint

We are passionate about helping others live a life of wellness, purpose and abundance. A motto we stand by is Live Well & Free and that's exactly what @younglivingeo brought to our family. As parents we are always making the best choices for our family and this just happen to fall into our laps.
When we became members of Young Living we knew we were making a conscious choice to live a healthier life and one free of toxic chemicals. Becoming members also gave us the unique opportunity to share the products and benefits with our community of friends and family.
This wellness kit has everything you need to get yourself started with Young Living. Including oils with health benefits back by Health Canada. A dew drop diffuser which is great for making aromatic blends or simply diffusing any oil in the kit. Plus you get samples of other great products!
With every kit purchased this month we are we are including a #LiveWellandFree bonus. You get a DIY dryer ball, a diffuser necklace and a copy of #TheFourYearCareer by @richardblissbrooke.
We are looking for people who share the same passion of helping others, parents looking for alternatives and those motivated to achieve time & financial freedom. If you're ready to change your life and the lives of others then you're looking at a product line and business that'll do just that. So if you're ready, we are ready to help get you started.
Direct Message us anytime!
Bryce & Courtney Casselman

This was off the chain. Crockpot barbacoa lettuce wraps with pickled veggies, salsa verde, and a side of roasted veggies. In my opinion better than Chipotle.
3-4 lbs beef chuck preferably organic
2 Tbsp olive oil
3 chipotle chilis in adobo
1¼ cups beef broth
1.5 teaspoons garlic powder
1 Tbsp ground cumin
1 Tbsp dried oregano
1 tsp salt, then more to taste
½ tsp ground black pepper
1/8 tsp ground cloves
¼ cup fresh lime juice

Instructions: • Brown the roast on all sides with olive oil. Add to crockpot with the rest of the ingredients. • Cook 8-9 hours on low or 5-6 on high. • Enjoy in taco shells, lettuce boats, over rice with toppings. .
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In person classes at the new Hobby Lobby in Harrison!! #hobbylobbyclasses #harrisonarkansas #localclassesinarkansas

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