When you really craved Italian and accidentally booked French instead 😂. Yeap that’s how noob I am 😌. Nonetheless a lovely afternoon ご褒美lunch with @miyabi.rin.x last month in Tokyo.
★Rouge Salad with Hotate in homemade smoked Chèvre cream dressing. I don’t even know what that means but it was so freaking yummy I literally wanted to lick the plate off, if a lone, gastronome-looking ojisan wasn’t sitting on the opposite table staring at me omg 😭.
★Lobster in whatever fancy name seafood sauce
★Kumamoto roast beef with very crispy and half crispy potato in another complicated awesome sauce.
Also, I just totally realized I had no idea how to do fine dining LOLOL. There’s a cutlery rest on my right but do I put my fork and knife back on it?? Do I stack the knife in the between the fork? Do I just leave it on the plate? If yes, which part of the plate? I think I’ll stick to ramen and standing sushi bar🍜🍣 😂.
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New blog posts: Tokyo Life ❤︎ Read: www.cheeserland.com
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Has anyone watched the German movie Aus dem Nichts? (English title “In The Fade”). I watched it on the flight back home, it was painful to go through the whole movie. I was feeling troubled for quite a while but after watching the movie, I felt liberated from feeling miserable. It’s all perspective. My problems are literally nothing, compared to what the heroine in the movie has to face. I chose to change how I feel. I chose gratitude. I chose to feel blessed. Being with my loved ones. Being alive.

Kushikatsu with @rinrindoll ❤︎🍤🍤 So much 贅沢!!😍😍😍. Pumpkin Kushikatsu topped with foie gras topped with truffle, anyone?🤚🏻
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3年ぶり。ありがとう❤︎大好き❤︎ @yuriavodka. Forever 22 years old!
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Tokyo ❤︎ #cheesieintokyo #tokyolife

Back in April on a hanami date 🌸🌸🌸. Photograph by @lovegraph_me, who specializes in capturing special moments for couples, friends and family ❤︎👫👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👯‍♀️💑. If you are traveling to Japan and are looking for a local photographer, DM @lovegraph_me! Simple English is okay👌🏻. You should check out their photos and the one for kids at @lovegraph_kids, they are soooo beautiful!
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Our fav hangout at Omotesando of course, @76cafe_omotesando. Pet friendly, of course kids friendly!👦🏻👧🏻👶🏻🐶🐞 Kids meal start from ¥300 🤤
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Go out and smell the flowers. 🌼🌸🌷🌹🍀
How many times do we forget that happiness is a choice and not something we must work hard to find? Let’s choose happy today.
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@703moe when I hang out with her all I did was stare at her😳... Junya loves pretty girl and was super happy playing with her puppy Toro. Look at him at the background😂. I’d totally date her if I were single 😂.

Pet-friendly cafe @76cafe_omotesando 🐶 That’s @703moe’s Cavalier-Poodle, Toro ❤︎ 表参道に珍しく犬連れオッケーなオシャレカフェ❤︎#travelwithcheesiepetit #tokyolife #cheesieintokyo

No fake make up today.

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Hanami, all year long 🌸🌸🌸 #cheesieintokyo #tokyolife #hanami

In an empty Small World. Just us and the characters.🧞‍♀️🐒🧜🏻‍♀️🤡🧚🏼‍♀️🦉🦋🐳🐣🐿🦄🧙🏻‍♀️🤴🏻🧝🏻‍♀️. Swipe to watch a video I recorded of this recently renovated attraction with 40 newly added Disney characters, especially for Frozen fans! Watch Anna ice-skate with Olaf! ⛄️ Thank you @tokyodisneyresort_official!!😍
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I think I know why the @tokyodisneyresort_official parks were so empty when we were there on 12 and 13th April!! Firstly school holidays in Japan had just ended, AND everyone was excitedly waiting for the new 35th Happiest Celebration anniversary theme that started on 15th April!! Most rides were only 5-20 minutes wait, which was... unprecedented since my first visit 10 years ago and many after 😱. Even the most sought-after attraction of all - Tower of Terror, was only 30 mins wait!!!😮
It’s A Small World was closed that day for press preview only, and we were so so sooooo lucky to be the only few media people in the entire “world”. We even rode twice in a row 😭😭😭. I’ll try to upload a video soon so you can see the new characters added to the attraction!😍😍😍
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Thank you cherry blossom 2018. See you next year!🌸
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New show at Tokyo DisneySea for their 35th anniversary! It’s called the Happiest Celebration on the Sea, featuring Mickey and friends, as well as all Duffy’s buddies including Gelatoni and StellaLou, dressed in special costumes!😍
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Spring is definitely my favorite time to visit Tokyo DisneySea for its pastel floral Easter theme! 🌸🐭🌿🐹🌷🐰🌼💐🕊
I get many messages asking me which park I recommend, Disneyland or DisneySea. It’s hard for me to make a choice, but I personally always ended up visiting Sea because I just can’t resist their Duffy’s friend marchandise 😭. Which is your favorite?
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Back to Tokyo. Going to Tokyo DisneySea now! Sakura’s early birthday celebration. Her Disneyland debut today! 😊 It has been a while. The last time I went was 2015!
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