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Going to bed tonight with a full tummy, a full heart, and ready to take on the next year of crazy adventure with my family. ❤️#CheersToThreeYears

Smiling because he's my partner in crime & its our third fourth of July together 🎉🎉 #CheersToThreeYears

By the way, I'm wearing the smile you gave me. #cheerstothreeyears #sipsiphooray #stagioni #savewaterdrinkprosecco

Happy Anniversary to my best friend who loves me more than I could ever deserve! When we shared our vows three years ago today I had no idea where this adventure would take us in such a short time, but I'm grateful for every bit of it! I love you more today than ever before. Happy Anniversary Ricky! 💕 #cheerstothreeyears

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#cheerstothreeyears #fortheloveofbeer #ontariocraftbeer #drinklocal #supportlocal

Thank you for loving me for the past three years. Even though you had no idea what you were getting yourself into, you've always been there to put up with my sassy ass and my sissy beer drinking skills. Your unconditional support, encouragement, love, and random booty grabs do not go unnoticed and are much appreciated. Thanks for not trying to change me and knowing that french fries, cheese, trash tv, and snuggles are the way to my heart. I love you. #cheerstothreeyears #doyoureallyloveeachotherifyoudontpostaboutitonsocialmedia

3 happy years. Here's to many more! I love you and can't wait to see what the future holds for us. #cheerstothreeyears

Happy anniversary to the one I have the most fun with. The koozies at our wedding said "Marriage is finding that special someone that you can annoy for the rest of your life." Mission accomplished - every day for the last three years. #happypeoplelaugh #cheerstothreeyears

Exactly 3 years ago today we welcomed our beautiful Line One: El Camino de Iluminación Sin Fin !
Happy THIRD Lambdaversary Line One! Thank you for all the hard work, deep love, and fun spice you've brought to EPsi 👑 we love you so much ! #CheersToThreeYears #AgingLikeFineWine #Fall2013


Going to bed tonight with a full tummy, a full heart, and ready to take on the next year of crazy adventure with my family. ❤️#CheersToThreeYears

Every Captain needs his First Mate. 💕🐘#CheersToThreeYears #texasrenaissancefestival

Thanks Big Rig for the sweet swag! I should enter online contests more often :) @bigrigbrewery #cheerstothreeyears #firsttimewinner

• three years ago yesterday i sold my very first candle! it didn't look anything like how they look today, but WOW! three years FLEW by!! i can't believe it's been three whole years. i still remember that exact moment. i was walking back to the car with my family after having eaten at Chip's restaurant and that charming "cha-ching" sound happened, but i'd never heard it before so i was super confused and like "what is that noise?!" and i looked down at my phone and saw the most exciting notification ever! 1 Earl Grey Tea candle (still the most popular scent!) to a lovely lady named Elise.
i basically danced the entire way to the car and the rest is what y'all have been a part of! i've been so lucky to be able to work with and meet SO MANY amazing, talented people and make days brighter just by popping some things i made in the mail 💌 so much has changed (and let's be honest, probably more will change but change is good!!), and i can't wait to see what's ahead. so, I just want to say thank you to all y'all for making the past three years possible. truly, honestly, absolutely would not be able to do what i love if it weren't for all of you (and you, Chip! and you, family!). • so here's to the future. cheers to the next three!! 🎉😊

I've been lucky enough to be married to this handsome man for three years now! Though we're apart for another anniversary (that's 3 in a row 😂), I'm hoping one of these years we will be able to celebrate together. ❤️

#WeddingAnniversary #CheersToThreeYears #Husband #SpendingTheDayWithHisMistress #AKAMarineCorps

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