and this is where it all started 36 years ago 😊 thank you for all the birthday wishes. you all really made my day special! #cheersto36 🎉🥂🎉🥂

Thank you all!! Thank you for all the Love & Birthday wishes!! I had such an amazing day thanks to @igonzalez222 @wearehappyplace @oglouiethexiii & @eltepeyaccafe2 it was lit!! Now it’s time to continue the party @doobiefest4
5/19/18 in LA,CA
Sesh with me 🙏🏼 LINK IN BIO 👉🏼@luvlee_420 👈🏼
#Cheersto36 #anotheryeartocelebratelife #peaceandlove #luvleestoner

Memories of my birthday...thankfully more highs than lows...was a bit cranky to be honest but I want to thank those who made my birthday extra special...u guys rock!!!
Special thanks to @next2natural for the makeup...
#aginglikefinewine #livingforthesunshine #cheersto36 #mayborn #taurusbaby #queen #superwoman #neverforget #hegavemeflowers #icried #goofball #sentimental

Birthdays with kids are never all about you anymore. My kids still didn’t listen to me, didn’t want to eat dinner, spilled their mandarin oranges on the floor, cried because they were hungry, and were bribed with cake to take this picture. So basically it’s just a regular Wednesday except I’m closer to 40 now than I want to be 😢 #cheersto36 #calebjamescrooks #sadienicolecrooks #brycepatrickcrooks

Life is unpredictable and you never know what is coming next. Dont ever get too comfortable. Always be ready to change... HAPPY BiRTHDAY self! T'was an awesome job. I love you all and Thank you for those who remembered.... ♡♡♡
#cheersto36 #EMventures #forevergrateful

I am seriously feeling the love 💕

My birthday is a struggle for me! And no it's not because I dont want to get older - I am actually totally cool with that! But it's because I share my birthday with my dad! .

And even though you try to brace yourself for the flood of emotions that come with a day like today you just can't stop it! .

But thankfully this year was easier then last and I am hopeful that as time goes on it keeps getting easier! .

So to everyone who took the time out of their day to message me it really does mean the world to me -  thank you! .

I have a feeling this is going to be my best year yet!! .

Cheers to 36 🥂

Happy Birthday to this beautiful friend of mine! I hope your day is great and your year is even better! Blessed to know you and have you in my life! #cheersto36 #loveyou #happybirthday #worksanity #lunchbuddies #thanksforkeepingmesane

Gettin’ down with the fam in Chi town to celebrate my favorite guys birthday! #cheersto36 #chicago

Rolling into 36 with time at the gym, brunch, art, and a smoking hot date! #willingtobewilling #gettingmystepsin #spoonandstable #cheersto36

Happy Birthday to my BEST FRIEND JACKIE!!👯‍♀️ I know your birthday was yesterday but you know I couldn’t end the weekend without one of these. I love you so much, because of you I definitely laugh a little harder, cry a little less and smile a lot more ♥️ I am so blessed to still have you in my life after all these years. Cheers to your birthday and I can’t wait to celebrate you! 🎉❤️😘 #oldlady #pic #number1 #cheersto36

Let The Fun Begin. My Love is turning 36 tomorrow 💕 #FamilyVacay #SantaCruz #GoldenRoad #CheersTo36 #DontWorryKidsBeersAreNotOpen #GoodTimes @eddie331

Happy birthday to a wonderful dad and husband - we love you dearly! Maryn and Sutton appreciate that you’re an enthusiastic sport and will wear all the embarrassing hats and outfits they pick out for you. #cheersto36

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