Saying farewell to a dear colleague is never easy when you see them everyday. They become family. Send them off with best wishes and a memorable party.

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Here’s to many more years of dancing, smiling, laughing, dreaming, living, loving, chasing, and doing all the things that makes my heart sing!! 🍾🥂#cheersto30years 🌹#thisis30 #chapter30 #itsmybirthday #maybaby #30yrsyoung #growth #stronger #wiser #better #redeverything #queen #goddess #birthdaymonth #birthdayshoot #birthdaydress #stillsnatched #birthdaywoman #may25 #flirty30 ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ 📸📸 @_bpix

We are ready for you #MemorialDayWeekend! Yesterday Ryan from Guinness taught us how to pour the #PerfectPint and tonight we #PartywithMarty! Let the Summer begin!!

Happy early birthday to me! My real birthday is tomorrow but I can start celebrating now right?! My work fam is ridiculous 🤣 I got so spoiled this morning! Thank you so much everyone💕 I feel so special 👑 #maybirthday #cheersto30years

#WPi Celebrates #Cheersto30years #30thAnniversary We are celebrating the entire Month of May highlighting our employees and special projects!
Today's Feature: Conway Riverwalk http://www.woodandpartners.com/conway-riverwalk/ #riverwalks #waterfrontparks #parkplanning #urbanplanning #streetscapes #trails #economicdevelopment #waccamawriver #publicaccess #landscapearchitecture #cityofconwaysc @asla_southcarolina

A little late, but 30th birthday celebrations for the win 🎉🎂 #cheersto30years #hes30 #thatballoontho

Happy 30th Birthday to my dearest friend, Christen!!! #cheersto30years #wearegettingold @cpatinella 🍾🎂🎉👵🏻

Jenny Aguon, Rachel Valentin, and Christina Hurdle from Fairfield, VA purchased the first Shenanigan's Fun Bucket of the summer! Get yours today...fill it up with one of our signature drinks, the Shillelagh, the Galway Smash or an Irish Trash Can!

Happy 30th Birthday!!! To an amazing, wonderful, caring, generous, kind and beautiful woman! I am so lucky to not only work with you everyday but to have you has a friend! I love you lady!! 😚😚 and hope you have an absolutely wonderful day!! ❤❤ #30looksgoodonyou #cheersto30years 🥂

Our staff hard at work last night at our menu training...Learning everything they need to know about all the delicious items on our menu! Come in this weekend and put their knowledge to the test!

We are celebrating #cheersto30years #WPi #30thAnniversary the entire Month of May highlighting our employees and special projects!
Today's Feature: Eric Walsnovich
Some would call him our daily comedic relief in the office, guaranteed life of the party (especially with his PBR shorts) and of course a diehard Steelers and Penn State fan is the one and only Eric Walsnovich, Senior Project Manager at Wood+Partners Inc. Born and raised in Moon Township, PA, Eric graduated in 1992 from The Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture. After graduating, Eric served in a variety of capacities over the years from landscape contractor to Owner of his own Landscape Architecture company where he had the opportunity to diversify his portfolio. In 2014, Eric joined Wood+Partners Inc. as Senior Project Manager bringing with him over 20+ years of experience in residential, commercial, public work, botanical gardens, and resort projects. In addition to managing projects, he also has a unique gift of mentoring our production staff, working through the project process and further developing their unique skill sets. Eric and his wife Joan, a Life Skills Paraprofessional for the School District, reside in Hardeeville, SC and are the proud parents of two sons Evan, a Sophomore at Penn State and Jacob, a Junior at May River High School. When he isn’t on land golfing, you can usually find him and his wife boating and fishing in the lowcountry waterways. #employeeculture #landscapearchitect #management #saltwater #outdoors #lowcountryliving @asla_southcarolina

If I decided to dwell on the last year, I'd regret my 20s even existed (being honest). But instead, I choose to walk into my 30s being thankful. My 20s introduced me to Motherhood, made me a wife, made me a Senior Cosmetologist, made me a Buisness Owner, made my family closer than we have been my entire life, gave me closure on old things, gave me new friends that I dont know how I ever lived without, taught me to take my health more seriously...but MOST of all... they taught me to CHOOSE ME. No, I don't have extravagant plans and I may not be traveling the world, but I made it to see 30 years. 30 YEARS! If nothing else, that's celebration enough! Lord, You've Been Better Than Good To Me! #ThrivingThirty #CheersTo30Years 🎉🎉🎉

Well... I guess today is an important day...since @maglaws decided it was important enough to partake in our wedding gift from @billfranzblau and @robevanmusic .... #cheersto30years

#cheersto30years Happy our little surprise birthday dinner worked out after my missed flight thanks to our awesome friends 🤦🏻‍♀️ @kimslking @neimandavis @rachdavis91 @seanmcdonald89 @stanekm3 @juliecostabickmore @travislawsmusic ... missing our fav girl @kristiru tho 🙏🏻💕

Fabulous cake by @eandrsweetery with our gold sparkle cake topper!

Last drink in my twenties 😭😆 #moscowmule #tomorrowillbe30 #cheersto30years

When I look at this couple, clearly deeply in love after 30 years of marriage, I can’t help but think of all the moments that brought them to this one. The first dates, the proposal, their wedding day…the moment they found out they were having a baby, a daughter, and when they watched her marry the love of her life…I think about the good times they’ve had, the challenges, and how despite all that life threw their way, their love persevered. Their love stood the test of time. Head over to the blog to read more about this special waterside anniversary session 💛

We've got a deck full of excited customers! #CanadianSnowbirds take the sky at 2:30!

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