Is your children ready for some coordinated action?

Children Cheerleading Workshop + Artistic Gymnastic
The young one will learn :
►~2.5 hours program
►Learn gymnastic move like cartwheel, forward roll etc
►One set cheerleading routine
►Performance at the end of workshop
►We promise it will be fun, and great experience!
►Safe and conducted by certified instructor
►Suitable for 5 – 12 years old
Date:1st July 2018 (Sunday)
Time: 10.00am~12.30pm (~2.5hrs)
Venue: FITsy Sri Petaling
Instructor: HERO Cheers
Level: All Level
RM25 / Child (Sign Up Online)
RM35 / Chlid (Walk In)
Things required: Drinking Water, Comfortable Attire.
Booking or more details, call or whatsapp +6011 3552 8210. You can buy securely online at http://m.fitsy.my/signup . Existing member can signup via Members Portal.
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For some people this is a place to learn tumbling and cheer. For others- a job. For me, this place is my home. It was there when I had no place to be. It was there when I came to the truth’s about myself. It was there to welcome me with warm arms and lots of love when I needed it most. It’s a place where I have a family. It is a place I am proud of and a place that will always make me want to be a better person. I welcome everyone into this place with a warm smile and with huge aspiration for their success. I know what “this place” did for me and I want to make sure the same is offered to all. I spent hours in here today (on my day off) making it better, cleaner and more organized. When I looked around, I was so proud. I hope everyone can find a calling, a job, or a “place” that they love! #gymtyme #louisville #cheerleading #coach #happy

Hope u had the best party ever @wc_twinkle_jae #cheerfriends #cheerleading #cheergirls

@jayna_hec had a blast hanging out with @kennedythames and all of her cheer friends yesterday! Imagine her reaction when she saw that her and @caylor_cheer were on Kennedy’s Snapchat story!!! @flippingouttumbling @hanoverelitecheer @tumblechef @kentuckycheer #cheerlebrity #cheerleading #allstar #tumbling #stunting #hecyeah #alittlegirlsdream #meetkennedythames #bestdayever #FOT #FOTambassador2018

my boy loves his friends
like i love my split ends
and by that i mean
he cuts em off🤧💇🏼‍♀️ •

how’s ur summer been so far? mine has been very hott •

don’t pay attention to this #tumble #cheer #gymnastics #gym #flips #tucks #layout #cheerleading #cheerleader #backyardtumbling #airtracks #airtrack #panelmat #gymfeaturingg

Miss them already❤️
Sorry it’s so short🤙🏼
I kinda started crying when I heard this audio💔
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cruising along

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A Sunday well spent sets up an amazing week. I spent my evening in the garage, with the hubs. It may not be this fancy date night stuff I hear going around but it’s my favorite way to end a great weekend. So many exciting things happening! ..

July newsletter is done! Subscribe yet? DM me that email girrrrlllll!..

Next bootcamp, accountability group, challenge, whatevs you call it starts July 16! Part of that yet ? Hit my link in bio or if seeing this on Facebook shoot me a message to see where we start with CUSTOMIZATION for YOU! ..

Have a great night my IG Fam! Don’t ya just love Sunday!!!!

First day of Level 5 skills camp was lit! Jags are going to kill it this season 🔥🔥 #cheerathletics #bestofthebest #level5 #jags #traininsaneorremainthesame #bgc #cheerleading #rebellevel #rebelmark #letseat

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