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Why are you walking around, living your life sad? Angry? Miserable? Depressed? Worrying about the wrong things? Always complaing/nagging? No joy? No peace? No happpiness? Mad at the world? Down on yourself? If you are serving a God who is full of peace, joy & awesomeness! You're not going to attract people to the kingdom of God wit that kind of attitude! & you wonder why people dont want to be around you, they dont want to hear anything that you gotta say, they dont want nothing to do wit you because they dont see the God's spirit in you but they see the devil in you! The devil can see his spirit is in you instead of the spirit of God in you! You are created by The Most High in his likeness & his image so what kind of example are you showing/expressing towards those who's looking at you? Watching your every move? If God is good but why arent you good? If God is joy but why arent you walking in joy? If God is peace then arent you walking in peace? If God is salvation then why are you walking in salvation? If God is of change then why arent you walking in change? If God is of growth/maturity then why arent you walking in growth/maturity? If God is victory then why arent you walking in victory? If God is of order then why arent you walking in order? If you're operating in a negative mentality/lifestyle/attitude then not only are you making the Creator look bad but you are making yourself look bad yourself! What does that say about you? #CheckYourself

We are so unbelievably lucky to have the NHS. Now stop being a pussy and go have your smear test done. I had one come back with high levels of abnormal cells, yes it was scary but not as scary as cancer! The nurse has seen worse than yours I can assure you! So get it out and get it checked! #smearforsmear #smearcampaign #checkyourself #nhs #smeartest #loveyourvagina #dontbeapussy

One day I got to meet this wonderful men, I was a young hairdresser without experience, and this opportunity opened my mind and my career to many opportunities. I have been a hairdresser for 20+ years and I never think I know enough or I learned enough. From all of the people I had meet in my life this men is the most humble and creative. Sometimes you have to put your ego aside to be able to grow. Thanks @jamesmorrisonhair for inspired me on my younger years I reposted your post 😂 because you made a difference in my life then and now❤️

Early morning at the Boeung Keng Kang Market with a friend ✨☀️
It's common to haggle for most things in Cambodia, but we often feel uncomfortable bargaining too much given the extreme disparities in income compared to the states. We would recommend understanding the fair price of items before wandering the market but also expecting to pay a little bit more as foreigners. To be welcomed into this country is a such a unique privilege and long as we can agree on a reasonable price with a seller, we are happy. .
What do you all think? .
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Why the fruit(s) of your labor is a life force...hear me on this one. #bearfruit #yourseed #rehabtime #checkyourself #dontdestroyyourseed #day22of2018

Guess what I got to do today?!? Slide RIGHT to reveal!!!

This is so fucking important. SO important. It's frankly embarrassing to see how many people in the ED and body acceptance communities fail to recognize, acknowledge, and accept their privilege. Having a singular fat roll and posting photos of yourself hunched over while humorously pointing to it is not body acceptance. It is a misuse of your platform and a failure to be inclusive and cognizant of the marginalized bodies that are often overlooked and maligned. It's critical that we use our voices and our visibility appropriately and thoughtfully, because not doing so presents a view of body acceptance that is narrow and not intersectional.

Shout out to @fyeahmfabello for being A+ 👍

Repost @fyeahmfabello Maybe you’ve heard that 28 (known) trans people were murdered in 2017. 😔 But did you know how many of them were of color? 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼 Trans women of color in particular are susceptible to this kind of violence, often at the hands of cis men. 💁🏾‍♀️ These staggering numbers are the result of body oppression – at multiple intersections. 🖇 But how many of us who do “body acceptance” work to “empower women” are addressing this blatant violation of bodily autonomy? 🦗 Mainstream body acceptance movements focus too narrowly – on young, thin, white, cis, able, conventionally attractive women who hate their cellulite. 🙅🏻‍♀️ It’s unacceptable – and we have to stop. Those of us who fit that description need to use our platforms differently. ✨ So I’m practicing what I preach and talking about it in my January newsletter, out tomorrow (today for Patreon patrons!). 💻 Subscribe here: melissafabello.com/beautyschool

#sorrybutnotsorry😂 i'm tired of people telling me that #immean #imanass #imabitch ... Y'all be the same ones who #bullied #harassed #embarrassed me when I was younger. #yalldidthis .... I have #pickedmyselfbackup and #mademyselfagain... If #imrude to you then you might wanna #checkyourself
I'm honestly a nice person who will always have your back no matter what.... But how any knives I gotta take before you lay off?????

Happy Monday everyone! If you haven't figured it out already- I love flowers. Aren't these paper ones incredible? I'm hopeful the beautiful flowers will help catch people's attention... because it's Melanoma Monday again! So very important things to discuss. Swipe through to see some more early melanomas from patients of mine. All doing well- all posted with permission. I am hopeful the more you see the better you'll be at recognizing one on yourself or a friend- it can save a life!! A few facts about melanoma: 1. Melanoma rates doubled in the US from 1982 to 2011. 2. Melanoma is the most common form of cancer in females 25-29. 3. EVERY HOUR one American dies from melanoma- that's roughly 10,000 deaths a year. Let's stop this! 4. Melanoma is the leading cause of cancer death in young women ages 25-30. 5. About 30% begin in existing moles- if a spot changes, get it checked!! Please feel free to ask any questions. Check yourself, check your significant other! 💕💕

Swipe left to see how I had to handle her that night 🐾#latenightwalks are not optional around these parts 🐾#attitudeproblem #checkyourself #pitbull #thuglife #allbarknobite

Fighting against prostate and testicular cancer. Easier than telekinetic wallballs. #JerksForJewels #TesticularCancer #ProstateCancer #Cancer #CheckYourself #Charity #Crossfit

It’s been at least 3 weeks since Ive meal prepped 🤭. Tuesday weigh-ins warrant serious self evaluation & meal prep. NEW RECIPES: Chicken fajita soup (crockpot 👍🏼) and healthy sloppy joe with broccoli tots! #prep #mealprep #success #recipes #creativity #iifym #gritgirls #winter #comfortfood #lightenedup #katieskitchen #nomnomjax #annoyingfoodpost #checkyourself

AND if you're not being advised by God, STOP talking and listen #checkyourself

Always strive to do better everyday. #checkyourself #higherself #dobetter #riseaboveit #belove #belight

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