Wheeling And Dealing
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STABILITY: firmness of resolve, mental equilibrium" (of persons). In physical sense, "difficult to overthrow”. Resistance to change, especially sudden change or deterioration. Steadfastness; constancy, as of character or purpose. .
I’ve always recognized myself as naturally having stability, owning stability as a part of who I am. I set my roots and ground myself. I find balance where it is needed, because I’m intuitive to my surroundings, and I know what is lacking or simply too much, and change accordingly, but not too much.
However, even that 100 year old oak tree, who grew strong and firm, and provided shade and protection from the elements, cannot resist a category four hurricane. When the wind blows hard enough, and the roots get wet and loose, the tree falls.
Well, it’s been a rough year so far. A rough year for my stability. I haven’t quite fallen, but I’ve been pelted with a lot of fucking life. It’s been very hectic. Unstable, I should say. My stepfather passed away, my stepbrother soon after, my job has taken a huge stressful turn and I’ve been gone on trips away from friends or Stevie who ground me. While some trips have been wonderful, like my 40th birthday in Mexico, or the week in the CO mountains for Fourth of July, or my cousin’s wedding, there’s still a little reminder of sadness around them - I’m getting older or wishing my late stepdad or biological dad was there. They’ve been bitter sweet. I want to be grateful for everything all the time, but I’m realizing that sometimes I just need to stop and take it all in. I haven’t allowed myself to naturally respond and fully feel all that has happened.
I know through my life experiences that when these dips come they will yet rise again. I just gotta let go and enjoy the roller coaster a bit. I know that if I nurture myself I will grow stronger, and more stable than before. .
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@female_fitness_obsession @Regrann from @bikinibarbie24 - Learn how to walk away from situations or people who are disloyal, who threaten your peace of mind, self-respect, or self worth.
Set your standards high and surround yourself with positive influences-ones who empower you. Kill the part of you that believes it can’t survive without someone else.
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If the 💩 is hitting the fan for you today, scroll back & take a look at your photos. See the amazing things you have created. Fall back in love with your life. 💭

Thank you for this important suggestion, your genuine delivery of gratitude & #selflove Whitney @dubtowns . Love it. Glad to be helping share this with the world! 💕 I appreciate / admire you putting your voice (and face) out there. Vlogging messages to the world is something I have at the edge of my comfort zone. 😂😂 #fallinlovewithyourlife #fallinlovewithyou #begrateful
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Watch your step out there.

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RANT TIME: Gotta get this off my chest. Earlier today at an audition, I saw a scumbag in the room. Won't say his name(he doesn't deserve the attention). Long story short: He whines about people unfriending him on FB, cries about people unliking his photos, refuses to help people in return after they help him, and has the nerve to play the victim card any chance he gets. As much as I wanted to yell, strangle, and throw him out the fucking window, I kept my cool, knowing it would end up a shit sandwich, if I did those things. Bottom line: 1-not everyone will like you, your photos, or your pages. That's life. And 2-watch what you say and/or do to people. Because it will come back to you. That's karma. Audition went great, by the way. Okay, rant over. #karma #whatgoesaroundcomesaround #growup #checkyourself

Accountability!!! If everywhere you go it's a problem, chances are YOU ARE THAT PROBLEM!!! #checkyourself!!! !💯💯💯

“Venture to impress yourself” - Amanda Seales be keepin it 💯. And if listening to this made you feel uncomfortable, then yes she’s talking to you. .
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