I think it should be intersectional but I like it.
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*Werbung weil Namensnennung, unbezahlt


Falls ich mal die Hoffnung verspürt hatte, wenigstens ein bisschen privilegiert zu sein - zumindest werde ich nicht aufgrund meiner Religion verfolgt und diskriminiert, zumindest habe ich einen Uniabschluss - wurde das gerade gnadenlos zerstört.
Positiv find ich die Privilegien-Checkliste von @buzzfeedgermany, mit der 1 ganz gut seinen gesellschaftlichen Status bestimmen kann. (Link bei Linktree, in der Bio und in der Story)

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When you're super fertil and mark your territory (my apartment) by peeing all over the place, you lose your 'normal cat privileges' 🤐😤👶😾 Just 2 more days before ✂️ ⚾⚾✂️😎👋👋

Listen to the oppressed, the minorities, the less privileged.
Be an ally.
Use your privilege to help bring down these unfair socio-economic structures; raise your voice when you witness oppression, take action, and educate others as privileged as yourself on how to be an ally.

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Repost from @guerrillafeminism, written by @iwritefeminism

En annan "favorit" från oktober dök upp i ett block (det förra inlägget med den här bilden hittas enkelt via hashtagen #densvenskavåldtäktskulturen).

När jag tittar på den nu tänker jag att det är samma princip med rasism. Att det tas mer för givet att någon som utsätts för rasism ska förlåta den som upprätthåller förtrycket, än att kränkningar och andra uttryck för rasism inte ska tolereras. Ifall den utsatte inte genast är okej med det, är det plötsligt hen som gör fel och saknar förståelse för att "alla inte är lika pålästa". 😑 Bullshit. .

Förlåtandet av förtryckaren anses så självklart att det glöms bort att det är en gåva, en ynnest, inte en rättighet. Som att det vore jobbigare att bli upplyst om sitt eget problematiska beteende, än att bli systematiskt förtryckt.
Jag citerar igen @blackvogue_se:
"Because white tears are more important than black lives."

Tankar om detta? .
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Witnessing yet another onset of atrocities in Syria, seeing wounded and terrified and traumatized children everywhere, I wish we all checked our privileges and saw how good and easy we have it in life. And how it is a duty of each of us to try to make this place better, and to help those who suffer. It never ceases to amaze me how difficult it seems to be for people just to be kind and generous to eachother. .
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We have to constantly critique imperialist white supremacist patriarchal culture because it is normalized by mass media and rendered unproblematic. - Bell Hooks

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breathing is a privilege, not a right, and my privilege is being revoked #checkyourprivileges #cantbreath #catsofinstagram #ifitsisits #fuzzy

It is surreal to imagine that while I am one more semester till clerkship, there are girls and boys that do not have the same privileges as I do. I want myself to be reminded, that while I'm complaining about how hard the exams are getting, others are battling for basic needs. While I am in my cozy lecture auditorium, others are traveling far and wide across dangerous remote landscapes, just to go to school. We have complained and ranted so much, that we tend to forget about how much we are fortunate. I have heard my parent's stories during their time, about how hard it was for them to go to school. We all see it in our country, where boys and girls are forced to beg for money instead of knowledge; to work for food, and not self development. And it saddens me that life can be so unfair. So no, I do not take pursuing medicine lightly. I am obtaining it because I am blessed with the opportunity to get an education; to chase my dream. And I'm going to squeeze every drop of this favor and use it to become a doctor, where in one day, I can finally truly join in changing people's lives. #latenightthoughts #checkyourprivileges #roadtoclerkship 🙏✨

The face you make after a group of 6 white people calls you a racist cuz you have no white artists on your dj-set #reverseracismisntreal #checkyourprivileges #whitepeople #dealwithitbecky

🤷🏼‍♀️ yikes.

I wanted a swimming pool but this isn't what I meant... #prayforhouston #checkyourprivileges

Remember: white people are responsible for the rise and fall of white supremacy. White and white passing people, we need to use our privilege to stand up for people of colour! Joy DeGruy tells the story of how her sister in law used her white privilege to combat racial inequality. Video had to be split up to fit on Instagram but view the original version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wf9QBnPK6Yg

À L'INTENTION DES PERSONNES BLANCHES QUI LIRONT CE POST : l'extrême droite et leurs idéologies suprémacistes blanches sont extrêmement actives en Occident. En Belgique, le racisme d'état est ultra présent, ne serait-ce par le fait que nos villes sont remplies de glorification du colonialisme, dont les atrocités n'ont toujours pas été reconnues par les autorités belges. Nous sommes privilégié-e-s en tant que blanc-he-s et nous nous devons, pour anéantir le racisme et tous ses découlements, de sanctionner tout acte raciste desquels nous sommes témoins, de nous instruire pour déconstruire les nombreuses pensées racistes avec lesquelles nous avons grandi et d'utiliser nos voix de privilégié-e-s pour faire passer des messages.
Votre égo n'est pas important quand des milliards de personnes meurent ou vivent dans la discrimination la plus complète. Dites à vos familles que leurs "blagues" racistes sont loin d'être drôles, renseignez-vous sur le sujet, écoutez les voix des concerné-e-s, venez aux manifestations où l'on nous demande de participer.
Il n'y a pas de neutralité en situation d'oppression.
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Text images by dionnesims via @roscoeramone

"But let's keep a positive attitude. Not everything is about race, right?" Says the person who can say that because they don't see how the lines of power and privilege are intersecting to benefit them. #checkyourprivilege #checkyourprivileges #weallhavethem #differentdegrees #powergeometry #intersectionality #doreenmassey

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