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dancer & designer !! #CheckYourPrivilege

Native American women. 58 cents on the dollar. #checkyourprivilege #stillhappeningin2017

Calling all allies! #checkyourprivilege

My new desk as the Assistant Photo Editor at Family Circle magazine! I feel very lucky to have gotten a job in my desired field and position so soon after graduating from college, but I'm writing this long post because I want to outwardly express that I don't think I accomplished this from luck, I think that, although hard work helped, I was able to get to this point because of my privilege. I was lucky enough to be born into an emotionally and financially supportive white family that helped me try to be a photographer, let me go to art school, still let me go to art school when I realized I couldn't make it as a photographer, etc etc. I could go on and on giving examples about how my privilege, appearance, culture, family, etc has given me a platform and I still wouldn't realize all the ways, but I promise to use my platform as a white woman and a ~working woman~ to bring others up. #checkyourprivilege #fightharderforothers

Alright fellow cis ppl this message is for you cause I've been seeing a lot of this and it needs to stop.
When trans and non-binary ppl say "cis ppl are the worst", "I hate cis ppl," "cis ppl suck," etc. that is NOT the fucking time to be like "not all of us!" Or "what about me I'm not like that!" That shit is super fucking dismissive and also not true. At the end of the day, we have cis privilege and that privilege is completely founded on the deplorable oppression of trans and non-binary ppl. Period. When you say shit like that you are essentially tone policing the very ppl you claim to be an ally too. You are telling them that your feelings matter more than their lives and their right to express themselves about the oppression we caused and that shit is not fucking okay. You're literally centering yourself around their lives and experiences, their oppression, something we will never experience and always benefit from. So instead, listen to what they are saying, and if a trans or non-binary person takes the time to explain and educate you on this shit venmo them some fucking money for that emotional labor because it is grueling work.
When you hear them say that use it as motivation to do better and listen more and do the work. If you talk over them and say "not me!" What you're actually saying is "my comfort matters more than your life"#checkyourprivilege #weneedtodobetter

Spring Hill, you’re too good for us. Another family weekend in the books for the O’Malley clan✔️ #nopomegranates #checkyourprivilege


dancer & designer !! #CheckYourPrivilege

💖A healthy, regular check-up can help avoid a truly offensive and hurtful perspective! 💖 And may aid in your understanding of what it is to be sensitive and acknowledging - you may develop some empathy too!! 🧠💋 #checkyourprivilege #getmeoutoftexas

seriously, it's 47 minutes long. 47 minutes to get woke as fuck about the delusions of far right, fascist america. to echo a post from @slaythepatriarchy , 2017 is the year that the word 'antifascist' became widely used and that very premise is fucking INSANE. surely antifascist should be a naturally assumed platform by the majority of the human race? how the hell can supporting unity be construed as a move of some non-existent ultra-leftist-commie propaganda? watch gary younge being a bad arse amazing tv journalist and educate yerself. it's your duty as a human being. p.s. ive tagged some influencers that i admire in the hopes you guys watch it and spread the word.

Political discussion got pretty full on tonight. I generally stave away from such things on Friday night over champagne because we all need some down time, but being a straight white male I knew complacency is the biggest killer to say the least.
I don't think I ever considered the idea of running in politics, but if I can't use this platform for something good and decent in this life, then what the fuck am I doing?
I want young peeps of all circles in the house.
Is that so much to ask?
#checkyourprivilege #champagne #booze #australia #qld #bribie #politics #political #filter #frame #picture #friday #queensland #alcohol #colour #picoftheday

I got flagged down by a stranded motorist about 3-4 am. The driver, her partner, and her 4 year old daughter were all deaf. She was able to read lips a bit and I know the alphabet in ASL, but communication was still difficult. She was in quite a bind and my heart ached for her. I was able to push her car to the side of the road, run home to get some tools and my jump box, and get her car running, albeit temporarily. After her car was up and running she asked me to wait for something, and came back with this sweet note. It made my entire day. It got me thinking about all the things humans take for granted. The ability to hear the noises your car makes so you know something is wrong. Having two working legs and being physically able to push a large vehicle. Having someone to call in the middle of the night if shit goes wrong. Having $10 for gas and being able to give someone a little money and still have enough money to eat. The list is endless.The past several weeks have been brutal for me but talking to this woman was eye opening. Even when you think you have nothing, that "nothing" is often times a helluva lot more than what other people have. I wish this woman and her partner the very best, and I hope they stay in touch. They were unbelievably kind.
#payitforward #perspective #thekindnessofstrangers #gratitide #checkyourprivilege

The way I interpret this is "I want to be a rude jerk but I don't actually have a counterpoint to whatever you said", it is seriously the quickest way to piss me off because it's likely they do it to everyone and there are a lot of people who would be made afraid to comment on things because of something like that. I don't really give a shit what someone thinks about my grammar. I pay attention to it when it matters but I don't have the time or focus to police every thing I type online because it's the internet and seriously who the fuck cares that much? Also, it's very rude to point out grammar when you don't know someone. You don't know if they couldn't afford college and had to drop out of school to work. Everyone can't afford a fancy school and everyone doesn't have time to study and learn perfect grammar. It's elitist and you need to check your damn privilege if you feel the urge to do that shit. And reassess your life in general because you should have something better to do than insult strangers. #dontbeajerk #checkyourprivilege

🙌🏽 Shared through a few different sources but I stole this lil piece of clarity from @emmaaglory thanks girl #checkyourprivilege #lgbtq

Reminded of this popovich gem after hearing someone tell me they are tired of hearing about sexual abuse in Hollywood. “Unless it is talked about constantly, it isn’t going to get better.” So if you’re up for some uncomfortable conversations, I’m your girl. 😉 (pop drops some gems about privilege - definitely recommend listening to the full clip)
. . .
#Repost @nickferguson_25 #raceinamerica #lgbt #womensrights #socialjustice #truth #discourseforchange #checkyourprivilege #progressisplural

a screenshot from a while back 💀💀💀💀💀 buzzcancer came through with their quizzes 😍😍🙌🏻🙌🏻
#buzzfeed #privilege #whiteprivilege #cancer #checkyourprivilege

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