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7 days, 7 black & white photos of your life. No people, no explanations. Day 6

Thời gian trôi nhanh như chó chạy ngoài đồng. Lại hết tết rồi. Lại chuẩn bị đi làm thôi 😌😌 #mung4tet #checkin #yenlachighshool

Você simplesmente entrou na minha "VIDA" e foi uma das melhores coisas que poderia ter entrado. Hoje, eu posso dizer com toda a certeza que você foi enviado do céu para mim, que você é o meu anjo sem asa, é a pessoa que Deus mandou pra minha vida. A pessoa que me acalma, me ajuda sempre que eu preciso, que me faz sorrir em todos os momentos seja eles "bons ou ruins ", você é o meu ponto de paz, é caminho pra felicidade , a pessoa pela qual eu daria minha vida. Você não é apenas meu ídolo,você é minha vida .
Deus me proporcionou esse amor lindo de graça, pq sabia que além dele apenas você poderia me fazer com que eu me sinta segura , apenas você me ajudaria nos momentos difíceis , assim fazendo com que eu te ame mais a cada segundo que eu passo ao seu lado.
Se eu pudesse descrever com palavra tudo que sinto por você, não é apenas um simples "EU TE AMO ", e muito mais além disso , milhares e milhares de TE AMO apenas pra você!
Te amo e meu amor vai muito mais além do qualquer palavra nesse mundo, meu amor é imenso por você.
Eu te amo constantemente e muito além de TE AMO/EU TE VIVO ìdolo!
Obrigado por me fazer te amar e por ensinar coisas boas da vida !
Feito por: Serejah☆Luanete #principe #amoralemdaviada #deusnocomando #tevivo #sucesso #lisboa #portugal #energiapositiva #positividade #omelhor #eternamenteluanete #comcarinho #saudade #luansantanamelhorídolodomundo #melhoridolo #melhorcantor #checkin #acordandoopredio #acertouamão #tudoquevocequiser #turne1977 #luansantana #estareisemprecomvoce #estacaosantanafc #meuprincipe #mylove #centraldefasls #cetopa

Getting in some deep lunges and squats before the looooong flight back to Australia. Should only take about six days to land in Brisvegas and breathe in that #heatwave air 😂🔥🌎✈️ #globetrotter #lax #checkin #airport #travel #ink #inked #tattoo #suitcasewrangler #planeseatarse #goinhome

Repost from @aesha @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost Our stay for the night.
Seriously the room is spacious and comfortable. 👍👍👍👍
Bought it during Matta Fair .... totally forget about it .

Good job @thhotelterengganu
Ps : support #tabunghaji , so hope dividen for this year will increase ↗️↗️↗️ ▪️
Terima kasih kerana terus menyokong rangkaian TH Hotel!
#thhotel #thhotelterengganu #customerfeedback #positivefeedback #compliments #thanksyou #keepsupportingus #mattafair2018 #accommodation #checkin #syariahcompliance #beautifulterengganu #amazingterengganu #tmt2018 #tourismterengganu

New blog post is up! Click link in @planks.and.pizza profile to check it out. Happy Sunday, friends. 🧘🏻‍♀️💗

How often do you take time to slow down and check in with yourself? 🤷🏻‍♀️
I encourage you this week to give yourself permission to slow down, allow your mind to process and prioritize what matters and let go of the rest. 🖤
PS - new blog post is up! Click link in @planks.and.pizza profile.

I’m assessing my present situation where major change in lifestyle and routine has me failing at getting back on full keto mode. I have been gaining instead of losing mainly because of no planning and no meal prep. I simply am too busy and ultimately too tired because of work to focus on me.

This has to change because i’m starting to hate mirror-me again.

By the way, my daughter took this pic (one of many i discovered in my phone) of one of our weekend night bonfires. I should have enjoyed the moment, instead i was too busy minding our business to notice how beautiful her shots are, even with this terrible iphone camera.
#lchf #lowcarbhighfat #keto #ketogenic #ketodiet #intermittent fasting #accountability #checkin #eatrealfood #foodie #goals #getittogether #health #hungry #healthyfood #healthyeating #keepingitreal

Raw check-in, no filters, basic lighting, 1st thing in the morning, no pump up, and flat from low carbs. -
(music playing while filming) (why did i include that in the description like it matters?) (well, because iwant u to know i didnt put the video into iMovie to intentionally add a song as background music) (yea but still no one cares, you didnt have to include any of this) (yea but i just figured..) (dude shutup just stop)(what?) ok im done. -
Can you tell by my description that i’m getting hungry?
You gotta be willing to mentally go to a place that is unreasonable for many to go, a place where you just give 0 f*cks and put your heart into it, sacrificing what you want now to earn what you really want later. -
And if your goals are of righteous nature, it will be worth it when you achieve them because you will feel like you did all the work for a good cause.
and i know that someday my business will change a persons life from focusing on partying and drinking and getting into drugs to focusing on bettering themselves, eating healthy, exercising, getting good sleep, being a good person, helping others. -
Thats been a basic theme of my journey in life. I walked a path that has severely isolated me at times and was very hard to walk, but i kept going, and i know i was destined for a path like this, revolving around training, but what i saw from what my older brother ended up getting involved in drove me to make the little decisions that avoided partying and stuff all the time, and focusing on being healthy and working towards a goal diligently. -
And im passionate about this because i know that someone elses son/daughter will be at a crossroad deciding which way to go someday, and i need to be there to save them. I need to be a positive light in this world. It is my duty.
#checkin #physiqueupdate #posingpractice #bodybuilding #naturalbodybuilding #naturalaesthetics #naturalmuscle #motivation #inspiration #bodybuildingmotivation

Bismillah, semoga tiba tepat waktu di Hasanuddin Airport
#checkin 12.15

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