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Can't beat cereals for breakfast, chocolate Lucky Charms probably my fav. choc cereal and thx to @candyland.ie for the supply🤘
Think i got these birthday cookies from my swapbox with the homie @thegoodsnackz and about half a liter milk🍼

The last weeks i've been really active so my NEAT was off the charts and i almost trained everyday of the week.
Definitely got leaner.
Just trying to stay as much days as possible to eat under maintaince which guestimating is about 3.5 to 4K.
I dont count my calories but i am aware of what i eat.
Will describe more of that later.

Here is a list of my activity. *Everyday wake up at least at 07u and i almost never sleep before 00
*Three football workouts a week
*One football match a week.
*Two or Three gym sessions a week
*Walking with the dogs multiple times a day
*Multiple times a day walking the stairs in house
*Standing on my feet for most of the day.
*Being active with my kids, carrying/playing etc.

If you made it this far, give yourself a applause 👏

Some BIG March Madness games with #1 seeds playing tonight...wouldn't you love to be eating this amazing cheese steak and frickles and hanging with the lovely ladies of @hooters ?! It's the perfect game atmosphere to grab some good Wings and some beers with your friends while catching all the action 🍻🐔🧀🏀⛹🏼⛹🏾 #hootersmakesyouhappy #ad #hootersnyc
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Crunchy sweet bread stick filled with custard, from the same place I got the soft serve 👌

When the cheat meal happens! Metabolism is very fast right now so this was definitely necessary plus I love burgers and pizza lol. #PhilHeath #MrOlympia #Offseason #Philknows #CheatMeals #ThankYouBaby @shurieeeee

Tag a mate who would try smash this 3.2kg burger rightly named 'THE DON'. -
👉Stay tuned for my next YouTube video where @iron_curtis, @kwameduah and myself each tackle of these monsters.

I hate the term "cheat meal". This is the roast pork burger from @thebeerandburgerbar: pulled pork, grilled pineapple, apple relish, asian slaw & aioli 🍔 It was delicious af and it was NOT a cheat meal.
Cheating implies that you're doing something naughty or forbidden. That you're eating a type of food that you shouldn't be eating. This just perpetuates the notion that certain foods are good or bad. That you're either on point with your diet or you're 'cheating'.
Burgers aren't bad for you. Chocolate isn't bad for you. NO foods are "BAD" for you and eating them doesn't mean you're cheating yourself. Sure this burger has a decent amount of fat, limited micronutrients and fibre. But when consumed in moderation with a diet already full of micronutrients and fibre, no one is cheating here.
Scratch the good foods vs bad foods mentality and allow yourself the food you love in moderation and without guilt. There's no such thing as cheating when you're simply enjoying living your life.
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Mac and cheese and chili con carne with extra hot sauce for your Friday morning viewing pleasure! -
Tag me in your weekend food adventures!
#macandcheese #macandcheeseporn #chiliconcarne #macchili #macncheese

Fitting this 'HSP Pizza' from @magicpizza3192 Went down with a few food bloggers to try their new selection of pizzas, and this masterpiece was placed down in front of us... and then smashed with all the sauce! 😍 If you love your regular HSP then you'll really love this... it's got the chips, meat, cheese and all three sauces on a pizza! It's a very thick and dense pizza with a lot of flavour! -----------------------------------------------
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Attention food lovers!.... This feed is AWESOME! Beautiful collection of deliciousness @a.tbakhi👍

#CheatMeals The End

Never take away someone's light. 🔥

Last night i kicked down my front door guns blaazinnnggg jacked on codeine, redbull,xannax after a full day of tattooing to find this gorgeous beautiful life changing package.
I only took 1 bite / 1 serve of everything because my mumma didnt raise no bitch but im still dieting.
Peanutbutter snickers egg is literally the best chocolate i have ever eaten.

[Throwback] And the cut continues. Gotta stay focused, but easier said than done. 😩🔪
#sumilang #cheatmeals #noragrets

Coming in hot...and topped with crispy + caramelized onions, taleggio cheese @salvationburger #noleftovers

Jak často zařazujete cheat? A co máte nejraději? 🍫🍔🍩🍕🍭🍝🍰🍟 U mě je to jasný😀 - Ferrero Rocher,Kinder Bueno,pizza,palačinky a všechny druhy těstovin😍

wyd? Just one no cheating.... I choose Swiss rolls no question #lol #memes #cheatmeals

Mac and cheese and chili con carne with extra hot sauce for your Friday morning viewing pleasure! -
Tag me in your weekend food adventures!
#macandcheese #macandcheeseporn #chiliconcarne #macchili #macncheese

Pour le #cheatmeals j'ai voulu faire la plus grosse crêpe possible chez @brotherscrepescafe 😂 mon estomac à craqué à la fin mdr mais j'ai fait un record 😂 sur ce je vais vomir 😂

Thursday never looked so good 👌🏻 Lamb #kebabs with #WhiteSauce and all it's tasty friends. 😋

Plan to "cheat" or allow yourself no more than 10% cheat foods. Remember that bingeing on high-sugar and white flour will prolong future cravings! Do not deprive yourself of your favorite foods or you will never be able to stick to your diet plans. The key to weight loss is moderation, not deprivation.⠀

For anyone that knows me I love to eat. I love trying new food and finding the best foods available. As I have learned over the years, eating certain food less often (even though amazing!) actually make the times you do have them that much more special. ⠀

Also though even though it may be a cheat meal always try to find a way to save some calories on the things you don't really enjoy. Ask for sauces on the side, get a salad instead of bread, or take some things off of the meal.⠀

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