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🍔 Loreley Burger & Beer - $10!
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I seriously have hunger management issues 🥓🍟🍜

@DelmonicosNYC steak sandos for all at Dine Around Downtown yesterday! #DownIsWhatsUp

Happy #HumpDay! What could be better than this? 😍🌯
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Te quedaste sin el Combo hoy? Mañana continuamos para que te comas de a 2 🤤🤤🍔🍔🥃🥃

Lovely cake ❤️😍 By:@pecaditos_docesgourmet
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Sigam: @tastyfoodsfile ❤️

It's #HumpDay! Indulge in a delicious PIZZA! 🍕
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@via_emilia9 one of the best pastas on the beach! Location 📍#MiamiBeach

Also I really want another apricot muffin from NAPA town

Happy hump day 🐪 y’all 😂 my back muscles and rear delts are my other fave type of humps 🙌🏼🙌🏼
Anywaysssss I feel like lately allllll we’ve been hearing from top “influencers” is how BAD competing is and how awful it was for *them*- which is totally fine & valid.... But that’s their story... so what about the good things?!
Here is what competing and the industry has done for me ⬇️⬇️⬇️
1) it has given me a family & my best friends ➡️ team SYLL has become my family. Adam cares about his athletes and my teammates are some of the most amazing people I have met. I have also met my long lost sister and best friend @beegreenfit
2) I’ve been able to support a few small businesses who create macro friendly treats that have been a blessing in their own way. I’ve been eating @lilbuffprotein cakes for a year now and absolutely love supporting Christine- she’s a mom, business owner, and a bad ass woman in general. Also have been eating @bambodynutrition treats ever since I first ordered. I AM HOOKED YALL. And between these two companies, I am a happy camper during prep!
3) it has taught me a level of DISCIPLINE & self control that I never knew I had. I’ve also been a type A personality kinda gal but prep has amplified it in all ways- which I don’t think is a bad thing!
4) it has given me an outlet for the times when I am angry or sad. Bodybuilding has been my own personal journey and I have no idea who I would be had I not found out about this sport back in 2013. .
So yeah, I promise that it’s not all bad when you compete and while it’s sooo important to share the negative consequences of this sport, we also need to focus on the good it can do and the positivity it can bring to our lives 🖤

Cambia el cardio constante (siempre a la misma intensidad) por INTERVALOS. Son muy efectivos, quemas más calorías y aceleras el metabolismo.

Eso de “hacer cardio a baja intensidad” para quemar más grasa, zona “fat burning” es un poco obsoleto. Sí, en presencia de oxígeno quemas grasa y por eso, en “teoría”, hacer cardio menos intenso oxida más grasa como energía. PERO también es cierto que 3500 calorías equivalen a 1/2 kg de grasa., mientras más calorías pierdes más grasa quemas. Cuando haces cardio a baja intensidad, el 50-60% de sus calorías vienen de la grasa, PERO quemas POCAS calorías en TOTAL. En cambio, cuando haces cardio intenso, intervalos, el 30-40% de las calorías vienen de la grasa, es menor el %, PERO el TOTAL de calorías es mucho MAYOR.


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