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When everybody's done with food but I can't stop dancing.. #punjabi#partyscenes#chddiaries#post2

Paise ne udaaye kade warte ni yaar ve
Yaaran de layi yaar bhawein lokan layi star ve❤️#brothersforlife #chddiaries#chakmi_mandeer✌💙😘

One more day well spent....got to know little more about this place....#chddiaries


It still hasn’t really settled in that we had such positive news at @greatormondstreethospital on Monday. If we’d have had more time to go to the Lagoon before coming home, I would have cried from being so overwhelmed with relief. But we had a mad dash to make to Euston to catch our train.
I still haven’t had a good cry to just let it all out, and I’ve felt slightly unsettled all week to be honest.
Martha Grace started a Ballet class a few weeks ago and today her uniform finally arrived. We’ve just had a little show in our living room where my little ladies just danced around in their outfits.
Heart fit to burst, I’m one happy Momma tonight ❤️ #GreatOrmondStreetHospital #greatormondstreethospital #chd #chdawarness #fckchd #chddiaries #chdwarrior #chdprincess #heartwarrior #heartprincess #heartmammi #heartmom #zipperclub #zipperclubmember #myheartkid @myheartkid @heartkidsaustralia #photography #mycanon #canonuk #snaphappy #mammarazzi #pacemakerclub #pacemakerlife #pacemakerwarrior #ballet #ballerina #balletday

Back on the train heading home.

When we arrived at the Hospital today we had a quick lunch and went straight to have an ECG and Pacemaker test. We mentioned that we have been able to feel the pacing since she had the new device implanted in March, the EP (Electrical Physiologist) changed the settings and told us to speak to the Consultant about it.
The ECHO was swift and relaxed, Martha behaved like a dream and the Technician, Gill was lovely, she let Martha have a go scanning the probe across her tummy to see if she could find her lunch on the screen.
After a wait that felt like it took forever we were finally called in to meet Dr Starling just before 5pm.
Regarding the pacemaker, he said that there was probably some electricity leaking out of the pacemaker and pacing her diaphragm, which is what we’ve been feeling. Hopefully we’ve resolved that today by changing the pacing settings.
He was very happy with her ECHO, there are some mild leaks from her Aortic, Mitral and Tricuspid valve - though nothing for us to worry about now. Her LVOT (Left Ventricular Outflow Tract - where muscle was resected last November) looks great, with a Velocity of only 1.9 mps - this is amazing for Martha, before her surgery last November it was measuring at 4.9 metres per second (the speed at which blood flows through the pathway)
If it wasn’t for her pacemaker (which needs checking every 6 months) he would have been happy to wait 9 months before seeing her again with a view to changing her to annual check-ups thereafter...but we’ve made it clear that we would only be happy to wait 6 months between appointments at the most.

A massive weight has been lifted from our shoulders, for the next 6 months we can enjoy being a “normal” family, we can start making plans for Christmas without having make it through Open Heart Surgery first - like we’ve had to do in 2015 & 2016.

Thank you all for your messages of support and good luck today - Martha Grace is so lucky to have you all behind her.

Now I’m off to find something else to worry about ❤️

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