If you feel like it's difficult to change, you will probably have a harder time succeeding." #fitnessparkdiderot #fromphilly2paris #chasingsuccess #swavyseason #motivatethemotivators #swavyfresh

Class is in session tomorrow!!!! Stop by and try the class for free 5:20AM!

Evenings like this are rare, I am truly grateful for this moment 😍
✨The lighting
😍The ambience
🤨The focus
😌The seriousness of getting things taken care of
Building my own business is literally a dream come true ♥️
I just want to stand on my own two feet and say it was all worth the time and effort.
I want to inspire others to be their best self, learn new things, grow daily, practice self love, and support one another.
If I could pass on some advice it is this:
-Get to know yourself
-Choose your goals carefully and intentionally
-Don’t be afraid to make mistakes
-Be Honest with yourself
-Don’t give up, try harder
-Always create from the heart
-Create your own dreams and your dreams will become a reality 💜

Lol most dads teach their kids how to dribble a basketball...sadly if you know me...sports are NOT my strong suit..thank God for weightlifting at least I can pass THAT on sheesh 😂😂😂. Shout out to my son my baby boy in the video not so baby anymore he’s 18! 👀😩 ughhh im gettin so old!!!!

I always take 20 to 25 minutes to shower, because that’s where I think and get my ideas from. #swavyfresh #motivatethemotivators #swavyseason #chasingsuccess #fromphilly2paris

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The biggest mistake you can ever make is being afraid to make one. | #GorillaGrind #GG #grinders

Let’s get it!!!!!!

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I am so proud of my client here....he has definitely come a long way. His Success is inevitable because he stays dedicated. Whatever he can’t do he tries until he gets it right. In three weeks he’s lost maybe 4 lbs. In fact his last weigh in he looked like he gained back the 4lbs looking at the scale. But here is what you don’t see... fat takes up more space than muscle...it’s EVIDENT that his body is changing judging by the gap between his arms at the rested position. Notice his posture he stands taller and wider a CLEAR indication that he is getting stronger. I’m so excited to see how the fat just falls off over the next few weeks!!!

Call me Denzel baby EVERYDAY is training day!!! Shout out to my client for sticking through another brutal workout!!! Can’t show you all the gems guys you gotta visit me to experience it 😜.

Stop negative thinking and believe in yourself #KingShaba #GameChanger #ChasingSuccess #TheRise

I’m gettin mines did you get yours?

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