Ten minutes is way too long 😂. Give me one to three minutes 😂. #charlizeglass #juliandeguzman

u know when u are extremely bored, when it’s sunny day and u see this one line by Netflix: “are you still watching?” third time

Char Char being gorgeous as usual 😻

Char Char’s freestyle 😁
#charlizeglass #dance #freestyle

i hurt your pretty little head 🤕 i’m sorry maddie girl
this makes me so nostalgic
@maddieziegler and @thetonyabrewer

I don’t know what I did, but today earlier idk was it cus I stressed for my math exam but a blood vessel of my eye ball literally broke

say someone else who has more perfect side profile
I’ll wait

I was just going to bus but the bus driver closed the doors just front of me
and it happened two minutes ago and the bus is still standing there, is he too lazy to open the doors or what
but there was this one man and he said: that was rude
and I was like: haha kinda *but inside I was like 💘💖💞💓💗💞💞 I love this dude*
now I have stand here 15 minutes in 4 degrees

New video on YouTube!!! It’s best to watch this video on your phone. For some reason it’s really blurry on the computer 😩. #charlizeglass #baileysok

Charlize is a stunner 💛#charlizeglass #maddieziegler #abbidicenso

Another photo of Maddie with Charlize and Abbi today.
#maddieziegler #charlizeglass

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