Who else thinks a blue Targa would look perfect sitting next to my blue Land Rover Defender? 🤷‍♂️

It’s Friday, it’s chilly, and the sun is finally shinning in Charleston so I figured I would try and capture some of the spidering on my 16750. Inspired by the incredible shot @craftandtailored shared yesterday showcasing the essence of beautifully spidered dial on their 1985’ 5513. Make sure to check out the post I’m talking about if you haven’t already seen it. ✒️_____

So I’m not sure why the @omega Dynamic’s aren’t more popular? 🤷‍♂️ But that only means that they are easier to find, affordable, and a lot of fun. Three things that typically don’t go with vintage/Neo vintage watches. Omega Dynamic’s date-back to the late 1960’s and appear to have always offered cool, colorful, and funky designs that no one ever liked 🤷‍♂️ (I have to believe there’ is a cult following for these though.) I personally started paying attention to the the last generation of Dynamics (particularly the chronograph version) of the one listed above. These were released in 1997 and discontinued by 99/2000 (I believe) making them pretty limited in terms of a modern day Omega release. Above is the “time only- Date” Dynamic and it offers a vintage/ aviation feel with an odd splash of color. These Dynamic’s are perfectly sized, feature a dope matte black dial, large Breguet numerals, and that funky pop of yellow... Not to mention it looks a lot like a modern day version of a WWII Omega RAF pilots watch. Again I have no idea why these aren’t considered cool, or more popular, but I really do like them! Let me know your thoughts 👇👇👇 @sandlersmtp ! ✒️____

“R” always brings the heat! Congratulations R on your newest acquisition, it’s absolutely beautiful! ✒️____

Because Hat King Birthdays are the best days🚭

Cracked and crazed! ✒️_____

Yooo, what’s up everyone, Happy Sunday. Two things... it’s absolutely freezing in Charleston today, and I’m in love this watch! I’m actually surprised by how much I like it @gregthewatchguy what says the familia ? Yes or No? 👇

Did I drink too much and inadvertently get married? 🤣🤣🤣Just two quick shots from tonight's banquet. #pdayhk2018
#carolinawatchclub #redbarcrew #charlestonwatchsociety #watchaddict

Starting #strapsaturday off with what I’d argue is the best watch of the year! The @tudorwatch Black Bay 58! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! ✒️____

Waiting for the sun to shine. ✒️____

Open 9’s and a Friday, Today’s going to be great day! ✒️____

Same watch, different day and all-new tea service. #carolinawatchclub #redbarcrew #charlestonwatchsociety #paneristi

When the simplicity is simply undeniable. Vintage @vacheronconstantin ! ✒️____

A #tbt to one of the coolest modern @breitling ‘s I’ve come across. I legit fell head over heals for this L.E. YG @breitling Navitimer MontBrillant after “borrowing” it from @gregthewatchguy for an extended period of time 😂😂 I regretted not buying it the moment I gave it back! Although I have been told that it went to a great local collector which definitely makes me feel a lot better about the whole situation. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️😂 ✒️_____

Afternoon tea, or perhaps in this case, espresso, very nice. #paneristi #carolinawatchclub #redbarcrew #charlestonwatchsociety #pvd #watchlifestyle #watchaddict

Who doesn’t love a good vintage watch basking in the morning sun! The @rolex Explorer II 1655 !
Who loves ExplorerII’s and who doesn’t, and why? 👇👇👇

Watch Wednesday! Vintage Sicura Chrono Computer... slide-rule bezel 😳 #sicura #breitling #charlestonwatchsociety #charlestonsc #watchesofinstagram #watchporn

You know you’re in for a treat when @gregthewatchguy pulls his personal collection out. I’ve said it before but it’s taken me a really long time to truly appreciate these watches (OysterQuartz as well), It’s all good though, but now I want one haha ✒️____

It’s that day of the week again, and I still don’t have an @omega SpeedMaster. 🤷‍♂️ As always I’ll share some of my favorite SpeedMasters and we’ll start with this stunner from @h1912vintage . To be completely honest this vintage Speedy really didn’t jump out at me until @anotherwrist and I took it outside, and exposed it to a little sun. Once the sun hit the watch I instantly saw the bezel had a beautiful blue hue to it and the dial had aged to an almost metallic finish which looked absolutely amazing. It’s these little details and subtle differences that make vintage is so cool. In theory no two vintage watches should ever be exactly the same, which gives everyone an opportunity to own a unique little time capsule. Only time will tell what your watch will end up looking like. ✒️_____


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