Windy hug.

You know I found a way to paddle in Ireland and found my way to the best pub in the world. #bulmankinsale #charlesfort #dockbeach

First meeting with Ireland ☘️

Charles Fort, just down the river from Kinsale, is a star shaped fort built in 1682. Now in disrepair (it didn't really do what it was supposed to do very well), it's walls and internal buildings are starting to be painstakingly repaired. I actually really loved the ruined structures; great stone walls covered with moss and lichen and tufts of grass. A story in one of the displays talks of the White Lady, a ghost thought to haunt the fort. She had been a bride who threw herself off the walls of the fort and into the sea on her wedding day after her father mistook her new husband for a sleeping watchman and fatally shot him. I can't help but think maybe he just didn't like his new son-in-law... 🤭🤫 #charlesfort #kinsale #countycork #fort #river #ruins #stone #lichen #moss #whitelady #ghost #haunted #star

So yesterday turned into a beautiful day. We ended up chilling out in this little inlet. Girls were playing with the waves and collecting stones. We were just chatting and enjoying the sun on the rocks and the wind on our faces. Taking in the beauty of our awesome surroundings.
Honestly I get much more satisfaction out of spending the day in nature than going out partying. Going out is still sort of fun, but I do feel like I have seen it all and heard it all before. I think it’s time to leave that part of me behind.
#morningafter #oceanandrocks #charlesfort #kinsale #ireland #leavingthingsbehind

Had a belting weekend with a lovely group of friendlings 🇮🇪💛 Thank you to Mr and Mrs McDermott for letting us be apart of your special day 👰🏼🥂 it was amazing ✨ .
#Kinsale #CharlesFort #Wedding #Friends #SENDIT

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