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Ok, this may appear long winded but please read on. So .... today was an educational day for me, i just had my haircut and the hot towel treatment @cigarcompany (feeling fantastic) i was browsing through the humidor and got this #laflordominicana #chapter1 #chiseltop fortunately I had @orion4719 standing in there with me. He proceeded to educate me in the, dare I say it, 'correct' method of cutting, which is to punch a hole into the side of the chisel top and smoke the stick with hole facing up. Me being me, I tried this as you can see, I have to say, it is an experience, as the smoke you draw back enters your mouth, it rolls upwards, almost mushroom cloud like and would seem to hit your taste receptors in a different way, whether it's novelty or the real deal, I thoroughly enjoyed it, the smoke and the taste were great, try it for yourself, what have you got to lose, let me know your thoughts, I will be doing this again for sure. Have an awesome end to your weekend everyone. #botl #sotl #cigarporn #cigars #cigar #cigarlifestyle #whatareyousmokingnow #cigarlife #cigaraficianado #noncuban #cigaraficianado #nowsmoking #stinkyashtray #valcordoriginals

Besides martial arts, I definitely admire art! An amazing section of artists gathering and showing their works! I bought this great Yami T-shirt together with the book with all their artworks: art becomes comic! A must see when you are a fan of manga, artwork and are around in Bangkok!
#art #instaart #artist #bangkok #chatuchakmarket #yami #chapter1 #manga #mangaart #passion #trueart #tshirtdesign #image #instapic

The story already written, I’m just sticking to the script. #chapter1 #newbegginnings

Guess who’s the birthdaygirl☺️🎈🥂 #chapter1.7

Collabo Open Class
Hip Hop by me & @otraolivia
Hopefully everyone enjoy the class today! And learn something new from us!
See ya'll on chapter 2! :)
Our cool Tees are from @unameitthankyou ! Check out the cool stuffs!
#dreamfamiliez #openclass #collaboration #hiphop #chapter1#batam #batamdancescene #kepri

//11.21 pm
hari itu hujan dan gelap.
lalu awan bertanya “mengapa?”
hujan menjawab “aku datang sendiri”
lalu awan bertanya kembali “lalu mengapa ada gelap?”
gelap pun berkata.
“hujan berkata datang sendiri tapi tak sadar ada yang menemaninya. begitulah takdirku, aku gelap tak terlihat, kadang tak di anggap, tapi taukah kamu awan? hal yang ku lakukan untuknya(hujan), aku hadiahkan ia warna indah lukisan Tuhan yang kalian sebut pelangi, saat malam tiba aku perlihatkan hiasan dunia yang kalian sebut bintang dan bulan. Untukmu hujan teruslah menjadi anugrah dunia dan aku yang akan berjanji menemanimu🌧🌧🌧🌧

Excited to be showing some work amongst a bunch of incredible other artists @tate #tatemodern on October 27th as part of #tatelates. It's based on the new Turbine Hall commission by #superflex all about collective action. Big thanks @superflexcommunity @lilybonesso (& @holliefernando for sharing) X


보기만 해도 멋진 향기가 날 것 같은
@402page 고객님의 Mad et len - room spray
후기컷 감사합니다 😍👍🏻
서늘해진 공기에 나만의 멋진 향을 더하여
감각적인 공간을 완성해보세요.
#chapter1 #chapter1seoul #chapter1collect
#Madetlen #roomspray #spirituelle
#룸스프레이 #메드엣렌

달력준비부터 #stendigcalendar #chapter1

I could tell a tragic and heartbreaking story.
A story filled with love.
A story of a caring person who loves and gets loved.
But I don't.
Because I don't want to.
Because I want to share the cold and dark sides of life, as well as the sad and the happy ones.
So, I basically tell about life.
In my life, I get up everyday.
Get ready.
Leave the house and hurry to school.
But I am neither a basic person, who's loved by everyone, or a shy person, who gets bullied.
Basically, I'm a shadow of my own.
I just walk to the classroom like a ghost. Nobody greets or even notices me.
All I do is sitting down and getting through all of my lessons, while I am doodling things in my notebook.
I barely say something to anyone, I often don't even answer my teacher's questions.
That's boring.
Why do we have to get through this?
To grow up and do nothing but work and slowly die?
I realized that we don't live.
No. We get our live and die. Slowly, but surely.
We don't live and have fun.
We slowly walk towards death and do what the universe wants us to do.
All we do is fade away.
#universe #bored #chapter1 #lonely #fadeaway #thoughts #story

Brass & concrete & bone
파우스트 아틀리에
#faustatelier #faust #파우스트 #파우스트아틀리에 #헌팅트로피 #뼈 #huntingtrophy #bone

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