Jake x Animals ||@jakepaul||

god Alex is so beautiful
ac/ib: voidskane
dt: @suttonsfeels & @alexdelena
cc: me
tag her please.
I'm really proud of this one and I made it while I was in the car 😅

got my mama rich
dt. @alyssiasediting @multiliana
cc. mine

idk what this is but I'm trying to learn new things okay!
ac/ib; forgot
cc; my own
dt; @emiliosputa @wnderivan
• don't repost!

- k r i s s c r o s s ♡
[@kidbill13 @jakepaul @imanthonytruj]
Idk who the other 2 are sksjsksssk
Kiddos I've started that remake edit, so it should be posted by tommorow my loves 💗

this will probably be my favourite soft edit I've made! & also I hate editing in landscape but it's whatever
@bts.bighitofficial -
ac/ib; forgot
cc; my own
dt; A.R.M.Y
•don't repost
• app video star

“One of a kind”// Tag @imanthonytruj pls// this is gonna flop
AC- idk
DT- @imanthonytruj @tony_truj @cindatru2 @rachael_trujillo
CC- nothin
FC- 952

Short or long hair, my bb still be looking bomb asf🔥😍 @tessabrooks

Oof I've had no inspiration lately so here's a random edit that I made ||@imanthonytruj @kingquannupnext ||

- t r y n a b e ♡
[@jakepaul @erikacostell]
ac: drizzyaudios
Bitch I'm highkey proud of this edit.

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