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Some of my philosophical reading-intentions for the coming months/year. I began in some of these books: “The Nature of Love”, “Grundlinien der Philosophie des Rechts” and “Wat een theater!” The others are inspired by some courses I followed or a personal interest in aesthetics. Also, I need some literature while studying for exams or I turn crazy. I get the feeling my law studies are underrepresented so I promise I will soon post a book on International law I laid my eyes on for a while now. 😊📚 #books #hegel #aesthetics #stefanrummens #chantalmouffe #carlschmitt #jewishphilosophy #thenatureoflove #hildebrand #thedemocraticparadox #excaptivitatesalus #lucanckaert #wateentheater #grundlinienderphilosophiedesrechts #reading #philosophy #law

Hier avec Chantal Mouffe lors de la quatrième séance du cycle Faire le présent au carreau du temple. La prochaine séance aura lieu le 14 février avec Henri Leclerc. #fairelepresent #chantalmouffe

Dialogue passionnant entre @geoffroydelagasnerie et #chantalmouffe sur la théorie #politique, la #democratie et le #populisme.

#20yydesigners makes the book and contributors are #elisabethlebovici, #ulrichloock, #chantalmouffe, #michalnanoru and the curator #adambudak

En train de préparer le dialogue de mercredi 17 avec Chantal Mouffe au Carreau du Temple. #fairelepresent #chantalmouffe

Mercredi 17 janvier à 19h, dialogue avec Chantal Mouffe sur la démocratie contemporaine, les luttes et le "populisme de gauche". Ce sera la 4ème séance du cycle "Faire Le présent" au Carreau du Temple. Entrée libre. Ouvert à toutes et tous. #fairelepresent #chantalmouffe @lecarreaudutemple

Pocos libros ayudan a comprender las dinámicas políticas contemporáneas como los de Chantal Mouffe #chantalmouffe #2018 #libros #lectura #politics #politica #democracia #movimientosemilla
Foto: @mr_pony_gt

Back to my thesis, back to my books 📖 #dimensionsofradicaldemocracy #chantalmouffe

‘Siyasalın Düzenekleri’, Marksist düşüncenin siyasi yansımaları hakkında sağlam bir tartışma.
Hatırlatalım: Kitap, alan için kaçırılmaması gereken çalışmalardan olan ‘Çağdaş Marksist Kuramda Tartışmalar’ dizisinin 3. kitabı.
Çeviri: Sercan Çalcı
Hatırlanacağı gibi ‘Yapılar, Sistemler, Süreçler’ ile ‘Toplumsala Bakmak’, ‘Çağdaş Marksist Kuramda Tartışmalar’ adlı bu önemli dizisinin daha önce yayımlanmış kitaplarıydı.
Serinin elimizdeki üçüncü kitabında ise, 19. yüzyıldaki köklerine bakıldığında daha çok ekonomi-politik vurgularıyla öne çıkmış Marksist düşüncelerin siyasal sonuçlarını kapsamlı bir bakışla irdeliyor.
Marx’ın geliştirdiği metodolojiden yola çıkarak Marksist bir siyaset teorisi kuran kitapta, • Ekonomik yaşamın siyasal içeriği ve siyasal yaşamın ekonomik içeriği, • 90’lı yıllardaki siyasal gerilemenin ardındaki etkenler, • Devlet ve hukuk ilişkisi, • Çağdaş siyasetin özgül karakteri, • Bugünün özgürleşme süreçleri, • Ve tarihin yeni özneleri gibi konular tartışılıyor.
Kitaba katkıda bulunan isimler ise şöyle: Álvaro García Linera, Antonio Negri, Chantal Mouffe, Peter Hallward, Jodi Dean, Jacques Rancière, Claus Peter Ortlieb, Aaron Benanav ve John Clegg.
• Künye: Kolektif – Siyasalın Düzenekleri, hazırlayan: Andrew Pendakis, Jeff Diamanti, Nicholas Brown, Josh Robinson ve Imre Szeman, çeviren: Sercan Çalcı, Dipnot Yayınları, siyaset, 236 sayfa, 2017
#siyasalındüzenekleri #alvarogarcíalinera #antonionegri #chantalmouffe #peterhallward #jodidean #sercancalcı #siyaset #çağdaşmarksistkuramdaartışmalar #jacquesrancière #jeffdiamanti #nicholasbrown #joshrobinson #imreszeman #jacquesranciere #clauspeterortlieb #aaronbenanav #johnclegg #siyasalındüzenekleri #andrewpendakis #kitap #yenikitaplar #yeniçıkanlar #book #neokuyorum #kitapkokusu #dipnotski

Seriously cosy.

Once it is acknowledged that there is no "beyond hegemony", the only conceivable strategy for overcoming world dependence on a single power is to find ways to "pluralize" hegemony. And this can be done only through the recognition of a multiplicity of regional powers. It is only in this context that no agent in the international order will be able, because of its power, to regard itself above the law and to arrogate to itself the role of the sovereign.
*Chantal Mouffe*
#Chantal_Mouffe #ChantalMouffe #Post_Marxism #PostMarxism #hegemony #pluralism #regional_powers #power

Here are some drawings that I've made whilst thinking about public space, consensus and being a socially conscious artist in gallery spaces. If you want to find out more about consensus in cultural spaces then Chantal Mouffe is a good place to start. #artistsforartists #chantalmouffe

Un día llego a mis manos un libro de #ChantalMouffe y la forma en que me llevo a reflexionar sobre el poder, me cruzo el corazón... hoy está frente a mi y yo estoy casi a punto de llorar... no traje mis fotocopias y apuntes para que los firme jajaja #Clad2017

"Against the strategy of withdrawal, Mouffe insists on a strategy of engagement. She insists on a theory of political hegemony not of the forces of production. For her what is primary is not a monism of productive and creative activity but a dualism of antagonism that cannot be reconciled. Capital has far more than a reactive role in her view. The current form of the social formation is not a product of the development of the forces of production alone but of a particular moment of hegemonic articulation. It arrived perhaps as “hegemony through neutralization” or a “passive revolution” via which the ruling class coopted forces that threatened to escape it (73). Against the seeming naturalness of the unity of the multitude, it is only through a counter-hegemonic project, creating both an us and a them, that a coherent political actor can appear. Politics is a matter of forging a chain of equivalence made by designating something as other. Against immanence and multiplicity Mouffe thinks of radical negativity and hegemony." McKenzie Wark @mckenziewark3000 on Chantal Mouffe Democracy versus Liberalism in General Intellects #chantalmouffe #agonistics #generalintellects #mckenziewark
Jess Riva Cooper, @jessrivacooper Toronto artist and educator who works in clay & drawing to create sculptures and installation-based artworks #womensart #jessrivacooper

"To illustrate my argument, I will take the case of Alfredo Jaar, whose work provides one of the best examples of an aesthetics of resistance informed by the hegemonic strategy that I am advocating. We find in his practice the plurality of forms of artistic intervention that an hegemonic approach requires and the multiplicity of sites where they should take place. Defining himself as a ‘project artist’ who responds to specific issues in specific places, Jaar has repeatedly emphasized that it is vital for him to intervene in several fields, not only in the art world but also in public spaces and in various educational sites." Footnote See, for instance, Jaar’s ‘Interview with Luigi Fassi’, Klat, Winter 2009–2010, 73–74.
Chantal Mouffe Agonistics Chapter 5 Agonistic Politics and Artistic Practices
#chantalmouffe #agonistics 📷
from @ciaoviolab - #alfredojaar

"There is, however, a point that needs to be clarified to avoid any misunderstanding about the way the agonistic approach understands critique. Critical artistic practices, according to this view, do not aspire to lift a supposedly false consciousness so as to reveal the ‘true reality’. This would be completely at odds with the anti-essentialist premises of the theory of hegemony, which rejects the very idea of a ‘true consciousness’. As I indicated earlier, it is always through insertion in a manifold of practices, discourses and language games that specific forms of individualities are constructed. This is why the transformation of political identities can never result from a rationalist appeal to the true interest of the subject, but rather from the inscription of the social agent in a set of practices that will mobilize its affects in a way that disarticulates the framework in which the dominant process of identification takes place." Chantal Mouffe Agonistics Chapter 5 Agonistic Politics and Artistic Practices
#chantalmouffe #agonistics 📷
from @itsnapo - #AlfredoJaar display presented by #GalerieleLong at the #AmoryShow

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