#ChangsTravel I miss being overseas :'(

歐洲 -- 倫敦,維也納,布拉格⚡️#ChangsTravel #ChangsTakeOnEurope

I miss Europe☹️ #ChangsTakeOnEurope #ChangsTravel

[ 18 Dec - 28 Dec ] สวัสดีค่ะ to the land of cute boys, good food and cheap massages🇹🇭😸 Always a blast to come back to where I spent most of my childhood Chinese New Year / March / September holidays. It's also fantastic to see my grandparent's friends and their family (they're all like my family), and this time, even my own friend!!!!!!!!! @tinman888 I may have had a little too much fun taking pictures with the standees keke #ChangsTravel

[ 3 Dec - 6 Dec ] First time in the city of baguettes & macaroons🤤 Swipe left for snapshots of me and my dad everyday on the trip👊🏻and btw there may b a lot of pics of me but it's solely bc Idk which selfie I took w my mom to choose from #ChangsTakeOnEurope #ChangsTravel

[ 27 Nov - 29 Nov ] It's pretty cool to see all the historical monuments and locations after watching so many movies talking about Cold War. Learning about the Cold War in school has definitely made me more aware of what was going on, and why the lives of people behind each side of the wall were so different. The recounts from teens, who were merely a few years older than I am ( when they recorded the recounts ), was incredibly eye-opening. It made me realize how lucky and blessed we are to live in such freedom and safety. They risked their all just to escape from the East to the West, taking so many injuries and gunshots in order to climb over the wall, and to go to the side of 'Liberty'. Plus, the taxi driver we met on our last day in Berlin told us his experience growing up in the West, and having to cross borders to visit family in the East. He also told us how people were just jumping out of windows, tossing their babies out of windows just so that they can get to the West when the building of the wall was going on ( the windows of buildings were being blocked by bricks and that's why they jumped out when they could ). The wall was built so fast, and not many people knew what was going on. This trip has definitely made me understand history on a whole different level 😩
btw, my service apartment's area is on the East side of Berlin heheh #ChangsTakeOnEurope #ChangsTravel

[ 29 Nov - 3 Dec ] Finally back in London after 16 years (last time was when I was only 6 months old) !!!! It's been a fantastic few days, from watching The Phantom of the Opera to meeting family🤙🏼 last pic is me and my dad 24/7 #ChangsTakeOnEurope #ChangsTravel

[ 24 Nov - 27 Nov ] Prague has provided absolutely breathtaking sceneries, everything about it is wonderful😼 especially the dessert featured in the last 2 pics #ChangsTakeOnEurope #ChangsTravel

[ 6 Dec - 10 Dec ] Hala Madrid🎉 I've honestly forgotten how much I love Spain, and I'm so happy my dad added Madrid at the last minute. Out of the 5 days I was there, 2 days were a public holiday, 2 days was the weekends. There were so many people walking on the streets and it seriously shocked me. Can't wait to go back, and find myself a Spanish boyfriend🤙🏼🙃!! Swipe all the way left to catch a glimpse of Real Madrid VS Dortmund ( I managed to get Ronaldo's goal )
#ChangsTakeOnEurope #ChangsTravel

too many pics to choose from because of Vienna's beauty but 'real' Day 1 at Vienna was fun😋 #ChangsTakeOnEurope #ChangsTravel

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it's c☕️ffee time! ❤ #familyvacation #changstravel #bangkoktrip

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