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#hyungwon #Wonho #changkun #Jooheon #minhyuk #shownu #kihyun

Keep playing with me see how fast I'll each your ass not even joking you fine ass bitch😎😎😎😎 #monstax #Jooheon #changkun #kihyun #Shownu #hyungwon #minhyuk #Wonho

I love Hyunwoo, Hoseok, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Changkun, Hyungwon, and Jooheon so much. I'm very happy with myself atm. I already have 4 ults and now Monsta x is my 5th. They make me so damn happy. I find myself watching monsta x videos and smiling the whole time. They love each other and monbebes so much it makes me glad. I love Monsta x.

– i'm so close to 2K followers but people love to unfollow me. Anyways, i love being petty?? idk why but like, as long as i get the last saying, get the chance to annoy you with something you hate or make sure that you know i won't be talking to you for the next 15 seconds if you keep spamming me so you'll be the one who's pissed off [lmaoao i spam ppl 24/7 so idek] then i'll feel great and dc about you (': i sound like a mean person but i'm only like this when i'm already stressed/pissed af and you're like "oh well, great timing to piss her off even more". Also, thank you to those who read my long captions bc ohmygod how are you surviving this?? you deserve a cookie 🍪~ (':

– ayo, im having so many weird dreams lately like??? its all about ghosts and demons and im lowkey scared but it are just dreams ((': i guess i'll be fine & what about you? how are y'all doing? c:

– i wish i had the motivation to actually care about my grades but tbh, i just want to kms lol. & it snowed a lot today which made me go outside (lol i did something active for the first time in my life) because my doggo loves snow and he literally turns from an old dog to a pupper when he sees snow its so cute.

– whenever i have artclass i keep talking about scary stuff (bc i'm stupid) like ghosts n all that kind of stuff bc i find it interesting and so do a few other people in that class & ofc my dumbass doesnt listen and i keep talking n talking until i realize i'm gonna be scared for the next few months. So yesterday i couldnt sleep bc i kept scaring myself with my own thoughts. (':

– so yesterday sucked,, there was a lot of wind & rain but i hope todays gonna be better (': & i don't know much about my followers, so if you want, tell me something about yourself? it doesnt have to be a whole paragraph, a few things are fine c:, i'll start: 1. i'm a very sensitive person (i take everything personally even if i know it wasnt meant personal) 2. i overthink a lot (because of anxiety so i basically think in the future) 3. i like art, dogs, sushi &kpop ofc 4. i'm 15 (my birthday is in february) 5. i cry easily 6. i'm very dramatic. c:

– afdfkdksj istg day6 is the only group that'll make me cry because of their beautiful voices, their new song is so good wth i want that talent too, i wish i could sing. People with a beautiful voice are blessed okay ;-; and for those who cant sing.. like me, well yeah, u can sing for fun (':

– i was watching kpop funny moments and i saw iKons "lets get fucked up" vid im crying?? i swear that is the most funniest vid ever foshfjwk i live for k-idol memes/funny moments, so ye okay just wanted to share that &sorry for posting so much. + i was on a bts marathon and all the memories came back ah they've grown so much. ♡

– i'm such a bad friend?? like i don't know how to comfort people when somethings wrong.. i can, through text but irl i'm very awkward and make things even worse than it already is, not on purpose it just happens because i'm a very anxious person ;-;

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