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@encircletogether @humanrightscampaign #hrcutah Great to spend time with my sweet friends Barb & #steveyoung And my amazing friend Nina B❤️ Congrats to all the folks at @encircletogether for your amazing year and HRC honor! #changingheartsandminds

Great running into these two this morning ! #speakerfriends #changingheartsandminds #letsgolfbro

#Repost @tyherndonofficial with @repostapp
BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Here is the presell link for our #LoveAndAcceptanceConcert during CMA Music Fest! We will be announcing our #specialguests next week. Please make you're plans to attend. It's going to be one awesome night of music. #ChangingHeartsAndMinds #HelpingAtRiskYouth @cmtcody @glaad @hrc_nashville
Password: LOVE

Here's a great story! And a time where literally every dollar helps, also it's a two for one deal- help Jorge and his rescue mom👍🏻😄🐶 #everybithelps #everydollarcounts #wecanchangelives @ocpitbulls via @GPRepostApp ======> @ocpitbulls:Jorge and his senior mom need our help!! Jorge is a special needs boy who needs our help! Can you donate just a few dollars to help him start his service dog training for his senior mom who needs his help? Please donate by clicking on the Donate Now button above, or go to www.ocpbr.org to Donate on our site.

Or mail a check or money order to OCPBR at PO Box 3738, La Habra, Ca 90632

Thank you!

More on Jorge....
Jorge is a very special 6 year old boy who was rescued from a local kill shelter by an individual rescuer on his very last day at the shelter which was 3/16/16, where he had survived for 8.5 months! Jorge is a special needs boy, he suffers from severe arthritis in all four limbs, hip dysplasia and spondylosis in his spine. After spending so much time at the shelter he lived for a short time in a loving foster home and then the most amazing thing happened… we at OCPBR found his perfect forever home and brought him into the rescue on 5/29/16 so we could handle the placement into his foster to adopt home. Jorge goes for weekly laser treatments, his pain is carefully managed, he goes for short walks everyday with his new mom and they live in a wonderful active retirement community - which is perfect for Jorge cause he also needed the elevator like his new mom does.

We have been working with Jorge's new mom to help Jorge become her service companion animal, Jorge’s body is the strongest it’s ever been and now we are ready for his fun training to start. We have an opportunity to get him into a training program to start his service dog training but we are short the funds needed to make this happen, it’s going to cost $745 and we only have $260.00 of it covered…can you help us cover the remaining $485.00 to help Jorge and his mom make this dream a reality?
Please donate by clicking on the Donate Now button above, or go to www.ocpbr.org to Donate on our site.

Or mail a check or money order to OCPBR at PO Box 37

My fellow #Iranians be an Amerikan Hero this weekend and take all your non-Iranian friends to see @jimmyvestvood this weekend! Tickets at www.jimmyvestvood.com #jimmyvestvood #diplomacy #changingheartsandminds

Thank you to my dear friend Frank for making me a part of this amazing group of beautiful and talent people! #lgbt #changingheartsandminds #humanrights #equality #showingsupport

Omg mom is soooooooooooo cute!!! Thanks for the bomb genetics💝
#family #changingheartsandminds #acceptance #alwaysbeyou #mykiddo


Good morning Queens 👑👸🏽! Today I am asking God to intercede on my behalf and properly plan my days💪🏽💁🏽🙏🏽 . I say that because by taking this leap of faith and following my dreams to Build My Empire requires miraculous occurrences to take place that I realize can't be achieved by my own doing . I'm praying that Minds to be changed , Hearts need to be softened and Bodies be moved out of the way . Dreamers don't get frustrated , disillusioned , or dismayed by the hardness and nonacceptance of the world around you . Sometimes we have to step back and remove ourselves from the situation and Allow God to Work it Out !
Queens take that leap of faith , build your empire , hustle and grind . Remembering that every battle is not yours to fight so please don't waste your all your precious energy and time on things that you can't change on your own 💖🙏🏽🖕🏽. Turn it over to him , keep the faith and follow your dreams . #dreamers #faith #planning #leapoffaith #mightymoveofgod #empire #hustle #entrepreneur #thebattleisnotyours #changingheartsandminds #noexcuses #boss #nomoresecretsmbs #blackgirlsextalk

This is my papaw. My papaw used to think all Pits were bad. He's come a long way. I think I've grown on him and helped change his mind. Don't you?
#papawsgirl #papawsnuggles #daisymaepibble #pibble #pibblecuddles #pitbull #pitbullsarelove #pitbullcuddles #changingheartsandminds #adoptdontshop #rescuedog #rescuedogsofinstagram #dontbullymybreed #staffylove #endbsl

Tik tok, motha fucka. 😏 @iiswhoiis #changingheartsandminds

Breakfast on the platform this morning! Normally when running late it would have been a double egg/sausage mcmuffin and 3 hash browns. Today my head and heart said visit M&S across the road and grab fruit and a healthy lunch while you are at it. HexB 2x bar (I had already eaten one before I remembered to take a photo) and mango, melon and grapes and water. #swjourney #changingheartsandminds #Gettingfitteratforty #swfood

Talking about Big Fat Stupid Goals at #britmumslive to an audience of bloggers, in my running kit because I ran the 7 miles home afterwards. Now that's what you call multitasking right #motivationalspeaker #livingbiggerlives #lifecoach #changingheartsandminds #rockingthestage

Thank you to my dear friend Frank for making me a part of this amazing group of beautiful and talent people! #lgbt #changingheartsandminds #humanrights #equality #showingsupport

@bradyhoffpauir @nikkihoffpauir07 ......never will I ever forget the impact you had on myself and this long haired hippie boy.... your leadership and allowing the Lord to guide you continues to impact the lives you touch every day.... wish you could see him now!!!! This was another good nugget of leadership skills that needed to be shared again
The five steps to BE

Be conscious-- of your past, your heritage and the mission of God

Be full of convictions--know what you believe so you don't fall to temptation
Be competent--learn your talent, gain knowledge and continue learning

Be contagious--inspire people with what you do

Be confident--go boldly knowing who goes before you
#slulead301 #changingheartsandminds
#londanbaby 🇬🇧🇫🇷🇺🇸

How did we spend our Saturday here at #ppmeaf? Deep canvassing voters across #maine on abortion access of course! Thank you to our volunteers, we knocked on over 200 doors! #istandwithpp #plannedparenthood #changingheartsandminds

Super excited to be at Gender Spectrum Conference this weekend. Will be screening Raising Zoey on Friday & Saturday 🌝
#genderspectrum #transyouthmatter #CHANGINGHEARTSANDMINDS #familyacceptance #LIVINGOUTLOUD #zoeyluna #raisingzoey #familyacceptance #lgbtq #ilovemykiddo #trans #ally #advocating #raising_zoey

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