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first bonfire of the year. it’s gonna be one fuckin lit year, ya heard meh!!?!? #ChangGang

No filter necessary when I'm with these babes. Love my friends and the beautiful newlyweds #butlercanheng #lovemylife #theReef #whitewedding #myloves #changGang we love you @ammiinna @amandalmf @steipers

Our last hoorah....for now... till next time @t_jazzy13 @dramasam16 @ipreferchristopher 💕😍😘🤗😧💋 #changgang #sadtoseeyougo #safetravels #tillnextime

This song was all her idea she just ask me to help her with the vers but she did the chorus all by herself #ArchTag #Omg it takes a lot to surprise me and she always knows how to... #MyLaylah #ChangGang #BigBlacks we coming to record this one #AintNobodyLikeMyDaddy

verden er lille, men mojito-spandene er store i aften #changgang 🌴☀️🧡

*Insert “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” lyrics here* 🎎⚔️

Not happy that it was our last time to Disneyland while we still live here 😭 But so glad to have spent it with some of our favorite people 🐭❤️🏰 #kylamei #disneyland #happiestplaceonearth #disneybaby #snuggles #untilnexttime #thatsawrap #changgang

Power Lunch @itamaemiami // 🇵🇪 🇯🇵 📷 @fujifilmgirl

New video has been posted up on my channel, so go check it out right now. Make sure you go SUBSCRIBE already if you haven’t. It gives you an insight on the little retreat that we had. Having a good time with the class mates and strengthening our bond together as a whole. Had a fun time, connecting with God and really finding the meaning to where he’s present. People might think that God is no where to be found. There was a saying that there were two sets of foot prints on the beach, one for you and the other for the Lord. One time, there was only one set of footprints, so I asked to the Lord, why is there only one set of footprints. He said that when you are going through the troubles, one must carry you through it. #retreatyr11 #blessed #thankful #grateful #changgang #standrewscollege #doingmoreandgoingbeyond

Tapioca lo mein. 🍜🥦🍽 #majordomo #davidchang

“ As long as we have air in our lungs we will celebrate you.” Couldn’t have said it better myself. My sister and I Reppin the Lakers and the Gators last night, celebrating what would’ve been Beeper’s 34th birthday this year.
I know you were there, laughing as Craig damn near died trying to prove he still got it. He almost met you in the upper room 😂😩 #hegothumbled #changgang #chompchomp #lakeshow

So we decided to wash the vehicles together as a family, one decided to stay in the car a play music and the other one decided to become an acrobat on top a Di car smh #ChangGang

Best early birthday dinner! #changgang

These characters were taken from a letter written in Cantonese that Patrick’s grandfather, dylan and Alex’s great grandfather, wrote to his family back home in China. It has now become a family tradition. Patrick has it, Dylan got it and now baby Chang got it. #ChangGang This life is only temporary and lasts for only a short time. #Chang #Brothers

03.16.18 She asked me for money to take me on a date this time 😍

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