So we celebrate Black history once a year like their history and culture isn’t important enough to celebrate it everyday. If you understand history then you understand where it all started
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Fashion means to make. Fashion is what we visualize. It is the inner feeling of every human being to present himself/herself according to one's own thinking. Fashion changes after a particular period of time💞
💡Tips to change your lives according to your wealth
1🌹When you've got nothing to wear,wear black. Black will never go out of fashion. A black leather coat, in particular, will always be stylish🎩
2🌹The price of your clothes doesn't matter. The most important thing if to find the right combination. It doesn't matter where you bought your clothes or how much they're worth. What matter is how you combine them👚
3🌹A handbag is the best Investment. The handbag is the most important accessory that expresses the style of every fashionista. The price doesn't matter,the most important thing is that it expresses who you are👜
4🌹Sunglasses should be worn whatever the season. They exist only for one purpose to make you look perfect👓
5🌹If something lacking from your appearance. Add bright colours for eg: combine a bright hat👒bag or a pair of shoes👡 with a black outfit and everyone will remember your style👛
6🌹Mix up your style. You can complete a look by adding something simple. Try combining unusual things you'll be surprised at the result
7🌹Less is more when it comes to your makeup and hairstyle. Try using some bright lipsticks without anything else,or just some simple curls or a ponytail rather than anything elaborate 💄
8🌹Last but not the least confidence in yourself and your style is key. If there's one thing you can learn from this post is show your unique individuality by not worrying what others will think. Are your curls look messy just let it go, are you two metres tall you can still wear heels!!! Live your ownlife by not thinking what others will think. You'll look better and feel better🙋
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Este Sabado 3 y domingo 4 nos os perdais la feria @sportjampro en el Kursaal en Donostia, vais a poder ver, tocar y sentir nuevos diseños que traigo entre manos!
No os olvideis de pasar por el Stand Mulder shapes! Vuestro concepto sobre las tablas y el surfing va a cambiar!! 🙌😎
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@chefdanbarber @foodtank summit has the whole room salivating over high beta glucan oatmeal and broccoli leaves! His wonder and exasperation as he rediscovers foods not considered ‘commercially viable’, has us activated and looking at our food waste with fresh eyes. Some problems come from outdated FDA mandates and others are products of our own perceptions of perfect produce. Why does our cauliflower need to be pure white and why do we gravitate to the peaches with rosie blush? Why do we think that has anything to do with flavor?
He had us all checking our calendars for the next time we could run up to @stonebarns cathedral to be baptised and experience his passion on a plate.
What food waste item would you like to know how to repurpose?

#rethinkfood #chefsatwork #foodwasterevolution

Всегда поражался тому, как люди, стремясь к стабильности загоняют себя в рамки и живут в них, подавляя свой внутренний голос и занимаясь самообманом.
Как люди способны годами выполнять одну и ту же работу, ходить одними и теми же дорогами, кушать одну и ту же пищу, имея физические возможности прочувствовать окружающий мир, насладиться его красотой и разнообразием, пробовать делать что то новое, незнакомое и необычное?
В голову приходит цитата, которая гласит, что жизнь- это как езда на велосипеде: если ты не движешься вперёд, то падаешь.
Однообразие и предсказуемость жизни (читать стабильность) в моем случае вызывает острые приступы скуки, а затем и депрессии. А как вы на это смотрите?

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