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If you aren't finding the results you are looking for, you need to examine your actions. What are you doing to produce the results you want?
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💥Take action!💥
We can talk about our dreams, or we can take action and make them a reality!
This is so much easier said than done! I must admit, I much rather sit down and chat about all my dreams and vision than to take action towards achieving them! It’s easier!! It’s easier to stay where we are than to step into change! .
But easy, doesn’t mean good! .
Easy, doesn’t mean happy!
Easy doesn’t create change!
Taking a step, even if it’s little, in the direction of our dreams will help build them!!!

Do you ever feel like you have a day that serves you up every opportunity to live by your excuses rather than by your actions❓❓❓

Today was one of those days for me! I intended to go to the gym early this morning and do one of my favorite classes, but didn’t wake up to my alarm. Who can relate? 🙋‍♀️

Then, I decided I would go a little later and take my kids and their friends to swim 🏊‍♂️ while I got my workout in. I got there only to find out the club changed their guest policy and their friends wouldn’t be able to swim without parent waivers. Another perfect excuse to avoid my workout🤷‍♀️ •
Luckily I remembered this amazing quote☝️☝️☝️and how our destiny is shaped by the decisions we make, big and small, on a daily basis! •
I got home, laced up my tennis shoes 👟 and went for a nice long run 🏃‍♀️ around the track in the heat of the day 😰 and now I feel AMAZING! •
Don’t we always feel so great, no matter how much pain it may be in the moment, when we keep our commitments to ourselves? I know I always feel like a rockstar after I do the hard thing I’m not wanting to do! Here’s to doing the hard things that shape our destiny! 🔥💥🙌🏻💃💫🚀

Comment below with 1️⃣ thing you’re doing today to create the life of your dreams 👇👇👇 #results #stopmakingexcuses #takeactionnow #selfimprovement #takingcareofme #healthylifestyle #justdoit #healthyliving #resultsdontlie #noexcuses #createeveryday #momentsofdestiny #changeyourmindsetchangeyourlife #changeyouractionschangeyourlife #changed

Yes you can. Yes I can. If the mindset is clear and you decide to never give up. Anything is possible. Don't try. Trying is like planning to give up. Stay focussed on your goal. Discover your WHY. And go for it. You deserve it. #changeyourmindsetchangeyourlife #changeispowerful #changeyouractionschangeyourlife

“You are what you repeatedly do.” — Will Durant

How is your day going, today?
Look back on all the things you’ve done so far. Did you act like the person you wish to become?
If you repeated today every day for the next year, realistically, where would you end up?
If you are to really accomplish your goals and dreams, how much differently would your regular day need to be than today was?
Did you interact with people who remind you more of your future, or more of your past?

Which one are you?
We can't do over and over the same thing and expect different results. Do you agree?
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Morning Mindfulness:

As you rise today and fall back in to your subconscious daily habits and addictions, think about which habits are addictions. Then try switching up your routine and see how your habits have become addictions.

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If you want to improve be content to be thought foolish and stupid. - Epictetus
Are you willing to get foolish and stupid ?
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I wore my workout clothes all.day yesterday. I put them on when I woke up, with the intention of working out straight after the school run, and took them off again before bed at 11.30pm. I didn’t workout. This week is crazy busy. I intended on going to bed at 10pm. I stayed up to finish some client work and prepare some proposal documents. BUT I got up with my 5.30am alarm today. Well... okay... I may have snoozed it until 5.50 but I’m UP! I have prepared lunches for four people, had my shake (fave start to the day) and drunk my pre-workout and am about to press play!! I’ve missed this! #graphicdesignbusinessowner #homeworkouts #mytime #mumoffour #makeyourdreamshappen #consistencyiskey #changeyouractionschangeyourlife #icandohardthings #pullingmyselfoutofmyfunk

I don’t know why it’s been so hard the past few weeks to get out of bed when my alarm goes off. I totally snoozed my alarm over and over today. Again. Which in turn means that I haven’t worked out yet today. Swimming lessons, food shopping, school sports day, after school clubs for two and all the rest makes today a busy day. (One of the reasons 5.30am alarms are the only way I can make sure it gets done!) So I don’t know when or how I’ll fit it in. This morning I wondered if there had been a sleeping spell cast on the house... I had to wake all three boys at 8am. (Two of them are usually up before 7am!) Had I got up on time I could have had an AMAZING morning #howtypical

If I want to get back into my early morning groove (and remember I am NOT naturally a morning person so this really does take a lot of effort!) I need to focus on two things: 1️⃣ Going to be by 10pm and 2️⃣ Getting back on track with my nutrition. Fuel in = energy out (and better rest and ability to get UP!) New week. Renewed focus. #constantbattle #creatingnewhabits #mumoffour #ilovesleep #consistencyiskey #icandohardthings #changeyouractionschangeyourlife

So I may have snoozed my 5.30 alarm this morning for an hour... (why am I finding getting up soooo hard recently?! I thought it would be easier with the lighter mornings?!) Getting up later means no real “me time”. This morning I had a side kick from the minute I got up. Although he is one of my reasons for working on my health and fitness it’s also super easy to use him as one of my excuses. If I stay in bed longer he’ll sleep longer too #cosleepingproblems But today I have stuff to do and I KNOW that if I don’t do it first it’s likely to not happen at all. So yet again, my workout was done with plenty of interruptions and my cool dude was babysat by the Paw Patrol but they see what I do and I do it for them so that’s okay with me. #thankgoodnessfornetflix #mywhy #theyseemorethanyourealise #mumoffour #homeworkouts #icandohardthings #changeyouractionschangeyourlife #consistencyiskey #earlymorningworkout #sometimesipresssnooze

We all have jobs we don’t like and put off. At home I always avoid cleaning the bathroom #idratherbeironing and at work I put off doing the invoicing #idratherbedesigning. When it comes to working out cardio is my least favourite day of the week #idratherbelifting. But I know for all of them it’s just a mental block. It’s all in my head. Because when I do it it’s not so bad. But if we want to have a clean bathrooms, better cashflow or get fitter we need to take control and do the stuff that we’d rather not so we can move forward. So today I pressed play and did my cardio workout. And today I will clean the bathroom. Invoicing is on my list for Monday ;-) What do you put off doing?! #consistencyiskey #homeworkouts #mumoffour #eatthatfrog #dothehardthings #changeyourlife #mindovermatter #icandohardthings #changeyouractionschangeyourlife

The change is possible. It WILL happen as long as you're willing to put in the work and actions that create the change.
➕When it comes down to it, getting to where you want to be is the combination of 1,000s of decisions compounded over time.
➕ You first have to decide to change. Next you have to follow with daily decisions that will create the results you want.
➕Most decisions you make are either taking you closer to your goal or further away from where you want to be.
➕We all know you don't just wake up one day at the destination point. It's the journey and path you CHOOSE that gets you there.
➕Every day you decide which path you should take by your actions. Ask yourself, where are your actions leading you? Are you willing to do the daily actions necessary to reach your goal? What do you need to change to get to where you want to be? .
Food for thought. 💭
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