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Kochani przedstawiam wam nową mnie. Poraz pierwszy w życiu zdecydowałam się na włosy o takiej długości! Bezgranicznie ufam Mojej stylistce @pawlak_artist_and_hairstylist i kolejny raz oddałam się w Jej ręce! Jestem zachwycona czuję się kobieco i z klasą. Żanetko dziękuję Ci za wszystko jesteś wspaniałą osobą 😘 A wy co sądzicie?! Sukienka @zallabysarazalewska #hairstyle #beauty #classy #flowers #autumncolors #autumn #newme #changes #makeup #instagirl #polishgirl #positivevibes #positive #lovely #instagood #cute #instalove #instadaily

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Night and day.

Thoughts? 🤔 What do you guys think?


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Scusate se posto a quest'ora, ma di notte sono "più libera" per postare.
Comunque cercherò di pubblicare qualcosa almeno 1 volta al giorno per non restare inattiva..dato che ormai mi unfollowano circa 10 persone al giorno e quindi non aumento per niente..
E niente, vi do' la buonanotte e per chi domani a scuola (come me) buona scuola ahahah.

@mariasole_pollio goodnight cutiee, Ily❄

A bocas mas grandes les he puesto bozales, mide tus palabras y vigila tus modales...♏️💙 #me #fuckyou #baby #white #night #dancing #crazygirl #thisisover #theend #changes #love #smile #happyeveryday

"If one drink is never enough; have none." A few months ago I realized I was quickly turning into someone I wasn't proud of. I was also sick of looking in the mirror and complaining of what I saw so I decided to change it. I fell in love with the gym the second I saw results. I was pushing 180 lbs. Today I'm 160.6 lbs. (I lost a lot more than 20lbs but keep reminding myself muscle weighs MORE) If I help inspire one person to get up and make a change, this post will be worth it. I promise you won't regret making a change for the better. The second you lose all your excuses you will find your results. You don't have to be the fastest lion, just don't be the slowest gazelle! 🦁 #inspire #liveformore #results #gymquotes #motivation #transformation #changes #promiseyourself #freefriday #fitness #fitlife #tbh #almoststrong #notbigatall #thoughts

Soon the doors will open to the Swedish fab day and it's time for me to change to one of my 5 dresses today 👗👗👗👗👗 #swedenfabday #fashionevent #saturdayfun #fashionmoment @damernasvarld @bonniermag @lisajpettersson #damernasvärld @louboutinworld #changes #outfit #dresses #guldknappen @stockholmwaterfront #readers

Praying the bold decisions I made outshine the uncertainty that clouds my mind as I walk by faith and not by sight.


«Se ouvires por aí, que ser feliz é estar em êxtase todos os dias, vai por mim: não acredites. porque gente feliz também chora. grita. desanima. frustra. porque gente feliz sabe que a vida não é toda igual. que uns dias tudo brilha, outros é escuridão.
podes ser muito feliz e ter dias menos bons. por isso se te sentes hoje "assim assim" em vez de óptima; se "vais andando" de tempos a tempos, em vez de sentires-te maravilhosamente bem, tu não tens um problema de falta de felicidade. a felicidade é mesmo assim.
pessoas felizes, sabem que nada as pode tornar infelizes porque elas simplesmente não deixam: acabam com as relações de que não gostam; mudam de profissão que não as realiza; dizem "não" a tudo que as desagrada; não mudam por ninguém. mas mudam tudo o que está mal à volta delas para continuarem felizes.» 💛 #happygirl #dontcare #changes #smile #goodvibes #strongwoman #everyday

Awakening Ritual
Gently and assuredly, he dug the whole
All the while, there was silence all around him
Only the stars and the moon witnessed his efforts
Then, he confidently jumped inside
And quietly started to listen to the sounds of the forest
Which intensified by his imagination
Began opening the windows of fear and despair
So, inside of the small hole, his body trembled ferociously
But he didn’t move out
Because he was there for this very reason
To face his fears, retrace his tears and finish the past years

There were great memories and painful recollections
Inspiring stories and regretful transactions
It all flew by, as shooting stars in from of his eyes

Suddenly, it was all gone
The impressions, the noisy forest and the surroundings
And he found himself in an empty space
Nothing behind, nothing ahead and nothing within

Yet, he desperately wanted to see what was coming
But no matter how hard he tried
His efforts were fruitless
And no revelation appeared for him

The only thing he could feel
Was the warm rays of the morning’s light
Kissing away the coolness of the night
So, he opened his eyes with mixed feelings
For he was glad he could leave the past behind
But sad because the future was not revealed
Even so, he was grateful for the journey

So, he got out of the hole
And covered it back again
While praying for his own death
For the extinction of was not himself anymore

Then, the new being walked away
Whistling a lullaby that enchanted his new heart
And, even though he knew the way back
Everything seems to be different now. (Tadany – 21 10 17)

How to cite this Poem:
Cargnin dos Santos, Tadany. Awakening Ritual. www.tadany.org ®

#awareness #awakening #spirituality #life #changes #birth #death #wisdom

Day 149: ooh witchy woman... #changes #grabbingmymuchness

Oh how life #changes

Happy met me nieuwe kleurtje 💇🏽#happy#happygirl#brownhair#justme#changes#likeit

Me: Son, I may make mistakes. I'm not perfect. I won't always give you your way but I love you with everything I have. I will work as hard as I can my entire life to be able to provide you the best life.

Roman: that's nice dad, can we go to the gym together and then head for coffee? .

Me: Ha, of course, fuc€in love you pal
Roman: love you too dad, let's go!

Did you know?🤔👌💯 what do you think of rogue one not having an opening crawl?🤔👌💯😖😣 #starwars #openingcrawl #georgelucas #rogueone #changes #starwarschanges

That moment when summer meets fall. 🌞🌳🌬🍂🍁 #summer #fall #autumn #changes #seasons

Dziś rano obudziłam się jako blondynka, a pójdę spać już jako brunetka 🙈 #blondiegone#brownhair #longhair #changes#uk#bristol

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