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Never give up because great things take time. #LifeCurrency101 #Happiness #Success #MakeADifference

#Day3 2 of 2 @cuchira #BEYOUtifulU #challenge on the #lateside. 8 pages and 10 video clips later... I️ had to divide them into 2 posts (5 videos each). I️ started the beginning from the my most current post. Swipe and see them all.

Had my first meet of the season and I'm off to a good start 😊😊😊

Our heart holds the power to unite and inspire. Our connection to each is our greatest currency, and Its deeply moving to see and feel the reach we’re having with HeartRise. We’re SO grateful for our incredible team, and growing global community. When we journey the path of giving and inclusion, the universe opens her arms to us. When we remember we’re in this together, we cultivate courage and faith in our greater human family. A big loving hug to all of you who support us and have touched us along this path… We’re excited for what’s on the HeartRise Horizon.
If you want to get more involved- come join our HeartRise Movement Hub on FB>> we’ve got a lot cooking for 2018 and can’t wait to have more of you on board!! http://bit.ly/HeartRiseHub

Because you’ve got to be prepared for seven mini stories within my story, and then me forgetting the punch line 😂⚡️✨ @bumble #extraordinaryaf #womenwhoconnect #storytelling

Part 1&2 - Hey y’all. I’m a multifaceted founder and changemaker. Hope you enjoy my motivational TedX talk. I was born and brought up in Gurgaon but I breathe like a global citizen. I’m a motivational DJ too. #change#changemakers#changemaker #rulebreaker#leanin#makeAchange#Makeithappen#founder#founders#forbes#forbes30under30#forbes40under40#forbes50under50#ForbesScyauzmeUnderScayzMe#adorbs#entrepreneur

Work for that milk and honey, so that it can be shared around 🍯💕✨ @rupikaur_ #thinkextraordinary #womenwhoconnect #extraordinaryAF

"Just wanted to remind you the work you do puts smiles on kids’ faces—and not just those receiving the food!" We love our volunteers of every age 👏👏👏


Once in a while blow your own damn mind. #BossLife #FemaleStrong #WomensBest #FridayFunday 📸: @shaliquaa

Not to the world, not to things you don't care about, and not to the million directions everyone else wants you to take. Saying yes is about actually saying #yes to YOURSELF ♡
It's to all of us that want so much to help others that sometimes we forget to give to ourselves. It leaves you empty and resistant to doing things, taking risks, and letting yourself fly - because you don't have the strength or time.
Give yourself permission to be fabulous. To be a little #selfish so you can be all there and then decide to do more for others.
Change happens on the inside before it is created on the outside. Show yourself you matter. #bethelight .
#truthbetold #lifeofadventure #liveunscripted

✨ARE YOU DOING ENOUGH?!✨For many people, what you have to offer, what YOU do, is never enough. 🤷🏻‍♀️ No matter how hard you try to please somebody, be the "perfect" friend, "perfect" employee, have the "perfect" body, whatever it is, for somebody, even for YOU, it may never seem like enough.⠀

Yet we spend most of the day trying to be "enough" for SOMEBODY...or SOMETHING...⠀

Which is completely crazy, right?!⠀

Because if you think about it, how many people can you please in a day? AND if you're not happy with yourself INTERNALLY, then is it worth it?⠀

Is it worth trying to appeal to everybody's version of enough?⠀

This is something I used to struggle with without even being aware of it. In business, with my body, family, friends...⠀

I wanted to be PERFECT (whatever the fuck that means anyway...) and I wanted to please everybody. Because I LOVE being there to help people, and make their lives easier.⠀

I would plan my life around what I could do for others, how I could make them feel better, how I could enhance their lives...⠀

And don't get me wrong...I LOVE being able to help others, be there for them, make their lives easier, happier....BUT...when it means putting MYSELF last, that is actually helping no one involved. ⠀

I made the decision I was going to put MYSELF first, so that when I am at my best, I can help others when being the BEST version of me (which is even better for everyone!)⠀

I still have days where I feel like I am not doing enough, ESPECIALLY as an entrepreneur, but I've now become AWARE of when I am acting out of a desire to please someone else (but really not wanting to do it), versus if it's in integrity with who I am, and brings me joy in the process.⠀

I don't ever want to return to being resentful, having that uneasy feeling in my gut, always reaching OUTSIDE of myself to figure out when "enough is enough." What changed for me was setting boundaries, and creating my OWN definition of what "ENOUGH" means to me....and when I am faced with a decision, I turn INWARDS and FEEL out what I want to do. (READ FULL POST ON Facebook)

How much fun can you really have on your social media to build #brandawareness while sharing your knowledge and #makeanimpact on others?
I started INSTAMASS @total_genius for 12 days of #businesstips and #motivation for #bloggers and #entrepreneur change makers.
What can you do that could set your brand apart? (Watch the first days @total_genius link in bio) and catch me live everyday on Instagram!

Graduated 👩🏾‍🎓from @handsonatl Civic Leadership Program today. It’s been an awesome year of leading volunteer projects at A.G.Rhodes! More service to come. Happy Friday! .
#volunteer #leadership #handsonatl #service #nonprofit #changemaker #atlanta #blackgirlmagic #melanin #plussizemodel #locs #womenwithlocs #naturals #ootd #blackgirlsrock #glowup #slay

"Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. " – Joel A. Barker⠀

Photo by Vlad Tchompalov

After a long hiatus, we are back and active here on Instagram! We'll be sharing our events/initiatives, raising awareness about global issues, and ways YOU can make change.*
#activism #changemaker #youth #young #fun #instagood #instalike #instalove #instamood #photography #team #inspiration #hardwork #toronto #the6ix #photooftheday #goodvibes #world #leadership #retreat #love #smile #amazing #focus #nature #like

. 🎶🌸 Come and join me at Lost Paradise @lostparadiseau in the Shambhala yoga tent ‪on the 30th Dec at 4pm‬ 🎶 you can get a special discounted ticket by clicking the link in profile 🌸🌿☀️

Who hasn’t finished all their Christmas shopping yet? 🙋🏼‍♀️ While I am very much into gift giving in the form of experiences, I also do love giving a very thoughtful, and sustainable gift that I know a friend or family member will love ✨ So today I am sharing with you my favorite sustainable living gifts for always anyone in your life ✨ What I love about these gifts is that they all tell a story, or support a small business, and each and everyone was made in an ethical, sustainable way ✨ I hope that this gift guide will inspire you this season, and bring more sustainability into your gift giving ✨ Link in profile as always!

Soulworkers Journal 💌
Hello World! Ich bin Anna und werde von nun an als Teil von SOULWORX das Schiff in die „neue Welt“ des Arbeitens mitnavigieren. Menschliches Miteinander, sinngetriebenes Arbeiten und Wertschätzung für den Anderen sind meine Überzeugungen für eine starke und gesunde Organisation. Mein Antrieb ist es vorhandene Potentiale aufzudecken, zu nutzen und weiter auszubauen. So schön, dass ich mit SOULWORX eine Mannschaft an meiner Seite habe, die für genau die gleichen Werte und Ideen einsteht - und wir gemeinsam mit viel Power nun die Soulworkermission weiter umsetzen werden.
Als Remote- und Mobile-Soulworker werde ich die Möglichkeiten und Tools des „neuen Arbeitens“ selber hautnah ausprobieren und von meinen Erfahrungen berichten. Eine kontinuierliche und transparente Kommunikation wird dabei der Schlüssel für erfolgreiche gemeinsame Projekte sein. Als rheinische Frohnatur aus der Domstadt bin ich überzeugt, dass uns das gut gelingen wird. Auf eine tolle Reise in Zukunft der Arbeit!


#soulworx #purposedriven #changemaker #soulworkersmission

What a morning!
➕ Filled all 10 spots in my #fitfocus2018 virtual bootcamp in LESS THAN 24 hours!
➕ Got to workout with 2 fit friends ❤️ from this month’s bootcamp
➕ Made 70ish cookies with two 3 year olds and a 5 year old
I’m feeling so EXCITED about everyone who has gone ALL IN for #fitfocus2018 that I’m opening 10 more spots! They’ll go fast so grab yours! #fomo will be STRONG when these results start rolling in!

1.) Your beliefs
2.) Your attitude
3.) Your thoughts
4.) Your reactions
5.) Your perspective
6.) Your boundaries
7.) How honest you are
8) Who your friends are
9.) What books you read
10.) How often you exercise
11.) They type of food you eat
12 ) How many risk you take
13.) How kind you are to others
14.) How kind you are to yourself
15.) How often you say "I love you"
16.) How often you say "thank you"
17.) How often you express your feelings
18.) Whether or not you ask for help
19.) How often you practice gratitude
20.) How many times you smile today
21.) The amount of effort you put forth
22.) How you spend and invest your money
23.) How much time you spend worrying
24.) How you handle rejection
25.) How you face your fears
26.) How you communicate
Visit www.preventingstress.com

#preventingstress #ownership #myspiritualpath #truth #honest #kindness #spiritualgrowth #love #light #universe #connection #gratitude #joy #inspiration #fitness #fitnessmotivation #healthylifestyle #eatwellbewell #bethechange #changemaker #mindfulness #motivation #meditation #empowered #stressfree #freedom #communication #boundaries #breathe #nature

Sometimes you meet your tribe. And when you know you know. If it’s not a ‘hell yes’ it’s a no applies to all relationships. Thank you @julesschroederlife for getting this crew together. #unconventionallife #upgrading #freethinkers #respectthechannel #consciousculture #consciousminds #entrepreneurgoals #changemaker #nicaragua #aquawellnessresort #findyourflow #knowyourtribe #travelerslife #collaborations

Meet Sharon Harris 😁
Sharon is Deloitte’s Senior Alliance Manager on the Google DoubleClick Alliance team. With more than 18 years of traditional and digital media experience (from digital platforms to satellite radio to interactive TV and mobile initiatives), Sharon has been an executive on a variety of senior management teams at major corporations including Microsoft, AOL, T-Mobile, Reuters, Discovery Networks and Credit Suisse to help define and translate their brand and business strategies into revenue.

Sharon serves the Chair of non-profit boards including SISGI (Sustainable Impacts and Strategic Global Initiatives) and The Marcus Graham Project. Sharon has been a leader and participant in diversity and inclusion efforts in advertising and technology, actively coaching and mentoring college students in the advertising business and technology space.
Sharon actively works in the Be Bold for Change Organization by advocating for inclusion and equality and has a history of forming organizations and groups to drive change globally. Sharon is committed to empowering women and illuminating those points of intersection across race, culture, social economic background, religion and identity. Sharon believes that women connecting and uniting together is a powerful force for change and our voices are critical in shaping the future.
#beboldteam #beboldforchange

Miradas y preguntas curiosas, a veces inquisitivas, es lo que recibo cuando uso mi kit reutilizable; es normal, esta bien, es parte del proceso. •
A pesar que vivimos en una cultura que vota predominantemente por lo desechable, yo voto a favor de lo que perdura. Si queremos ver un cambio en el mundo, el cambio lo tenemos que SER cada uno de nosotros 🦋... Por un 🌎 más consciente, sostenible y compasivo 💚
#vivecompasion #zerowaste #basuracero #zerowasteliving #sustainableliving #menosbasura #simplelife #consciousliving #savetheplanet #consumoconsciente #viviendoconsciente #bethechange #lifewithpurpose #compassionateliving #5rs #changemaker #maketheconnection #hazlaconexion #spiritualwarrior #activismo #activism #habitos #mazatlan #lavidaeneltropico #lifeinthetropics #mexico

My current personal project: Love 😶😶😶😶The universal kind- not the one from the rom com 😂🙃it’s always been a resistant area of mine Bc I always associated it with being some angel 24/7 who doesn’t swear and I was like yup... I don’t think I’ll be hitting that level of enlightenment this time around. .
But it’s really not that at all. As humans we act in only two realities: love or fear. And we get more love, by giving more love. And it doesn’t require you to be a holy saint . The act can be simple. A small gesture with the impacts being so profound✨A smile to a stranger, calling an old friend you miss, saying sorry first, or a listening, non- judgmental ear for someone who may need it the most 💕✨ so friend, Where can and will you add in just a little more love in your day #doitwithlove

You say that there are no presents under the tree. First off, I am The Gift! 🎁(lol, but yea)

When picking my word for the year, I love to look for signs!
For example, you might be reading a book when a word just jumps out of the page at you.
Or maybe you’re in conversation with a friend and you find yourself repeating the same word over and over again.
These are signs and inspiration that can help guide your word of the year and put you in the right direction. Tell me lovelies, have you picked a word for the year yet? Image via: @melissa.cassera 💕

Veckan då mitt hjärta krossas om och om igen dagligen, så fort någon berättar historier från verkligheten på musikhjälpen. Historierna som bokstavligen får mig att tappa andan, fan va det gör ont i en att ens behöva tänka tanken att alla inte förstår att barn inte är till salu. Tänk er att barnen, redan från spädbarns ålder, blir fråntagen sina mänskliga rättigheter. Man vill göra så mycket mer i just detta nu. Glöm inte önska din favorit låt och gå super gärna in och buda på fina FSSS smycken som säljs till musikhjälpen, länk i profilen. Ingen skulle bli gladare än de magiska barnen som bokstavligen får tillbaka livet på grund av erat bud. Hejja tillgången på mänsklig rättigheter och att vi alla kan göra något.
💔💚🌏🙌🏼 Låt: hurula - helvete här

Happening tomorrow at St. Anthony secondary school, Ilorin.
Put a smile on someone's face. And together we can make the world a better place.
We are Useful Youths!!!! @mikeeloladipo #heroesnation #takingTheLead #ZazzyConcepts
#ForReal #Media #shareAndGive ##ChangeMaker

When you’re sensitive yet savage. Lol

Currently attending a conference full of creative changemakers from all over the country- creators and makers of all kinds, arts activists and people with big expansive ideas. I am humbled and grateful to be here -- to enter into multiple conversations and to be an active part of creating change.
#changemaker #artivist

"Nadya Okamoto founded a nonprofit organization that provides menstrual products to homeless women and ran for office in her local government." - Malala Yousafzai (SAID THIS for the Teen Vogue forward, AHH freaking out) 🙈 So honored and humbled to be one of this year's #21under21 for Teen Vogue! 💜 “When I started Period, I didn’t think it would grow so fast,” she says. “I was just trying to do the work I felt like I needed to. It was very passion-­driven.” -- One of the most common questions that I get is "how do you balance everything you do?" My honest answer is that everything I do, I LOVE...and I know that is a big privilege to have. It doesn't feel like work to me, it feels like living my purpose and having fun and collaborating with people who inspire me. ❤️ A few weeks ago during the first-ever #TeenVogueSummit, TOMS surprised me and three other girls from the list with $25k each to pursue our projects -- and I will be devoting 100% of mine to Period. Inc. and our work to keep fighting for equitable access to menstrual hygiene. It is almost 2018, and we STILL live in a country where the leading causes of absenteeism in school for adolescent girls are period-related issues (whether because of a lack of resources of painful cramps), and 37 states in the United States STILL have a sales tax on period products because they are not considered necessities. Well, it's time for that to change. The #MenstrualMovement ❤️ TO SUPPORT: LINK IN BIO

Cutest baby ever in her Mexican Dress! And we have a little SURPRISE FLASH SALE💥Our Mexican baby dresses (size 0 - 1) are only $34.95 this weekend only, to help you get the cutest baby you know into the cutest dress ever. And we have ALL THE COLOURS! Enter the code OHBABY at checkout for $15 off. 👶 🌵❤️ Pssst: you can apply the code to as many size 0 - 1 Mexican dresses as you want to get your paws on, so don’t hold back ladies. 🤗

Social responsibility is at the core of Freda’s corporate identity. A brand developed by women for women advocating ingredient transparency, sustainability and social responsibility whilst busting absurd myths surrounding periods.

#befreda #changemaker #purchasewithpurpose #dignity #health #noshame #periods #consciousconsumer #giveback

A major emphasis of #IsHeHereYet is changing the ways we look at ourselves. Once we do that, pathways open up for new things to come in and be made manifest. What are some self-perceptions you guys are working on changing today? Mine is the need to be right. #gay #gayspirit #authorsofinstagram

A dream came true - our own fashion label 🖤 Let's do something good together with fashion guys 👗 HAPPY FRIDAY ! Press wall by @werbeagentur_vagentur 🔝 #KOMBOJ #changemaker #goodvibes #fashionlabel #startup #founder #statement

High five Friday’s🖐🏼: Our big high five of the week goes to Micah Inak out of Lakewood OH. Micah won the State Farm created teen traffic safety billboard contest. We love it, Micah!!! TEENS MAKING A DIFFERENCE! #HighFiveLTT photo- patch.com

The physical change between these two photos may not be earth shattering, but the emotional change has been enormous • The face on the left is one of a lady who felt embarrassed about her body. She felt stuck in a rhythm and sad about where she was headed. She knew making better food choices and being physically active would help, but had no clue where to start • The face on the right is one of a lady who is embracing her changing body and who has a PLAN. She knows where she’s headed, she knows which foods make her feel the best and which workouts will help her get the results that she’s wanting. Most of all, she has HOPE and JOY in this process. She still has off days, but the trajectory of her life is headed in a direction of health and wholeness.

If you’re feeling like the lady on the left, I want to HELP you come up with a plan to head into health and wholeness. I have a 21 day challenge starting in January and want YOU to be a part of it. Comment below or DM me if you want in! #allthingspossible #facetofacefriday

¿Quieres saber más sobre nosotros? Escríbenos un mensaje directo y pregúntanos lo que quieras, estaremos encantados de responderte.

Utterly proud of you @mariciajosephs! From first year college intern at CHOZEN MEDIA to #bossbabe. #YouInspireMe ❤️🔥💯
Tomorrow is launch day ✨ @wedreaminhd | #wedreaminhd

Abraham, a Mastercard Foundation Scholar at Ashesi University, worked with friends to start the Ahote Sanitation Project, an umbrella project that has improved sanitary conditions in Berekuso, Ghana, by providing eco-friendly toilets, assisting with waste removal and promoting recycling. Click the link in our bio to learn more about Mastercard Foundation Scholars and how they are creating change in their communities.

If only I could spend EVERY weekend like this!!!

Work work work op de Samenwerkingsdag van @zakenmeisje in @clubvers in mijn hometown Den Haag!
Nice to meet you @johanna_mager, @mariekepennings, @romy.barendse en @elisasyakur!

Medical engagement: Dr Anthony Dyal explains how he changed things with colleagues. .
#healthcare #nhs #patient #patients #doctors #doctor #medicine #futuredoctors #changemaker #changemakers #success

Before we can really commit, we have to be clear on and true to what we're committing to. So often commitment ends up feeling like obligation, a should, where our mind is convincing ourselves or someone else we can do or be, instead of listening to that which we really feel called to. When instead commitment is born of the heart, it awakens our purpose with passion... and the fuel to inspire our action with dedication and an unrelenting power from within. Your heart is where your true commitment comes alive. Commit to being true. The rest will FLOW.

"Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong". (Ella Fitzgerald)
Als tallers #MOVIC cantem. Cantem molt!!!!
In our MOVIC workshops we sing. We sing a lot!
Diuen que el món, els sistema i la societat canviarà quan nosaltres com a individus canviem. Estar disposats a fer-ho implica dubtar, tenir por, anar justos de calers per no optar pel camí ja dibuixat, ser creatius, inventors, inspirats i motivats... Potser només es tracta de ser nosaltres mateixos més que mai. 🙇‍♀️
#workinghappy #education #tallersenanglès #english #bages #igersbages #catalunya #tallers #workshops #emprenedoria #enterpreneur #educació #pedagogia #mestra #teacher #teachersfollowteachers #inspiration #love #musicteacher #music #singing #makeanimpact #changesociet #changemaker

Wow... Great time-out yesterday celebrating Christmas with the beautiful kids of Juvenline Home, Abeokuta.

Christmas is all about giving and showing love and by this; love was shown to this wonderful kids who were elated about our visit.

Thanks to @bhabie399 , Dahunsi Folasade and @mrmofmedia (our able photographer) for making this a success.. God bless you guys for showing love to this kids.

Cheers!! #ayokanmioyeyemi #changemaker #positive # #grace #Godsfactor #wow #amazing #giving #christmas #love #unity #orphanage #remandhome #likeforlike #followforfollow

🎊🎉 #weekendlove

There's this one lemon that just won't go away and that's feeling that you didn't do enough despite all that you've accomplished this year. It's the lemon that makes you dim your own light. Cut yourself some slack and pat yourself on the back. #lemons2lemonade

Missed out on yesterday's #YouthVenture Panel? There's another group of #youngsocialentrepreneurs going in front of a panel in 30 minutes! This is one of the biggest milestones of a young #Changemaker's journey. Check it out on our Facebook page @UnitedWayYouthVenture.
Each of our #VentureTeams picks a cause that they are passionate about. It's no surprise, that many feel dedicated to our furry four legged friends. Pennies for Paws is looking to raise funds to replace the harmful rocks at @gardneranimalshelter with pet safe turf. This will help to reduce health risks and make the animals happier until they find their forever home <3

When you don’t have anything, a donation can be a miracle.⠀

✨✨You Can Make Miracles Happen. ✨✨Donate now. Link in our bio.⠀


#ShareHumanity #UnitedNations #humanitarian #humanitarianaid #aid #digitalhumanitarian #humanity #inspiring #dosomething #takeaction #hope #inspiration #instagood #instamoment #changemaker #actnow #miracles

Yesterday @veronicafossa presented @mealatwork for the first time to a live audience in #Tallinn, #Estonia. We have some great plans for 2018. Stay tuned! #we_factory #mealatwork

Yesterday I gave a free public talk in #Tallinn about eating on the job, #happiness at work, and the first public presentation of @mealatwork. This was also the last talk of the year and a major turning point. It wraps up everything that I've been working on in 2017. Also it sets the ground for what all the future direction of @we_factory.
When at the end of last year, I took the decision to focus entirely on the connection between eating, the workplace and design, I had to start all over. New strategy, new clients, new storytelling. I invested all the savings into a major rebranding of @we_factory. For many months, the only thing that kept me going was the absolute belief that my idea could improve the everyday life of lots of working people, and in a way or another I would figure my way out. So, when in September, I received the news that I was selected as an emerging young social innovator by @ashokachangemakers, it was clear that I was on the right path. Thanks everybody who joined my talk yesterday and contributed by sharing their own experiences! It's always a pleasure to return! ❤️ I'm so looking forward to make 2018 the best year yet! #we_factory #entrepreneur #socent #wefxtallinn

LET'S GO #changemaker
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Mosaicommunity
Instagram : mosaic.share.life
twitter : MosaicShareLife

I’ll just leave it at that! 🖤

@Meliponi vous souhaite à toutes et à tous un très bon #weekend !
📷 #MissionCambodia #Ecotourisme #Ecotourism #Mission #Cambodia #KohKong #Cambodge #Morodok #Meliponi Octobre 2017
🎬 Everyone is a #moviemaker 🎬
💕 #MakeVideoNotWar 💕

“Thank you for the great work you do from all of us at @facebook. And as I woman, I applaud you.” - Zojuist had ik een videocall met een representative van het EMEA HQ van Facebook in Londen, die hun felicitaties overbracht voor het winnen van #viva400 award met @ambitieuzemeisjes. Ik zeg: dikke LIKE 👍🏻✨ (en best een beetje kippenvel) #proud #facebook #community #buildingabrighterfuture #changemaker #unity #connectingpeople #womensupportingwomen #ambitieuzemeisjes #onmyvideophone

Watching Mayuri Bhattacharjee (@mayuri_tezpur) and the Sikun Relief Foundation (@sikunrelief) continue to change perceptions and mindsets about menstrual hygiene through their sessions and teaching just shows you how everyone can make a difference if you put your time and effort into it. Keep up the amazing work Mayuri!

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