Leaders of tomorrow - this one is for you ........ I've had the privilege of spending time over the last ten years with over a 100 corportate leaders shaping business and strategy. But what separated the #wheat from the #chaff.... #Action! Speaking is one thing... So is getting creative and developing ideas but truly leading a cause, a mission or business its ultimately done by leading with action and #example
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Lara Gressley is the consummate change agent. Vote June 5th! #riverside #criminaljustice #law #truth #districtattorney #vote4da #vote #makeadifference #changemaker

Millennials views on business motivations and ethics took a sharp turn down in the latest Deloitte Millennial Survey. They don't believe business behave in an ethical matter or that business leaders are committed to improve society. What now?

Join our workshop to learn how your business can align with purpose and have a real positive impact based on your business model and capabilities. A first step to become an agent of positive change. Sign up today to secure your spot.

When we chatted with Mikaela she was 22 and had been out of home for about four years.

She spoke to us about the impact bullying and violence has had on her life… “Bullying is so under estimated as a form of violence and how much it affects your entire life. I was verbally and mentally abused at school and it wrecked my self worth. Kids picked on me for everything! Excluding someone, being left out, is also bullying – it’s not just verbal or physical abuse that hurts. Cyber bullying is huge too.

I want schools to get the message to kids that being a bully is NOT ok.

Bullying’ is only on the news when someone is killed but some kids live this everyday. Bullying kills people.

Your impact matters. Would you like to join us?
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It’s a Fit Life Party! Come as you are lovers💛 .

You and yours are invited. .

You know that party that everyone is talking about and you don’t know if you should go but deep down you know I’ll be fun and you’ll meet so many dope people...THIS is that party. When you sign up to join my girls and I with our Fit Life Bootcamp...party 🤗
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We start June 4th. .

Come ready, come scared, come skeptical, come open, come with positivity even if you have to fake it lol I assure you if you follow these steps you’ll never want to leave the party Lovers. Comment below with your email for a formal invite to join me and some friends 💌 #EmpoweredbyCathy #afitsoulrevolution

There is an incredible amount of care and precision that goes into the making of each and every one of our bags.

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The master-mind behind our client's photoshoots. Monique started photography as a passion project. We originally brought her on as a freelancer, but after seeing her extraordinary photos, we had to have her as a part of our team. She makes each product and model look classy, beautiful and professional. Most people assume cannabis photography is raw and "stonery" but Monique transforms every photo into a piece of art.
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I love butterfly’s. Every time I see one I know some type of positive change is coming. I had to take a picture at this beautiful pop up. 📸 by: @thatswhat_brisaid

〰️ Saturday 26th May 〰️


We all know that we as young women can put really high expectations on ourselves and when it’s not achieved we can beat ourselves up for it! In order to truly flourish we need to love ourselves enough to give ourselves grace to celebrate the journey rather than the end destination! ✨

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Magiska morgnar avlöser varandra.

Ser ut att bli en vacker dag.

Gå upp och möta den?

Eller sluta ögonen, vila en stund till?

Hur som helst, hoppas du gör det bästa av den.



I am so amped about tomorrow!!! Our promo and marketing went so well. I cant wait to connect with all of you ladies!!! Remember my panel is at 12:30 in room 304 and if you'd like to come chat with me or purchase a book, come see me at booth 309!!! #LenaCohen #EQNavigator #Blessed #Motivation #Inspiration #Instagood #Speaker #Coach #Author #Consultant #Women #Friday #MemorialDayWeekend #Holiday #Fun

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