My next mission because I just can’t seem to be consistent with turning up to the gym due to my lifestyle I lead. It’s time to invest in a gym at home which is boring but still effective. Weights are actually not that expensive at K Mart. Goals to achieve, we need to access and reflect on what works best in new times and new seasons. The same routines and plans doesn’t always work, so we must continue to change it up to what is best. I know that I can’t rely on others to get me to where I need to be with my health, wealth and knowledge gains, I must simply choose to do what is necessary to see results for myself. If you keep asking people to do for you, you ain’t never going to change your situation yourself. We must first make the choices that are needed and bust our own ass so that we simply, get shit done. ✅ If your setup then you can be okay to take others under your wing, but if your not right with you then correct yourself and gain ground again. Your own home is important, money is important, a job is important and then on top of all that live right with your health, fitness and mental wellbeing. Your own choices will either build your life up good, or break it down destructively. First things first, get you right 👉 #goalsup #changeitup #itallstartswithyou #bethechange #doitright #growup #bebetterforyou

New non scale goal 🥅 - Push this lump of muscle from one end of the mat to the other by September. Today’s 10cm distance is a great start 💪🏻💪🏻
#sledpush #muscle #legday #dead #changeitup #whataguy #coach @dominiksydow

Loving the color Deanna fixed up today . Rose grey hues .
#changeitup #shorthairlove

From a beautiful blonde to a beautiful red violet color. This is my before and after look 👀 #lovemyjob #beforenafterhairsalon #changeitup #summerfunlook #haircut #blowdrystraight #loveyournewlook

Variety is the spice of life (and a key piece of a well rounded movement practice!)
Sure you can do a squat, but how many different ways can you change it? Changing tempo is just one of the many ways to challenge your body differently.
I recently started doing hot yoga - not so much for the yoga (being hyperbendy means I truly don’t need to spend any more time stretching my hamstrings in the traditional sense) but for the different types of classes that bring variety to my movement vocabulary.
Walking, running, strength training are all good - but how else can you move your body to keep yourself prepped for anything?
And maybe that anything is running a 10k. Or doing that big hike all your friends have but you haven’t tried because you don’t want to pay for it later (with pain and the inability to walk for days). Or maybe you just want to feel like even more of a badass and an experienced mover in many things instead of one. 👌🏻
What are the many ways you like to move?🤔

This gym is like Disneyland. Love discovering new equipment. #changeitup#legday

After a class @soulcycle had to check out Real Good Juice ❤
I had the yum yum in my tum tum smoothie, and avocado toast 🥑
This place takes delicious and nutritious to another level 😎
Please come to the south side 😊😍🤗
#realgoodjuiceco #smoothie #avocadotoast #sogood #soulcycle #healthyfoods #healthyrestaurant #changeitup #funday #happysaturday

RSD:693 looks like I'm doing a triathlon! Hills for days on my run. Ps I can't swim yet #butigotthis #rwrunstreak #triathlon #changeitup

New hair, who this?💁🏼‍♀️💋 #changeitup

Yesterday's, as in last year's, work revisited. From Snapseed to Prisma to PicsArt, last June's flower visitor from over the backyard fence, gets a new vibe. This is a really fun activity, but then I love playing with edits. It helps me embrace change, which is constantly around us, but which we do not always want to see. By being the agent of change, in my own photos, I see that the changes in life are not total chaos, they bring their own grace and solace. Oh, I need to be quiet now--let it be, Ru! 🙏

#letyourartistout #gridded #vibrantcolors
#snapseededits #prismas #picsarts #reworkit

OH HEY THERE🙋🏽‍♀️ You may have noticed my profile has changed a little....and that’s because I’ve decided to change my blog up a bit.

I had been feeling quite a disconnect from the #studyblr community as I’m no longer in Uni or studying — but I am still passionate about learning, productivity and achieving goals that I could not walk away completely.

But then it dawned on me, I’m not at all forced to post what I had always been doing. It was totally freeing! So from now on LTLL is going to focus more on my life and the things I’m passionate about — with the intention to grow a community + exist in a space that is supportive and inspiring.

I’m going to start focusing on sharing more about my passions, the struggles (and the successes) of starting my own business, how I stay productive, achieving your #goals and of course my obsession with my desk + stationary 😁 (Plus a little more home decor and my personal life thrown in there for good measure.)

I hope you enjoy my refreshed perspective and new content coming soon!
#changeisgood #changeitup #myblog #blogging #studying #productivity #learning #career #careeradvice #homedecor #mylife #newperspective

Had a pretty fun workout today. Worked on some different training than usual. A lot of core work, that is a 50lbs dumbbell overhead and 110 dumbbell in the other hand. Tons of walks back and forth engaging a whole lotta stuff!!! Looks simple but there's a lot to keeping the core working! Then my little duck walk torture device. Only 160lbs for several runs but holding by the chains was tough!

Then had farmers runs, plyometrics, rows, arm over arm prowler and some triceps (got my guns from 16 1/2 to 18 1/2 aleady! Less than 2 months). Oh and a tire deadlift I was playing on.

Keep up the work, change it up, get the body moving!

#viking #VIKINGFITNESS #core #coreworkout #strongman #beards #gymmotivation #changeitup #arms #strongmantraining

Smile often, Laugh at the small things, Wake up, it's not about the fights it's about making it though, it's not about the things that annoy you it's being able to overlook them, and remember tomorrow isn't promised to anyone, If your unhappy change it! #happiness #loveofmylife #lovemyman #changeitup #wakeup

Mint chocolate fudge swirl 🌱🍫💚 Love having a craving for ice cream, brainstorming with kids on flavours, and eating it 25 minutes later. It’s that easy (with an ice cream maker – Cuisinart is a good brand). #recipe #dairyfree #vegan
• 1 can coconut milk in large measuring cup
• top it up to 3 cups with cashew milk (good because it’s thick) or another can of coconut milk
• 1/2 cup amber maple syrup
• 1-2 drops peppermint essential oil
• if you want it green, 1 tsp mint chlorophyll

Once it’s almost finished (around 20 minutes) drizzle in the chocolate fudge sauce:
• 1:1, I mixed 3 tbsp raw cacao powder to 3 tbsp amber maple syrup

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