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Was happy to do some visual mapping with my students after a long week of lecturing. #newsemesterbegins #changehowyouthink

Yes, Everything is simple. It's People who complicate things. Everything in life is neutral, We complicate Everything with the mind!
#Changehowyouthink #Changeyourlife

To anyone wishing for something great to happen just know its a mindset away😙🙄
Good Morning Destiny Chasers☄👢 #ChangeHowYouThink #ChangeHowYouSpeak #ChangeWhatYouEntertain

sink into the sky :)
#changehowyouthink #sky #building

be all about the positive vibes this weekend guys!!!
busting myths about being positive and sharing tips on how to build that "think positive" habit at Social, Fun Republic this Saturday 19th Aug 4-5pm @positivityangel will reinvent how you think about positivity!
trust me, she made it so for me!!!
#circleofpositivity #positive #positivity #positivevibes #changehowyouthink

Just finished my salad for lunch and am sitting here working while my team runs for our traditional Wednesday Coke. Making sacrifices is hard. Not eating what you want to eat is hard. But you know what? It's only hard RIGHT NOW. I'm not still lamenting the cookie I didn't eat yesterday. I'm not wishing I had some of Matt's fries last night. The only thing that's hard is right now. So push through it! Be strong, because tomorrow it won't matter! You know what will matter? In ten days when I do some professional fitness photos for my business, it will matter that I did EVERYTHING I could to look great for those pictures. This summer, it will matter that I feel amazing at the splash pad in my swimsuit. Tomorrow, it will matter that I have energy from eating fuel for my body instead of crap that drags me down. That's what will matter. Not the ten minutes I'm bummed that I don't have a soda in my hand. When you change the way you think about eating, you change your attitude and the way you feel about food. It's so much more than being on a diet or losing a few pounds. You've got to get out of the moment and think about how worth it this will be down the road. #mindset #fitfisch #changehowyouthink #attitudeiseverything

Kate James serves up bite-sized tips on how to live a more fulfilling & fantastic life in her books now available @dymocks_bundaberg @hachetteaus @total_balance #katejames#changeyourlife#changehowyouthink#believeinyourself#bemindful

We'd like to give a special shoutout to @lemoyne_wbb Head Coach Castelli for giving our girls a motivational pep talk about bouncing back. Thanks Coach!! #InsideTheL #ChangeHowYouThink


Hit #Like if your reading this👆🏽 #YoutooBitterBetty #Change how you see others. #ChangeHowYouThink #GM ❤️'s #LikeThis #PostofTheday #Repost

sink into the sky :)
#changehowyouthink #sky #building

Been thinking about this a lot lately!!! Need to get ride of the negativity and focus on positive changes ❤️ Health is more than what you are doing and eating, it is also about what you are thinking. Today I am grateful to live in such a beautiful free country, and to have a body, imperfect as it is, that can carry me through 11 miles of trails ❤️#gratitudeproject #changehowyouthink #begrateful #mentalhealthmatters #trailrunner #runreddeer

I've been continuously happy this week and I haven't been that in a long time.. Stress can't touch me and I can conquer anything!!!! Sooo I think it had to do with my determined attitude change. And with saying that, I'm going to try and keep this up without letting negativity consume every challenge. I'm going to purposefully challenge myself and live outside my comfort zone.

Negativity be gone!! #attitude #positivity #youcanchangeanything
#comfortzone #youhavecontrolofyou

Its always you. What will you #accept? How will you #allow yourself to be treated ? When will you #sayno and #honoryourself ? When the wrong peole leave they give you a #gift . #changehowyouthink #setboundaries #itsoktowalkaway #energybegetsenergy #compatibility

Was happy to do some visual mapping with my students after a long week of lecturing. #newsemesterbegins #changehowyouthink

You have only one life, so don’t waste it, don’t waste time! If you truly want to change your life then change how you think. Only you can change your life. Nobody else can! You have to want it within yourself! Put your mind to it! You can do whatever you put your mind to!
Good morning #motivationthursday #keepgoing #inspirational #dontgiveup #changeyourlife #changehowyouthink

🌟🌟What if you believed that you could be as successful as you dream of being?🌟 What if you believed it was already a done deal?

What if you could create anything you wanted in your business?

Your life?

What if you could change your old stories like, "I'm not good enough" "I always get fed up and then give up" "I'm not worthy" "I don't know how to"

Or ____________ (insert your particular limiting beliefs here!) What if you could motivate yourself EVERY DAY to do the work that needs to be done.


What if you could feel energised and excited about your business 💯of the time?

What if you could take your business and mold it into EXACTLY the business you WISH it could be?

What if you felt MORE CONFIDENT and stopped caring about what other people might or might not think of you?

What if..........? There IS a way to unlock all of the above and much more and it's one of the world's best kept secrets - I never learned this in school and I'm pretty sure you didn't either!

I'm talking about the AWESOME tool that is Mindset work.

You can work on your mindset every day by journaling.

You can reprogram yourself to believe new empowering thoughts.

Obliterate limiting beliefs that you've been telling yourself for years!

Imagine being able to get rid of the very shiz that's holding you back!

What would that feel like?

Please don't dismiss mindset work as mumbo jumbo like I did when I first heard of it.


Want to know more?

Want to get started but don't know how?

Then grab my 21 Day Beginners Mindset Challenge program before I retire it on the 21st September and while it's on for just £2.77!! You'll receive short trainings every day via your inbox and there's an exercise for you to do after each training. You can spend as little or as much time on them as you want and after 21 days you'll be able to fly on your own! I don't doubt you'll have had some real breakthroughs along the way too.

GRAB IT NOW FOR JUST £2.77 BEFORE IT'S GONE 🌟🌟http://creativebizhelp.co.uk/shop/🌟

#changehowyouthink The moment you say yes to Christ, your new life starts now. #newcreationinchrist #newlife #startagain #startwithHope

Love who you are, embrace who you are. Love yourself. When you love yourself, people can kind of pick up on that: they can see confidence, they can see self-esteem, and naturally, people gravitate towards you. Lilly Singh
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Day 3 #365wellbeingforlife challenge
New evidence from 'the Newscientist' shows that willpower & powers of self control, & motivation are potentially more limitless, rather than limited. This could mean, that when it comes to willpower, the more you use it, the more you keep at it, the more likely you could be to succeed.

As they say in the article, 'think of willpower as the car's battery'..' The more you drive, the more the battery gets charged, the longer it'll last'

Don't think of your willpower waning, but that it is getting powered up, by however small an amount, as you go.

Final thought in the article summary: 'your powers of concentration are only limited if you think they are'. Possibilities people are endless therefore for self control, motivation etc-all starts with the mind set, which starts by how you think.
Change / adapt how you think, & see how your results could change.

Of course that's not easy-but article may suggest a limitless tool for persistence here.

Click the link below.. sadly need to subscribe though to see the entire article. *boo, hiss...* https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg23531420-400-dont-quit-now-why-you-have-more-willpower-than-you-think/amp/

#365challenge #getaheadspace
#mentalwellbeing #physicalwellbeing
#adapt #persistence #persist

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