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I am not the same as I was 10 months ago#changedlife

Head up,
stay strong,
Fake a smile,
move on.

#turtlelife #grunge #deepquotes #changedlife #sadteenswithhappyfaces

I need a constant reminder of this. #thegospel #changedlife #jesus #notguilty

From rusted, peeling & sad to bright shiny & happy. Kinda like what Jesus did for me💕✝️#makeover #changedlife

Thankful to have Mike and Dave Welker, orthopedic surgeons and blessed friends, visiting Bongolo Hospital. #clubfootrepair #changedlife

Healthy and feelin fly. #changedlife

this video got me emotional, I was like omg but I got happy when the martinez twins said there a good family with team 10 and they love us. 😊💗 anyways, if you didnt watch it. link is in my bio, like it and subscribe. 👍 ily @emiliovmartinez @ivanmartinez! ❤ btw your doing great on your english. ;) #martineztwins #ily #bae #emotional #changedlife

Each of us is the architect of his own life...🙌🏼💪🏼 #halfmarathon #memory #lifemilestone #changedlife

I may not be where I want to be but thank God I am not where I used to be.🙏🏽 #amen
#like #changedlife


• "What if you lived like your inadequacies died with Jesus on the cross?" • #thatllhityourightinthechest #shotsfired #youareworthy 👐👣

One thing I love about this business is that I can work from ANYWHERE ON MY TIME! I'm answering messages and reading PD while Grant is writing a paper! Saying YES to this opportunity was one of the greatest decisions!

Couldn't be more happier with life right now

I really wanted to share this with everyone and I'm sorry if it comes off a little hateful, but this is the truth. I started tracking my weight loss through an app once I hit 190 pounds so I have this really awesome graph! When people ask me how long it's taken me to lose 57 pounds, I answer honestly "a little over a year" and they look shocked. Why is it so weird that I lost weight the correct way; through a healthy diet and regular exercise. People expect quick fixes and really, if you want to keep the weight off permanently it's not going to happen quickly. You didn't gain 50-60 pounds overnight, so don't expect to lose it that way. I'm human. I fall off the wagon, but the difference in my success is that I got back up and focused on my goals. This road hasn't been easy, but I'm happy and I love the person I am now.

I need a constant reminder of this. #thegospel #changedlife #jesus #notguilty

Homecoming 2016 and Homecoming 2017!
Thank you little pink drink 🍓🍋that has given me more energy ⚡️ than I know what to do with, sleeping better, appetite suppression, a better mood that is completely unspeakable and so many other benefits!!! Oh did I mention I've lost 75 pounds since starting it March 1st!!! I can't imagine my life without it!!! #ketonp #pruvit #littlepinkdrink #changedlife #lovinglife #gvu

Saturday Morning Fuel! 2 eggs, 3 pieces turkey bacon, pico, and half an avocado! We have a super busy day ahead, so we had to start it off right! What are you eating this morning?

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