Indian breakfast.☝We'll take one of each, please! 🍜

Join our small wellness travel group trip to India this November 1st-November 12th. ✨ Prepare to deepen your own spiritual journey on a curated wellness journey through the birthplace of yoga and meditation this fall. ↠ pravassa.com/india18 to learn more. #changedbytravel 📷 @lindenschaffer

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Reflections. // #Oregon captured by @bestdiscovery 🌎

This guy left home with 50 euros, circled the globe, found God & wrote a book about it. During his stay in Asia, he found himself in Tacloban where he met my parents. My mom told me she had a new adopted son and months after I received a message from Christopher asking if we could meet in Manila. Since then, we’ve only ever seen each other thrice (once was during my wedding day!) and yet the roots of our friendship go deep. Despite the many seas that separate, we thank God for people we can call family.

In 2014, I was approached by two young street vendors in Panajachel. With kind eyes and a soft demeanor, they asked me to browse their goods. I kindly declined and they explained that their mom had more handmade items at their house and invited me over. So, a few days later, I ventured in the back of a pickup truck, 25 minutes up the mountain to Santa Catarina Palopó. Francisca and Salvador met me in the town square and walked me through the back allies of the village to their house. I was greeted by their mother Teresa, her husband Andres and her 6 other children [8 in total]

I spent the day learning about the family, appreciating Teresa's craftsmanship and discussing options for the future. At that time, I was not sure exactly what the future held but I knew I was going to do my part to try and share her beautiful story with the world and help provide her with a steady income.
I added Teresa’s gorgeous handmade stationary to Hiptipico’s website to try and get her some more sales. But eventually redesigned our packaging so that every single Hiptipico order is decorated with a handmade greeting card crafted by Teresa. Meaning, she will always have consistent sales each month and her children no longer have to sell greeting cards in the street!

Teresa's kindness and determination to meet new clients led her to become one of the main home visits during our sourcing trips! She enjoys teaching weaving and showing the entire process from thread, to loom, to product with textile enthusiasts. Our visitors always mention Teresa as their favorite part of the Hiptipico sourcing trip!
Fast forward to 2018 - Teresa's eldest daughter Lisa is now a full-time employee at Hiptipico! My long-term goal with Hiptipico is to become obsolete. Empowering the next generation to take on my role, learning photography, website design, building relationships, and hosting sourcing trips on their own. Lisa is the future of Guatemala and I feel a deep privilege for having her be a part of our team and am certain she will be an innovative leader in her community!

Swipe left to see images since 2014 and click the link in my bio to learn more about Teresa!

@ericalatack | www.hiptipico.com

Another gem hot off the press and new in store - the cosmos black leather travel wallet. It’s artisancrafted with all the Fairtrade feels in India - and it’s definitely the quiet, dark and brooding type that no one can resist. Captured by @arlenebax

Here’s a dreamy #traveltuesday option in Vietnam. Can you see yourself sitting here? Are you ready to be #changedbytravel 🌏

Guatemala is world-famous for its intricate embroideries and traditional textiles. The weavings are a cultural art and have been passed down from generation to generation as part of a long history of tradition. Maya weavings include cultural significance and are 100% unique to each female weaver. These pieces are of such cultural and historical significance that they can be found in museums throughout the world. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
A huipil is an embroidered Maya blouse that is crafted on a traditional back-strap loom. It is woven by a single female and holds details and symbols that date back centuries, taking up to 4 months to create a single piece. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
The Guatemalan state has a long history of discrimination and abuse towards indigenous communities. INGUAT, the Guatemalan Institute of Tourism uses the Maya culture to promote tourism, but it does not support indigenous weavers to reach any new commercial markets. Indigenous portraits are the face of international marketing campaigns and textile patterns are screen-printed for commercial use. However, remote Maya communities do not reap any benefits from Guatemala's tourism and remain stuck in the cycle of poverty.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Artisans are forced to street peddle in touristy areas as renting a stand is not even close to being an option. With heavy competition and long journey home, weavers are forced to sell their works of art for basically nothing just to cover their cost of transportation for the day. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
To take it a step further, factories in Guatemala have begun mass-producing "huipiles" using computer technology. Meaning, Guatemalan companies are straight copying indigenous designs and recreating them with machines. These blouses look identical to the naked eye, but have never been touched by a weaver. This is just another modern day cultural genocide of the Maya communities by their own people. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
coming soon . . . Part 2: International Exploitation and Hiptipico's role in Cultural Preservation and Appreciation.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
[link in bio to full blog]

It’s a whole other world down there... Captured by @gbrmarinepark

Winter evenings, the way they should be - just add fireplace, red wine and chocolate. // The classic dominoes set, handcrafted from timber and inlaid with brass in India with lots of Fairtrade love. Captured by @arlenebax

"As a solo traveler I found Pravassa and their trips, which incorporate yoga, culture, and wellness, the perfect way to visit a new country without having to do all of the legwork. Bonus: it comes with built in travel mates! Turned out this trip was a fantastic mix of food, exploration, cultural outings, downtime, tours, and exceptional accommodations and service." 🙌✈

It's offical: We've been nominated for this year's @worldnomads Solo Travelers Choice Award. Our committment and dedication to creating one-of-a-kind experiences for solo travelers is unparalleled—we provide peace of mind so you can focus on the #changedbytravel experiences and connections you make along the way. VOTE for Pravassa via the link in profile. 👆 📷 @alyssaya

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There is always that one ✈️ trip that changes you. 🙏 #letsgosomewhere #goanywhere #travelinspo #travelgoals
Use #wander_mag and tag @wander.travel.mag for the opportunity to be featured.
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Reposting @pravassa:
""Travel is not a reward for working, it's an education for living." —A.B. 💙🌏⠀ •⠀
Small group travels are a signature of Pravassa's offerings. This fall, we're headed to the Magee fix nature of Indonesia🇮🇩 + wilds of Cambodia🇰🇭 + the vibrant landscape of India🇮🇳. Co-hosted by travel and wellness experts, our trips incorporate Pravassa's 5-tenet wellness philosophy every step of the way: Breathe. Move. Mindfulness. Nourish. & Experience. Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime journey and prepare to be #changedbytravel. Book now 👉 pravassa.com⠀ •⠀
📷 @sfreneeny for @pravassa⠀"

Dancers, Vanuatu style. So privileged to be able to live amid this culture for a season. // Captured by @bjorn_tobewild 🏝

After our stroll along Champs Elysees we landed on Jacopo for my first taste of French food. Highlights: the Au Gratin and Escargot 🤤

Just the thing to keep those toes snuggly warm this winter ❄️ Handcrafted with all kinds of Fairtrade goodness from felt and leather by artisans in Nepal, these bebe booties also come in sunshine yellow. // Captured by @arlenebax

The view from above. Climbing those stairs were hell though. Seriously my legs were burning. Guess this view counted as my reward.

I honestly didn’t know I could enter this structure let alone climb up to the top of it. Honestly, this wouldn’t have been my ideal first stop in Paris (I always saw myself as more of a street culture traveller rather than a history buff) but my sister was right to drag me here. It was the perfect introduction to Paris where architecture, view and history could be found all in one place.

Us, most of the time. #Youtoo? #adviceforlife

Mango sticky rice? Yes, please! 🍚

Feast on this and other deliciousness with us in Thailand. Whether you select one of our expertly curated On Demand wellness itineraries or design a customWELL bespoke travel experience, we'll help craft you a nourishing travel adventure that will leave you #changedbytravel. 📷 @nomeatnomad

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They say that innocence comes with you at birth, but what is innocence?
Is it the peace that speaks to us in a glance and that almost always accompanies a smile?
Happy day for everyone!. Today we greet you from Pijao Quindío.
And remember, always smile with that child we have inside.
| Dicen que la inocencia llega con uno al nacer, pero ¿qué es la inocencia?
¿Será la paz que nos habla en una mirada y que casi siempre la acompaña una sonrisa?.
¡Feliz día para todos!. Hoy los saludamos desde Pijao Quindío.
Y recuerden, siempre sonreír con ese niño que llevamos dentro.
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