Chanel Maxi Black Cav ghw #19
Complete set
Excellent condition
IDR 55.500.000

Very good deal
CHANEL Jumbo lambskin red GHW #18
Dustbag card holo
IDR 29.000.000 NETT

GOOD DEAL! Never been used Chanel Brooch Coco Chanel Gold with box. IDR 6.500.000

GOOD DEAL! NEW Chanel Brooch Gold with box. IDR 7.500.000

Preloved Chanel Executive Black Grained Leather SHW #15 (35 x 14 x 23 cm) with strap, holo, card, & replacement dustbag. IDR 19.000.000

Excellent chanel vanity small red cav ghw #24
IDR 46.500.000

Chanel Jumbo Beige SHW #12
Holo and dustbag
IDR 34.500.000

Chanel mini square GHW #4
IDR 12.500.000

Chanel tote bag in navy caviar
BAG ONLY (Holo gak ada)
IDR 6.950.000

CHANEL Cambon #10
IDR 10.000.000

Chanel boy 20cm #18
Box holo and dustbag (NO CARD)
IDR 25.500.000

CHANEL executive #16
Complete with receipt
IDR 16.750.000

CHEAP! Preloved Chanel Maxi Blue Lambskin SHW #17 complete with holo & dustbag. NO CARD. IDR 29.500.000

Preloved Chanel Biaritz XL Black SHW #13 (36 x 15 x 30 cm) with pouch, holo, card, & dustbag. IDR 13.500.000

VGC Chanel Backpack Black Lambskin Rose Gold Hardware #21 (17 x 6 x 30 cm) complete with holo, card, dustbag, & box. IDR 35.950.000

Chanel Camera Camel GHW #1 holo only (20*14cm)
IDR 10.950.000

Chanel Maxi Caviar GHW #14 with holo only
IDR 35.000.000

BNIB Chanel mini square black lamb LGHW #25 complete set - 44.500.000

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