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You know what time it is! 👼🏽 Hour 38 and we got this! 🏅#championmama #birthplan #healthymom #healthybaby #mombylj

The letter of the day is S!
This lil beauty here will get me through School pickup, Snacks for kids, Soccer practice, and School parent meetings tonight all with a Smile on my face!
S is for SPARK!!!! #championmama #spark #happymommyinabox #winning #allmommiesneedspark

Check out my beautiful Champion Mama friend Kristin Stone!! Down 20 lbs since having her precious little champ just over a month ago! I can only imagine what the updated version of you looks like since this photo was taken! You're STUNNING Mama bear! Helping Mamas get their pre-baby bodies back since 1993! This stuff is amazing. #AdvoCare #championmama #championwoman #webuildchampions @kristinstone16

She has been such a champ all day long!!! So proud of you ange, going to be such a good mama. Finally getting some rest, hopefully we have baby here within a few hours♡ #babytime #championmama #shedabomb #soproud

My friend Amanda has hit Advisor! This means she has unlocked 5 ways to earn income & has a debt-free business in her hands. She saw the opportunity & has hit the ground running. Excited for you & your precious family. Your YES is so much more than you know! Let's GO #championmama #advocare #lockingarms

Had my 28 week check up and glucose test yesterday... No gestational diabetes!! And everything else continues to look good! I am forever grateful for a healthy pregnancy!! Although, the 3rd Trimester is starting to have its challenges...like Sleeping, it's hard to get comfortable and then I wake up a lot for various reasons 😞so this week hasn't been my best energy or activity wise but I'm grateful for Spark to keep me going when I have to and the time freedom to rest and take a nap when I need it!! Which means that even though I love my new active gear and had every intention of working out yesterday and today - I totally have opted for coach time and naps instead. But that's all part of embracing the journey and listening to my body. Hopefully I'll be able to find some balance soon and start to feel like I can walk at least a couple times a week! #healthypregnancy #ChampionMama #28weekspregnant #fitpregnancy

Wooohoo! This rockstar has lost 56lbs to date and is feeling AH-MAZING! So proud of my girl, Sonya!!! You inspire me daily!!! No magic, it's a lifestyle change! Hard work, dedication, and consistency pays off!! #advocaredidthat #lifestyle #championmama #healthiswealth

Took a page out of Rachel's book @rachelwitt2 and made the girls "I love you bags" for each day that we are away from them. Definitely made it a teeny bit easier to leave them. Thanks for the tip, Rachel! 4 days away from them once a year so I don't have to spend 6 days away from them every week. #perspective #successschool2015 #morefunmoremoneysummer2015 #championmama #fightforfreedom


Customized shirts for Kelly & Jenna from Jacob's state wrestling match ☺️ #statechampion #championmama #championsister

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