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ずっと気になっとったアイロンも今日届いたWでhappy ⋆

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blurry crap picture but I took it cause I have been able to drive it the last couple days with the road salts washed away temporarily. goddamn I missed this car #scion #xb #scionxb #airride #fenderflares #fendermirrors #champagnepink #lowoffset

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its funny, how people start to appreciate things more when death or an end is involved. in my own personal view, death isnt really all that sad, its more like the sudden de-attachment and the unavailability(whether it be for the deceased's own benefit or for anyone else's) is really jarring, painful, shocking, what-not. or, people start to appreciate and look into little things more when they have a set deadline. if they didnt manage to enjoy enough, then they regret. but how will a dead person regret? diverging from death into generality, once things happen, things happen. how will you fix it? how will you get what you can? whats your end goal and how can you work to the closest you can get to it? happiness is in abundance. you get an F? fucking work for the goddamn A grade. short on sleep and time to finish an essay? consider sleeping and getting reprimanded or finishing the essay and burning out the rest day. but first, is it worth the pain and suffering? do ur parents skin u alive for a C? do you aim for an institution that requires high grades? does the grade matter? do you not mind getting a C? no? then get a C. if not no, and instead otherwise? go ahead and get the alternative. do you have enough(money, happiness, clothes, grades, ...)? its okay to want more and more. how could you be so selfish? its jarring seeing how people react when they suffer in a situation you've experienced as well and its so easy to imagine yourself in their boots but so hard bc the reaction is different. why do you shout and scream and sob and cry so much? in the same instance, why does the other laugh bitterly and accept so readily?

P A S T E L • P R E T T I N E S S * Top left - Woven Collection - Dove Grey
* Top right - 100% Cotton - White Stone
* Bottom left - Classic Collection - Champagne Pink
* Bottom right - Woven Collection - Slate Grey

首次聯乘優惠 [Fingertips Co. x @casa.de.florista ]
➡️日本代購 x 花藝師
保証你另一半滿意! (🙊你亦安全渡過情人節喔)
SALONIA 早前推出BABY BLUE 曲直髮夾風靡一時 今次推出更加靚嘅Champagne pink ♥️
除左外表 其實佢都好有內涵架
120~230度溫度選擇 條線亦可以360轉 唔會kick手kick腳
唔夠一磅的重量 再加100~240國際通用電壓 帶埋去旅行都無問題啦💕
➡曲直兩用 32mm
➡捲髮器 32mm / 25mm / 19mm
Salonia 髮夾 x Small保鮮花 $770 (原價$920)
保鮮花係真嘅鮮花 🌹經過加工製成
製作過程大約係抽乾水份同顏色 然後重新上色同烘乾🎨 保鮮花保存得好可以存放至少1-2年💕保鮮花毋需淋水 不能長期被太陽照射
Small Size: H35 W25
Standard Size: H37 W27
可參考圖中Size 喔
圖中是standard size
情人節限定聯乘套裝於 2月2日截單
於1月18日前付款, 於1月26日到貨
於2月2日前付款, 於2月10日到貨
套裝數量有限 售完/花藝師full booking即止
唔想比另一半詐形, 記得要及早準備!
------[ Fingertips Co. ]-----
日本註冊公司 專營出口貿易
長駐日本大阪代購 ☎落單🔻
-Website: https://www.fingertipsco.com
-Whatsapp 61534333
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網站現貨區都是有現貨在香港 可以直接落單✌🏻
晚上12點前落單 翌日可到交收中心自取
✖貨物出門 恕不退換
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Amongst all the bad that has been happening lately there has been some definite good as well. Meet J-Hope (or HOBII) my new car!

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